Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costumes and Chili

It was all planned out a few weeks before the big ward Halloween Party. Scott would go as Nigel Lithgoe from one of our favorite shows So You Think You Can Dance, I would be the host Kat Deeley and Ada was going to be a contestant (actually, Melissa, the ballerina). Well, a week before the big party Scott informed me that he couldn't go because he had a prep test course that night that he had already signed up for. Sniff, so Ada and I went without our judge. We still had a blast. Some people even knew who we were!!
I will never be a blond. Just not me.
My good friends little baby boy, Peyton. Ada wanted to touch him the whole time.
Fisher and Ada are good buds. We were able to stay with his family while his parents were out of town and they became best friends. They light up every time they see each other. Romance in the making????

My good friend Tiffany and her cute boys. They were not overly thrilled about being in the picture with us. Probably because we were taking them away from the fun.
Check out that tongue. It could wrap circles around that thing. Gross...
Tristan and his Dad. Neither child was
cooperating in the picture. Ada was terrified of the eyeliner and Tristan wasn't sure what to think. His family came as Alice and Wonderland characters. So cute. He was the white rabbit, but didn't want his ears.
The news I am sure all of you have been waiting for...My chili won the grand prize. Check out the size of this trophy!! Where the heck am I going to put that thing? Currently it is a backseat passenger of my Honda. I get to keep this beauty for a year...until the next cook off. Special thanks to my brother Chad for his award winning recipe and for Scott's extra ingredient that he added.

Ada had no trouble figuring out what to do with the pumpkin and trunks filled with candy. She would walk right up to each car and sort of hold her little bucket up, but I had to help her steady it and not run off before they actually dropped candy in it.

It was a really fun night. Our little ballerina loved her Halloween!

My New Job

I have a new job (part time) and I will tell you what, it really is one of the greatest jobs. I watch a little boy (friends from church), Tristan, during the mornings. We head over to their house and Ada is so excited, every time, when we pull up. She seriously loves going over there. She starts to get impatient on the drive over. This particular morning on the way to work, I was so curious what she was doing, so while at a stop light (It was red, of course) I turned the camera on her and captured this adorable face (No, not mine...I had no idea I was even in the picture). We are on a pretty good schedule. They have a morning snack and right after, both kiddos start getting really clingy, almost whiny until I say, "You ready to go on a walk?" That stops all whining right away. Ada comes over to me to get her shoes on and both head over the the gate while I gather up waters, keys and such. They are happy campers once they are loaded up and out the door. I found a HUGE park a little ways down the street. It is beautiful, but I must admit, I was taken by a little surprise when I saw Warning signs about alligators. You better believe I stay on the path and don't spend anytime near the water.
Here is Tristan. He is such a good boy and loves his outings!
Ada loves roaming the playground. She can't get enough of it.

I had to get a shot of just one side of the park. Isn't it beautiful?
Of course, the kids were not interested in smiling for me.

On the way back from the park this particular day, I noticed a bunch of birds nearby. They must have thought that we had food because all of the sudden, they all started walking towards us. A tiny bit creepy if you ask me, but the kids loved it. Ada was crying to get out of the stroller, but no way.

The other side of the lake. I love the lily pads

So, there you have it, my new job. I wouldn't really call it a job, but I am not sure what else to call it. It is so fun to see both kids interacting and learning to socialize with each other.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carving the Pumpkin

Ada was a great help. She loved the texture of the gooey pumpkin innards
Scott diggin in.

See those wart like modules? Well, we discovered that pumpkins like these are like gourds. Hard as a rock and crazy annoying to carve. Scott was literally sweating because it was so
ridiculous to carve.
This is what Cyclops looks like when your pumpkin is almost impossible to carve. Nice work though Scott, nice work.

The little helper

We took Ada to the pumpkin patch Monday night and she had so much fun. Her facial expressions were awesome! This is her looking at all of the pumpkins. She had no idea what to do with herself.Not wanting to stand still for a picture with Daddy. You can see her right hand starting to push off of Scott

Classic face! We saw a lot of this the whole time

They had a cute little display perfect for family pictures.

Such a sweet face

More of the "face"

Ada tried to pick up just about every pumpkin that she passed.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Scott needs a haircut. His hair is really long right now, REALLY long. Although we will miss the curls, we decided to have a little fun, and say goodbye a little early. Goodbye curls, hello straight hair! This brings back a memory from not too long ago. Remember THIS?

We figured since he has interviews coming up (hopefully) it is probably a good idea to soften things up a bit. But once he has landed a job...bring on the curls, baby!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So it's been awhile, I know. I have been busy. Or maybe I just haven't taken the time to update. I am actually pretty mad at myself right now. I am known to be a very impatient gal. I don't read instructions because I lose interest halfway through the steps so I end up guessing on how to put something together and end up messing up and things take longer than they should have. Or, I ruin a meal because I think that I can skip a step. You get the point. So my plan was to do a post this week but my internet has not been working. So after trying everything I know (wich is not much) to get my connection back, I call the computer company. They tell me I have to call the wireless company to get a user key of some sort. After talking to the outsourced customer service lady for the wireless company and deciding NOT to pay $40 to have them diagnose and possibly fix things, I hang up the phone. My computer company emailed me some instructions of things that I could do. Now remember what I mentioned earlier, I don't follow instructions very well OH and if I don't understand something...I guess.
SO, while I was following the step by step instructions I had this thought that what these instructions meant is that I might lose everything I have on my hard drive, but me, being little miss impatient, ignore the promptings I have to do a backup before I hit the "finish" button. Long story short, I have lost all pictures/videos from the past 7ish months. ALL of them. So, sorry Mom and Dad, I was about to do a really cute post on our trip to Busch Gardens, BUT, I no longer have those pictures! Being impatient is a curse. I work hard on not rushing, on not having to have things the minute I want them. It always seems to haunt me in the end.
With that being said, isn't our little Ada just the cutest thing ever? That first picture in the skeleton PJs sums up her personality pretty well. FULL THROTTLE. She is all over the place and even when she first wakes up in the morning, there is not any crying, there is Ada, jumping in her crib, or calling, "Scott," or running end to end of the crib.
We got Ada a little tent for her birthday. Saturday night, we were watching some of our friends kids and I told Scott to go and play with them for a minute cause I needed a break. All of the sudden I hear him calling for me. Apparently, he was stuck in the tent. He thought that he would be able to crawl through the tube and join in the fun. NOPE.

Cute little kids

Ada and I playing the "binky" game. The reason for the picture though is because of her awesome hair.

She is really finding her voice. Ada loves to scream and yell at the top of her lungs. The neighbors probably think that awful things are happening over here. Nope, she is just pretending to be mad and upset and we are pretending to be shocked she is making such a fuss. I may or may not encourage her to scream from time to time. I know that will come back to haunt me.