Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help Save Lives in Haiti

I have decided not to just sit back and watch all of the devastation that has been going on in Haiti. I want to help. Since we do not have money to give, I am using my Mary Kay business to earn money and donate to the American Red Cross.

Feel free to give me any suggestions since this is something that I have never done before. Thanks for your support!

Friday, January 15, 2010

What Can I Say... I am a Sucker for Pictures!

Ada loved meeting her Grandma and Grandpa Foley

Ada loving Grandpa Foley

Ada taking a little nap with Grandpa Lovell.

Scott and I spent our second year anniversary in San Fran and LOVED it. We went to Thai food and the sweet lady, seeing that Scott did not love his duck curry, gave us a free dessert. Too bad the dessert was pretty nasty and we both tried to force it down. I felt obligated to finish it cause she was so nice. Coconut milk and tapioca don't mix well for me.

After dinner, as we walked out the doors, we noticed UC Hastings (a school that Scott applied for but was denied) right across the street. Scott was letting his feelings come out in the picture.

Following dinner we went and saw Wicked! Loved it, loved it. We had a blast and even almost a month later, still get some of the songs stuck in my head during early morning feedings!

Cousin Andrew meeting Ada for the very first time. He loves little babies and they love him.

Jessica and her daughter, Emmy. We went and braved the Bay Area cold to see some Christmas lights.

Emmy and Maggie with Grandpa Foley
Christmas Morning. I am not posting mine and Scott's little family picture cause I look pretty trash nasty. We had fun opening gifts.

Uncle Michael hanging out with Emmy in her new tent/fort.

Emmy listening to some tunes.
Greg, Jessica, Scott and I all got to go to the Oakland Temple together. We had a great time.

If we look tired, it's because we were. Late night followed by early feedings.

Love the temple

Isaac and his Dad (Dave, Scott's brother) came out for Ada's baby blessing. We missed Emily and Noah (Emily is preggers). Isaac was really cute with Ada.


Scott's parents took the family to Pizza on our last night there. We had a good time.
The kids at the arcade. You gotta love Emmy's little face. She wanted to apart of all the action.

Jenny and Ada

All of the Foley girls minus 4ish (Emily, Stacy, Kate, and baby girl Foley)

I love bath time!

Scott with Emmy. I love this picture.

Notice the spikes? Love it

Shortly after this picture was taken, Ada had a major blowout! It was her worst one yet. Luckily, no clothes were completely stained and ruined. Thank goodness Gary escaped a scary mess on his church clothes!

Back in Sacramento. The Phillips plus a Dent came and visited the Lovell home. We had a blast.

Pretend there is not armpit hair staring back at you. I thought this picture was really precious.

I realized something during all the pics. First of all, most of them are from Benicia. My battery died shortly after going back to Sacramento so I had to depend on everyone else to take pictures AND, there were no pics with my mom. Sorry Mom. Ada still loves you!! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Make Cute Babies

My sister and brother-in-law got a new camera for Christmas so we decided to have some fun and do a little photo shoot. Ada did wonderfully!
Miss Photogenic
Love her smile!
Drool Baby
I love this girl!
Ada loves to kick her feet when she laughs

Thanks Juls and Brian, we had a blast.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Well, it has been some time since the last post. It is not that I have been super busy, it's more just finding the motivation to upload the pics! I still have more to up load from my camera but the battery is dead, so my Christmas day post will come at another time.
We had the opportunity of blessing Ada while at my parents and had almost all family members from both sides. We missed you Juls, Brian, Steve, Lisa, Mark and Stacy.
Scott did a great job and I could not keep back the tears because the spirit was so strong.
Almost all of the Foley bros. Next time Mark and Stacy, next time :) Can't wait to visit you guys in PA.
Greg and Jessica surprised us with Ada's blessing dress. don't mind her socks! It was just too warm for tights. Ada was so tired, she had just woken up before we took this picture.
"Get me out of this dress and that camera out of my face!"
The Lovell brothers (minus Steve and Brian too).
A very proud, tired and sick momma (I was sick all of the following week with a nasty cold. Sorry for passing it on to everyone at the Lovells).
Visiting after the blessing.
The famous Lovell hall that every visiting kid know about. The toys are stocked. Emmy and Tate trying to play nice.
Andrew and Audrey....hmmmm....potential romance?? Maybe, eh?

Andrew and Isaac
Just hangin out with Dad.
Bright eyes!
Audrey was so cute with Ada. She would come and talk to her using the cutest voice

Ada LOVES Uncle Chad. She can be really fussy and he will just scoop her up in his big arms and start humming a catchy tune. That usually settles her down right away.

Our good friend Katie Walker made a two hour trek to OV, so we all went to lunch. Her son Ben is so dang cute.
Princess Anna
Ben and Anna just hanging out. Anther romance in the making???
Finally smiling for the camera. Ada has an obsession of having stuff in her mouth, for example, fingers, Binky's, my chin. It is pretty funny to see her attack those items.
Lukie! Does not get much cuter.
Ada loves her Daddy!

We had a blast hanging out with Katie and Ben. Thanks again for driving out, Katie.

So some other fun milestones that Ada has either reached or is close to reaching:
1. She is talking a ton
2. In her bouncy chair, she can now reach out and grab the hanging toys (although, she does not know how to let go)
3. She can hold her head up without much wobbling
4. Ada can LOL
5. She recognizes mine and Scott's voice and will smile when she hears it
I am sure there are more, but it is so much fun seeing how much she is changing and growing.
Since I have dropped dairy from my diet (almost completely. I sometimes sneak a bite of chocolate), Ada has been so much happier and way less fussy. Although it has been pretty hard for me at times, it has been worth it having a happy baby.
Anyway, we head back to Florida next week and are both looking forward to getting back to a schedule and out of suitcases, but have had a great time spending time with the families.