Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rolling of the Ankle...

I have had the opportunity to play a lot of basketball this winter, which is great because with it being such a cold winter, I have not been as motivated to work out so this keeps me moving a little bit. Well, at my city league game a couple of weeks ago, I was guarding this girl pretty closely. I was not going to let her get the ball. Her team was throwing it in and I turned to guard her more tightly and in doing so, stepped on her foot and my ankle rolled, following a "pop" sound. I am not sure what words escaped my mouth at that moment, but I do know that it was pretty painful so I am definitely justified if anything did slip :) My ankle is finally feeling better but is still weak. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and when I stood up, all of the blood rushed to my ankle causing to to swell more and causing intense pain. It took me awhile to fall back asleep. No fun!

So, along with the swelling (which got even bigger the next day) you will notice some discoloration. That my friends, was not caused by the ankle roll, but by spray on tan. I am going to Hawaii soon and don't want to blind anyone with my whiteness. My friend Lori told me about this spray on tan that she has been using and I thought that it looked really good. So, I went and bought me some and got a little carried away. Needless to say, I woke up the morning after using the spray, with streaks ALL OVER. I was not very patient when applying the blessed stuff. So, I have learned that applying spray on tan is an art. I am getting better at it and by them time Hawaii rolls around, I will be a master!

Jon and Lo

A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends, Lori Cramer and her husband took a trip to Utah. We met up at one of our favorite places to eat, Kneaders! Well, I dont know if it is necessarily my favorite anymore, but it is good food. We had a lot of fun just chatting after we ate. Lo has been married two years this August and I have been married just over three months. So, of course I get all of the, "How are you adjusting" questions. We found out that they will be in Hawaii the same time as us, just different islands. That would be fun to meet up one day and play!!
Sorry, Lo, my arm wasnt long enough to get your head!! There was no one close enough that we wanted to bug to take our picture.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Love Being an Aunt

We are so lucky to live close to my brother , Steve and his family. Now, in a perfect world, all of the siblings from both families would live close together, but, we all know that is not possible. We have spent a lot of time over at Steve and Lisa's cause of birthday parties, or we invite ourselves over, etc. I wish I could live close to all of my nieces and nephews...sigh. We have had a lot of fun getting to know Zach and Easton. Zach really liked Scott at first, but for some reason, he is scared of Scott now. I think it is just a phase. It was an accident how it happened. We bought Steve and Lisa the Spiderman III movie and Zach and Easton, a Veggie Tales (for Christmas). Easton was a little excited about his movive, but once he saw Spiderman III. he clearly let me and his mom know that he did not like Veggie Tales, that he liked Spiderman. We tried to tell him that Spiderman is a scary movie, but, he was convinced that he loved Spiderman. I think Steve and Lisa finally let him watch some of it, where his love and obsession grew for the nasty spider and I take full credit of it. He has since had a spiderman birthday party and pretends to be spiderman!

Little Zach's one year birthday party. It is crazy to think that just last year at this time he had O2 tubes in and a heart moniter in. If the moniter fell off, there was a very loud, obnoxious buzzing. Zach is so fun to watch, especially when he tackles or head butts his older, bigger brother.
Oh....Princess Easton! We were at Lisa's brother's house for a Super Bowl party and Addy, Lisa's neice has the cutest little princess dresses. Since she was wearing one, Easton felt left out and wanted to wear one too. So, of course, we let him wear oyne, mostly to make Steve mad. When Easton walked into the TV room wearing the pretty princess dress, Steve almost flipped out. Although Steve didnt like the dress, he aloud Easton to wear it for the remainder of the night. Easton grew quite attached to the dress and had a hard time giving it up when it was time to go.

I just want all of my siblings to know, that I love all of the nieces and nephews the same. I just happened to live very close to Steve and Lisa. There would be pictures of your kids up here too!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

What??!! Bowling during Work?

Our legal department at work challenged us in HR to a bowling competition. There was a lot of trash talkin for about 2 months before the challenge. I thought that we had it in the bag for sure, but we ended up losing by a small amount. We sometimes get to take breaks from normal work days and do fun stuff like this. We also had a karaoke contest with a couple of the departments . Me and the girls from HR sang, "It's raining men." Fun times at work!!

Warriors VS Jazz...

A few weeks ago, me, Scott and Scott's friend Matt headed off to the Warriors VS Jazz game. Although we were up in the nosebleeds, it was cool because we could see the whole court. There were not many Warrior's fans at the game (obviously cause we are in Utah!) so I think that we represented well! We lost the game, but we still held our head high! Scott really liked my jersey...