Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween at its finest!

It's true! After much persuading and pleading and begging, I talked Scott into dressing up for our Halloween Trunk-or-treating party (and no, he did not wear the wig. He tried that on out of his own free will and choice. I just made him take a picture). Scott dressed up as a hippie guy person?? We didn't really have a name for it. Don't you all agree that he looks lovely in those nice bell bottom jeans? Well, I'm a little sad to say that they are MY jeans. YES, my husband fits (barely) into my jeans. All of the women (from the 70's era) were pretty much drooling over him (I think they liked how his bum looked). The bishop's wife came up and asked him where on earth he got those jeans...that they were vintage. He smiled, looked at me and we started laughing. We told her they were mine.

Now, I have been She-Ra Princess of Power for, I think, four years now. My sister helped me make the costume (and my elders quorum president from back in the day). I have added/improved a couple of things throughout the years, but there are some things, like my boot covers, that are not going to last much longer! I was originally going to be a hippie too, but my costume looked gross, then I decided 80's but with my high heels and blond wig I kind of looked like a prostitute (sorry for the language), so I decided to bring out the She-Ra.

My friend Tiffany's little boy Dylan. He is a cutie. He knows me by name (probabaly cause I harass him until he remembers it) and recognizes me at church...although, that night he had no idea who I was.

The costume contest for the adults (keep in mind, there were not many who dressed up. In fact, when Scott and I walked in, I almost felt like Belle from Legally Blonde when she was invited to the "costume" party and when she got there no one was dressed up. Not a whole lof of adults were in costume).

I won first prize. My friend Keira won second! Go us!

My friend Tiffany, her son Dylan and brother Jonny. Tiffany has been helping me figure out what kinds of curtains to put in my apartment.

Scott with Dave Coates. He also went to Stetson so it is nice being able to get some advice from him (well, I am assuming that Scott finds it a little helpful)

Carolina Coates. I serve in the primary with her. I didn't realize how much I tower over everyone, especially when I wear my huge heals. I am bending WAY down in this picture.

Scott passing out candy to the kiddies. See the hole forming on the side of my jeans?? Ok, he didn't do it, it was already there!

Oooohhhh....don't mess with She-Ra...she is the Princess of Power.

Check out that Foley Form...that's why I married him!! Hehe...just kiddin! On the way to the activity I asked Scott on a scale of 1 to 10 how much he hated me at that moment and he told me not to ask him that question right then. On the way home he admitted that he had a good time! Phew...I told him that I would make it up to him. He assured me that there was nothing I could do...He still had fun though!

New Cookook

We got an awesome wedding/birthday gift (even if it was for our wedding, I will count it as birthday too cause we both have October birthdays!) from Mark and Stacy Foley (Scott's oldest brother and his wife). Scott had a little extra time that night to spend with me so we chose one of the quicker recipes (Beef Stroganoff) and headed for the store for the ingredients. We had fun cooking the meal (as you can tell from the delight look on Scott's really, it was fun!) and it tasted even better. Thanks again Mark and Stacy. We love the cookbook.

I really did have the cookbook propped up like wasn't just for the picture!! :)

The final meal. I decided to get some whole grain noodles...but for a meal like stroganoff, you need the real deal...egg noodles! When we make it again, that is what we will use. Still scrumscious though!

Temple Trips

Scott and I have been trying to go to the temple once a month since we have been married. Since it takes us almost two hours and we leave early in the morning, our tradition (I don't know if we can call it a tradition yet) is to stop at a fairly decent doughnut shop on the way. For anyone that REALLY knows me, knows that I love doughnuts...they are a huge weakness of mine. SO it should not shock anyone that on our last trip, I tried to pick out three for both of us. Scott reminded me that whenever I do that type of thing I regret it later. So, instead of getting three each, we got two each then one extra to split. I am glad that we did that, I think I would have been sick had I gone with my original plan!

It's hard to stay clean while eating this powdered delight!

I did not get the powdered sugar on my face on purpose...honest. That is what I look like after biting into heavan!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beach time fun!

When I was little I remember my brother Steve tearing it up on the skin board at the Northern California beaches. Well, Saturday, I went to the beach with a new friend (hey Tiffany!), her younger brother and her two little boys. It was a blast. I know I probably look like a pro from the videos, but, I wasn't that good. In fact, I was pretty embarrassed about how bad I really was. Oh well, it was fun. This very Saturday, it was snowing in Utah. No need to have the sound on during these voice sounds exactly the same in both.

The Apartment

So, it's kinda cool at our place cause they will paint a wall, any wall in your place for free. It took Scott and I some time to figure out what color we wanted ,and when we finally did, it took them over two weeks to paint the wall. AND, we were very specific on what wall/color we wanted done. How is it that hard to confuse grand canyon (color) with green and the family room wall with the kitchen wall. I dunno either. We came home one day smelling paint, but couldnt figure out where the smell was coming from. I walked into the kitchen and they had painted the most RANDOM wall ever. I was a little ticked, but Scott and I ended up liking it. We still made them paint the wall we wanted though. So this first picture is a "before" decorations picture.

I have sworn off those kinds of shelves that I have on my wall! I don't know how many holes I ended up putting in our wall, just to get the shelf somewhat straight! AND, I couldnt even get it totally on the nail so it is somewhat slanted. Being the "nonperfectionist" that I am with that type of stuff, I let it be and moved on. Thanks Greg and Jessica for the picture of the temple. We love it!

The random wall in the kitchen that was painted

We LOVE our family/living room. It is very spacious and open. We have NO idea how to decorate it though. We have some new friends in the ward that loaned us a picture of Christ painted by Greg Olson. It will look really nice on our very empty wall.

Eventually this area will have curtains on the windows. But for now, blank walls...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Still Alive and Doing Well

So, for all of my loyal readers, I am sorry that I have not posted for a couple of weeks...I don't usually have a computer after work or on the weekends. Scott has been pretty busy with school and studying. Anyway, so needless to say, we have not been up to much. Last night my boss and his family took us to a nice restaurant at St. Petersburg Pier. We were pretty sure they were gonna get the bill, but it is still a little nervewrecking when you are not quite sure if you should say two checks or one. But, it was my boss's treat. I posted a video of the flamingo dancers (well, the music that was being played. These guys were AMAZING. They could move their fingers so fast on those guitar strings), but you can't see too much.
So, our week after school and work usually goes a little something like this:
Monday: Dinner at 6:30/7:00
That 70's Showuntil 8/9
Scott Studying from 8:30ish to 11:00ish
Me Knitting (OK, I have turned into a major goob. I am totally content knitting. A cute old lady from the ward taught me how to do it at enrichment and now I am hooked)

Dinner at 6:30/7:00
That 70's Show
Scott Studying
Me Knitting (until ten. That is my bedtime)



Date Night

Scott studies all day pretty much (mixed in with a little Football. He is a true Foley)

Church and more studying

I am grateful for my calling teaching primary. That will keep me even busier during the week. I really do more than just knitting at night. Sometimes I get really crazy and clean my house! I know..I should slow down a bit! :) We are still loving it out here and I am really proud of Scott and how hard he has been working. It makes the quiet nights a little more tolerable.