Sunday, January 30, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity of staying with a family from the ward, while the parents vacationed in Hawaii. Yes, it was hard, yes, I almost had mini breakdowns, but overall we had a great time. Ada especially loved playing with their 3 year old. I was so proud of her first pig tails! They only stayed in about 15 minutes, though.

Fisher and Ada really had a love/hate relationship. One second, they would be giving each other kisses and hugs, and the next, Ada would be hitting Fisher while he was teasing her with a toy she wanted. My overall just prepared me for when we have more kids and they tease, hit and even bite!!

Kensie and Rene are besties and the girls loved helping me bathe Ada and Fisher. Both REALLY wanted to bathe Ada so since Kensie got to wash her the first time, Rene got to wash her the second bath (Rene came over twice while we were there).
Kensie wasn't overly happy about that arrangement, though. She tried really hard to convince Rene to let her help. Rene stood her ground, though.

This is pretty much what the week looked like: Messy faces, crazy kids, etc. Such good, fun kids, though! I felt a little sad saying goodbye!

Cutest kids!
Ada loved sitting on that mini bench. The kids brought it into the family room for Saturday morning cartoons, and Ada was having a blast climbing up and down. Well, I had a feeling that I should move it away from the coffee table and I ignored it. Well, the bench toppled over while Ada was climbing on it and she went head first in the corner of the table. Bad Mom huh? I felt awful! So did she, I am sure. It gave her a nice little knot on her forehead!

The coolest little cars ever. The Plasma car works without peddling. You just put your feet up, swivel the steering wheel and off you go. Ada enjoyed strolling through the house with Fisher.

Ada and Tristan hanging out on the slide

The little daredevil tried going down standing up.

Future Softball player??? Mmmmm...I don't think so.

Besties for Life!

Ada is our little dancing queen. She is OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba (which I know I have mentioned already) but this girl goes crazy when it comes on.

We are back into our normal routine now and this is one of the activities we enjoy during the afternoon after nap time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beach in January

Saturday was such a nice day so we decided we needed to get out and take a drive. We ended up at a beach that we have not been to yet. There was not much beach and there was even a drop off to the water (only about 3 feet down). We could not believe our eyes. There were actual waves on the Gulf and a ton of surfers. Ada was in love with the long strips of sand to run down.

It felt so nice being there. We let Ada take off as fast as she wanted and while one of us chased her down, the other sat in the camping chair at the edge of the sand and watched the surfers bail. We are still kicking ourselves for not spending more time at the beach because we really do only live 10-15 minutes away.

In the video, if you watch closely, you will see Scott slip. A little piece of sand wall broke off and his foot was too close to the edge. Then you will notice a huge chunk fall. I thought it was funny.

Enjoy the video.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas, Anniversary, Basketball and More

We just got back from Northern California, where we got to spend time with both of our families. I feel like we should start from the beginning, though. Scott and I were both excited for Christmas break. The anticipation was killing me and it seemed like the couple of weeks leading up to it took FOREVER! Our travel day was LONG. Ada did not nap (well once and that was not until the last leg of the flight) and that means we had to entertain her. She actually did really well with just a few minor meltdowns.
Looking at this picture, one would think that we were using Ada as a luggage carrier. Let me assure you dear readers, that she was screaming at us before we put the bag on her. Ultimate fit. So it actually turned out nice for all of us. One less bag to carry through the busy airport.
Our second night in OV (Orangevale), we all went out to dinner.

Uncle Chad with Ada and Luke. Chad is the favorite Uncle. Ada and Luke both have a love for Yo Gabba Gabba. If you don't know what Yo Gabba Gabba is, well my friends, check it out here.
Ada is obsessed with the show and can even kind of say it. If she sees anyone sitting at the computer she throws her arms up in the air and while running to the computer garbles (if that is even a word), "Gobbaglobba, gobbaglobba." Luke not only loves Yo Gabba, but loves Oreo's too. We didn't want Ada to watch a ton of the show (one big reason for me is because the songs get stuck in my head for hours) and after we would tell her, "No more," she would cry and Uncle Chad would say, "Awww, Ada, do you need to watch some Yo Gabba?" Her tears would stop instantaneously and she would run into Chad's arms.

Kings and Warriors were playing at the Arco Arena. Scott grew up Warriors fan, and myself, Kings (well, I rooted for them anyway). It was looking really good for the Kings until the last 2 minutes. We thought the game was in the bag...NOPE. Warriors won in OT and Scott and my SIL Amy were both pretty happy about the win. Boo

Oh yeah, Scott had shaved for a lunch meeting, but now has his beard back.

Nothing like a side shot

I am not sure if these Kings fans are fair weather fans, but they bagged their heads as soon as Warriors won. Oh, Kings have not been doing too well this season...

