Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something to fill in the time

I have been tagged by my friend Katie Carter and if she reads this I hope she will soon learn that my last name is spelled Foley, not Folley :). Anyway, I am supposed to write six random things about myself and since my Mary Kay meeting has not started yet....here goes:

1. I may have mentioned this in one of my earlier posts, from the summer BUT, I have an obsession with making my bed every morning. Maybe it is just more making sure the bed gets made. Before Scott started his first semester at Stetston I was getting up early to get to work and he would sleep in a little. One day I asked him to make the bed when he gets up. He agreed. When I got home, the bed was still un made. For some reason, I got so upset (I promise I am not high maintenance and don't usually get upset over little things like that. Must have been the mood that I was in). I remember telling him I asked him just to do one thing, and he didn't do it (DO i sound like a naggy wife or what). He disappeared for a second, closed the bedroom door, and made the bed. I realized what he was doing, and realized that I had been a total butt to him, and told him to make it. He did it anyway. What a patient husband I have. I love ya Scott!!

2. I can click my tongue really loudly. I don't know if click is the right word. Pop it? Anyway, if I do it too much, then I have a hard time talking.

3. When I sleep, I HAVE to have the blanket up around my face. I like to be burrowed in my blankets. The other night, I had to keep pulling my blanket back because every time Scott rolled, he would roll with the blanket. I realized that morning, that he didn't get under the sheet, just the blanket, hence the trapped feeling I was experiencing, along with my lack of blanket around my face.

4. I think I mentioned this one in an old post from the summer, but I HAVE to check my zipper multiple times after using the restroom. Sometimes I will do it when I haven't even gone to the bathroom. I did have a "whoops" at work, and did realize that I had forgotten to zip. Good thing I checked.

5. I will tell a random person if they have something in their teeth, or nose. In fact, a friend of mine, no names to be named, had a booger in her nose. Someone beat me to telling her, but later I noticed she had something in her hair. So, I went up to her and started picking it out of her hair to realize that somehow the booger had gotten in her hair. When realized, I didn't make a sound or gag, even though I wanted to, I just walked to the sink and washed my hands.

6. OK this one I can't believe I am admitting, but I sweat! Easily. Just in my armpits. If I get nervous or too excited, I will sweat. Mainly nervous. Scott makes fun of how much deodorant I use. I have used special deodorant where it burns like no other, but it does the trick. You have to put it on at night and sometimes it keeps me up cause of the burning feeling. Needless to say, I haven't done that for awhile. So, it's true, dont think less of me, ok? If I am teaching or something, I have to make sure that I wear black. ANd I know a lot of my girlfriends have the same problem. It's not just me!!

I tag anyone who needs to fill in a little extra time!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Exploring

When we have a little free time, Scott and I like to go explore areas that we have never been to. So, we open up a map of Florida, check out some cities that sound interesting then google them to see what kind of excitement they have to offer. Tarpon Springs, the sponge capitol of the world, was the winner for last Saturday's excursion. When Scott told me it was the sponge capitol of the world I first thought it was called that because people just soak everything up when they go there, but no, it is LITERALLY the sponge capitol of the world. It it is a little Greek Community and there are shops everywhere to buy sponges from the ocean. I have never seen so many, nor will ever own one. They are expensive little things. Scott and I first hit up a little Greek restaurant called, "Mamma's." After stuffing our faces with Gyros and Baklava, we walked around the little town. Who would have thought that we would even see Santa...four of them. They walked out of a restaurant and I told Scott that those guys were santa and I wanted a picture with them. After hearing, "No" a few times, he finally took my picture. These guys really were Santa's and were having a meeting. One gave me his card that on the back said, "Shhhh...I am the real Santa." Cute

My little Sponge Boat Captain. Aye Aye

A "homemade" gift. Just for you Juls, MEOW!

This was actually another little town we visited called Dunedin. There was an art show/walk and there were exhibits all up and down thier main street. We had to take pictures of the random birds we found hanging out on top of this house.

We were still so full from lunch so we had a very light dinner which consisted of: Cheese and Crackers, Hummus and Fruit.

We ended the night watching the movie, "Juno"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

All the Lovell Kids

We also got family pictures (more to come with ALL the family). Here are just the Lovell kids. Steve and I look like we could be dating and Julie...well, who knows what it looks like she is doing to Jeff. Maybe caressing his sternum??

Christmas Time Brings...

Homemade goodies (one's that usually look better than this, but I guess you could say that I am a "good enough" kind of gal. I didn't have any food coloring, or Christmas cookie cutters, so I used white frosting and a cup to make it work).

Christmas Parties AKA White Elephant exchanges. I had the perfect gift for all of my Mona Vie friends...A XANGO shower curtain. What made this even more entertaining and fulfilling for me, is that all of the couples were fighting over my gift (of course when it was still wrapped. No one had a clue what it was.) Don't you love the Mona Vie bottle being held up in front of the curtain. They were good sports.

Pies. My specialty...or at least I like to think so. But remember how I said that I am a "good enough" kind of gal? Well, notice the lattice with the crust. Notice how it's all over the place. The pie still tasted pretty dang good though!

Huge Christmas Eve Dinner with the WHOLE entire family (there were 19 people staying under the roof of my parents house. Mom and Dad, 4 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 sister in laws, 2 brother in laws, 4 nephews and 3 nieces). Yes, at times things got a little on the crazy side for example, when 2 year old niece pushed almost 2 year old nephew, or when 2 year old nephew bit two year old niece, or when 2 year old niece and 2 year old nephew ganged up on the 1 year old nephew.

The Kids Table. Do you remember the days when YOU had to sit at the kids table? Remember how fulfilling it was when you graduated to the adult table?

Excited kids that have way too much sugar swimming in their bloodstream. Can ya blame them though? I mean, donuts for breakfast, a candy cane or two off of the tree, Sees Chocolates, fudge, cookies, etc...

Matching Pajamas. My sister Julie is the coolest. She thought it would be cool to make all the kids matching bottoms. With the help of my sister in law Lisa and my mom, they tackled the task in a few short hours. The kids LOVED them.

BABIES...not ours. Don't worry. Little Maggie is adorable and I loved holding her. Im not gonna lie though, my arms got really tired after two hours. Good practice though eh? She has the cutest laugh. Good job Doug and Jenny!! :)

Christmas programs. This was the "Pre program" if there is such a thing, and shortly after this video, I ran out of memory space. No more pictures after this. You might as well close out of here now cause I know that is why all of you look at my blog!! Kiddin. The program was really special though. My brother-in-law read Luke 2 while my brother played some soft Christmas music in the background (ok, that was my dad's request. Slightly cheesy. Love you Dad). My nieces have beautiful voices like thier mom and they both sang. Little Audrey (5) sang "Where Are You Christmas," and "Part of Your World" (I know, not really Christmas, but Disney. Close enough). It was very touching. And Dana sang a Child's prayer with Jenna her mom. So cute.

While in California (if you have not guessed already, Scott and I spent Christmas in California) Scott's parents were generous enough to let us borrow their car, so we could spend time with both fams. Some highlights in Benicia (since I don't have any pictures..sniff) were playing tennis with Patrick and Andrew (Nephews), holding my adorable neice Maggie, and going to the Warriors VS Raptors game in Oakland. Thanks to both families for making the holidays a very memorable experience for Scott and I. We are truly blessed to come from such good, strong families. I could not ask for anything better!
Hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas.