Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ivy Girl Is One

I don't even know where to start with this little one. She really is the sweetest baby. We can't get enough of her. 
These days, this little girl follows her big sis almost everywhere and wants to be doing everything that she does. Although walking has not happened yet, she has mastered the art of crawling and pulls herself up on everything. 

Ivy is our "snuggler" Now, I put snuggler in paranthesis for a reason. I have seen true snugglers and I do not believe our girls fit into that mold. She does love to give Ada loves and hugs, though and will latch on to Scott as soon as he gets home from work or in the morning when he is getting ready to leave.
This little one loves to smear food everywhere...especially in her hair! I am not a fan of that, not one bit. She sure makes food look good though, eh?
I have yet to get an action picture, but Ivy likes to get up on her feet, stick her bum in the air and head on the ground. Looks like a half-hearted head stand. It's so funny to watch
This girl loves to be outside. She cries when I don't let her go outside and cries when we come back in. 

This sweet one has learned how to "blink." We will tell her to blink and she will close her eyes really tight. Adorable.
Ada will lay on the ground (gross, I know) and Ivy will attack her. It is a fun game they play.

For mine and Ivy's birthdays, we headed up to Sacramento to meet up with my sister's and one of my best friends fam for dinner (PS. thanks again for that awesome pizza). Afterwards, we headed back to the homestead for presents and cupcakes.  
You can tell by the confused look on Ivy's face that she wasn't quite sure what to do. The kids were happy to show her the ropes. 
Wahoo for cupcakes
Ivy is just like her Daddy (both girls are). She doesn't like getting things on her hands. She kept smooshing her frosting covered hands together and slowly separating them. 

Some fun things about Ivy:
1. When she picks  up a ball, doll, stuffed animal, balloon, etc, she lovingly lays her head on it and squeezes the life out of it.
2. She says, "No, No, No"
3. Ivy will drop things on the floor and say, "Uh Oh"
4. When we tell her to be soft, she will smack herself on the head
5. She is a sippy cup thief. Any cup left behind get snatched up by her quick hands
6. Ivy loves her bath and loves trying to grab the water from the spout.
7. This little girl is a Daddy's girl. She reaches for him when I am holding her and gives him kisses when he leaves for work (I can honestly say that she rarely gives me kisses).
8. Ivy is a screamer, especially if Ada steals a toy from her.
9. Lately she has been putting shoes, or anything that resembles a phone up to her ear and starts chatting. And no, I am really not on the phone that much.

Happy Birthday Ivy Girl. We couldn't be more happy that you joined our family a year ago.