Scott and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and he planned the whole date. I was so excited about it. We spent half of the day in Old Town Sac where we went ice skating, walked around K Street Mall, had dinner and ended the night watching "White Christmas" at an old theater. So fun

The ice skating rink. Neither of us have skated for some time, but did pretty well after a few laps around the rink. Speaking of the ice rink, it was tiny. We for sure thought we were going to run over some of the little kiddos.

Scott did not have the best of luck with his skates. His first pair were too loose on the ankles and the 2nd slid all over the ice (or maybe that was his excuse). :) I kid. The second pair really were bad.

I have no sympathy for Chad. He brought this all upon himself. :) Every time Ada would see Chad, she would run to him and ask for Yo Gabba Gabba and he had too big of a heart to say, "no." What a great Uncle.

Christmas Eve we went to Dovewood Court to see the lights. It was so fun to see Ada's reaction to all of the lights. Loved it. It was so funny. There were a TON of people there and we were pretty much just shuffling through the culdesac, and one of the little boys yelled to his dad, "Look Dad, Angel Moroni."

Whoops...someone did not put make up on that day.

I have to explain the picture. My dad was trying to get Ada to laugh. He was trying to scare her so at one point, Scott attempted to give my dad the same reaction he had hoped to get from Ada. I thought it was funny.

Grandma Lovell working hard on the Christmas feast. My mom is known for the rolls that she makes. I have tried and tried to re-create them with not much success. I asked my mom if I could help and have her teach me face to face. Well, I was pretty proud of myself because the rolls that I helped with turned out perfect. Thanks Mom!

Growing up, we would wake up at 4 in the AM (well my sister and I would), turn on all of the Christmas lights, open our stockings, then wake up the rest of the fam at 5 and open presents. Every year since I can remember, my mom has bought a huge box of Sees Candies and that would be breakfast (along with the Christmas nuts and other candy from our stockings). We decided to change that this year (well the eating portion, we stopped waking up at 5 years ago). Amy, my SIL made this amazing bread that pretty much tasted like a maple bar. We also had eggs, hash browns, fruit and sausages. We wanted to stretch out Christmas as long as we could. Don't you love my Mom's awesome red nightgown? I do too!

Ada had a fun Christmas. Once she realized that we were actually letting her rip open boxes, she got a little more excited to help. It was even better when there was a toy waiting on the other side of the wrapping paper.

Awww...the newlyweds.
After John and Amy left, I asked John if being with all of the nieces and nephews (minus Steve and Lisa's. Missed you guys), if they were baby hungry. And he told me, "Quite the contrary." I guess the clock was not ticking for them with crazy, screaming kids running all over the place. All of the kids loved John and Amy. I think they are runners up to Chad with the favorite Uncle/Aunt status.
So I guess my gifts to Scott this year were more practical than fun. While out shopping, I found an awesome deal on a car vacuum. I new when I saw it that I needed to get it for him. We are always complaining that we need to clean our cars out more, but never can find a car wash/vacuum place. SO, I just couldn't pass it up. Well, fast forward to Christmas morning. Scott opened the gift then asked if there was something else in the box. Oh well, at least he will have a clean car, right? :)

One of Ada's favorite gifts. Grandma and Grandpa Foley got her a nativity. You would think that by looking at her face she was not happy with her present, BUT, the face you are actually seeing is of her being impatient. As soon as she saw what it was she started yelling, "That, that!" and wanted the toys out of the box immediately.

I had to post a picture of my dad and his famous red nightshirt. He wears it every year on Christmas morning. My mom made it for him many moons ago. I believe he used to wear just the night shirt when I was a kid, but decided to not show so much leg and wears pants underneath.

My mom has been collecting Santa's for a long time and we got her one last year with no intention of getting her another one this year. But we saw it at a boutique and thought it was so cute so we added once again, to her collection.

Pure Joy.
Chad is the easiest person to shop for. He writes out a wish list each year at Christmas so all we have to do is select something from it and get it for him. I asked him if he could only get one thing off of his list, what would it be. "Avatar, the directors cut." We scored high on that gift!

I feel so bad because when we stayed with Scott's family, I pulled my camera out to take pictures and the battery was dead. We did get an awesome Flip Camera for Christmas so I was able to get some footage at the Foley's.
We had a lot of fun playing games, visiting and hanging out with both families. The flight home was LONG, even though it went by pretty fast (is that possible?). We were just super crammed and I made the mistake of assigning us a middle and window seat when I should have chosen and aisle and middle. We were pretty much stuck in our spots for over 4 hours. Poor Ada, she was so uncomfortable.
It is nice to be in our apt again, but we miss the families. Thanks for a great time!