Monday, June 17, 2013

So Sad!

So, I have been working on organizing my pictures, making more space on my computer and transferring pictures from my phone to computer. For some reason my phone and computer pictures were synced and I did not know this. I noticed that all of my blog pictures were on my phone gallery so I deleted them. Stupid, stupid! It took all of my pictures of almost six years off of my blog. I technically still HAVE all of the pictures on my hard drive, but it is so disheartening losing them off of my blog. There is no way I am going to go through every post to figure out what picture goes there. Let this be a lesson to everyone! Don't delete galleries off of your phone unless you are SURE you won't lose your blog! 
Feeling sick!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Girls Weekend

We have talked about sneaking away for a girls weekend for a long time (Me, my sister and our college roommate/best friend/pretty much sister, Jenny) and my sisters birthday was the perfect excuse for us to go. We made arrangements with our husbands (Well, Julie didn't know about it, it was a birthday surprise, so I made the arrangements via Brian) and took off to San Francisco for the night. Jenny and I left Sacramento around and 2:00 and pulled up to Julie's around 4:00. She saw us sneaking across her porch and I would say she was mostly shocked. She had an inkling that I might be showing up, but had no idea for what. 
We had her pack up, kiss her kids and hubby goodbye and took off. It was such a fun trip. Short, but the perfect getaway. 

 We started off with food (of course) and it did not disappoint.  I can't remember the name of this restaurant, but I felt cool just sitting there. We had an awesome salad, a couple of pasta dishes and a pizza. Sounds like a ton of food. It really wasn't. It was kind of like Tapas.

 Okay, so I did have some issues with this particular pasta.  The actual pasta looked like grubs and it tasted like dog food. My sister had the same feelings. I got the giggles while I was eating it and driving my sister nuts, I am sure. 
 After dinner we went shopping. We decided on Nordstrom Rack and found some little treasures. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you shop with friends and no kids. 
After our shopping trip, we checked into our awesome hotel (thanks Brian). It was in the Financial District right across from Pier 39 area. We were on like the 54th floor so we had awesome views. The Bay Bridge was practically within reach and the new lights looked awesome.
The front desk ladies were awesome and hooked us up with a free roll away bed (usually $25). They were asking us if we were going to go party it up while being away from our husbands and kids. Hahaha, we just laughed at the thought. 
We decided to get really crazy and go down into the hotel restaurant for some dessert. I know, crazy right?
The dessert was delicious. I could have eaten the Molten Lava cake by myself and almost wish I would have, it was that good. 
 When the three of us get together, it is like no time has passed and we are still back in our college years (or even junior high). We giggle, and reminisce like nobody's business. We retell the same stories over and over and they never get old. Anyway, I have to explain the picture below. I put my camera on timer, but I guess I didn't give us enough time to actually get positioned. I think that it is the funniest picture!

Waiting for our amazingly delicious dessert (sorry Juls, only picture I got)
After we ate, we just went back to the room, got ready for bed, watched some TV and talked until after midnight. Well, I think I lasted just until midnight. I told you we were wild girls!
We decided to hit Market Street in the morning for a little more shopping, but we had to stop and eat breakfast first! We found the cutest cafe with the best waffle and cream EVER! Doesnt that look perfect?
Picture time just before the big shopping spree.
I guess it really wasn't a spree. We tried on a TON of clothes and it was a bit obnoxious how many clothes we crammed into one dressing room. But it was fun switching our finds for each other to try on. One would think that with everything we tried on, that we had a super successful day. We did okay and I think that we each left with an item or two. So no, we did not "break the bank." 
I could have stayed down there all day, but since we all had our husbands at home waiting for their darling wives to return (and save them from the kids), we took off around lunch time. 
We decided that we need to make this a yearly event. It was so much to spend the evening and half a day with these ladies! And thank you to the husbands who let it happen! We love you