Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ada Lily Foley

Well today Ada is one week old! We love this little girl and get excited to see her discover new things everyday. THANK YOU Grandma Lovell to help her discover the pacifier so I do not have to be her pacifier when she needs one!!
This is Ada just after eating. She makes the funniest faces sometimes. She cracks me up!

This is her Drunken Sailor look. She will flop her head right over her arm when finished with a meal

I love her fat cheeks! I often kiss or squeeze them (lightly of course)

We get cute smiles from her. They are usually right after a good meal! I mean, isn't anyone happy after eating a great meal?
Ada has very long feet and toes
She will be a great athlete.

Ada after a little snack

She has a touch of jaundice so we have her sit under natural light for 15 min increments.

Ada with her Daddy. She loves to snuggle. Since she loves to eat (during ALL hours of the night) I will snuggle with her and sometimes fall asleep with her laying on me. I hope that I am not creating bad habits!!
Anyway, we love our little baby girl and are so excited about the next chapter in our lives!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Rest of the Story...

I first need to thank Juls and Tiffany for being guest bloggers. I really appreciate it. Well, I am just going to fill in the blanks.
Friday, I felt different. I REALLY wanted Ada to come on her due date which was Saturday and even prayed that she would come that day. Scott and I had the opportunity to go out to lunch followed by a movie. We were sitting in the credits and Scott said that this was the last time we would be going out on a date as just Scott and Lindsay. Was he ever right.
We got home and worked out. I walked two miles and the rest of the evening, tried to stay on my feet. I finally took a well needed break and sat down to knit (yes, a total dork) and relax. Around 10ish, I decided to lay down. Within a couple of minutes, I felt something pop, then water started gushing (sorry...tmi, but this is my story). I started freaking out, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Scott, my water just broke." I RAN to the bathroom to confirm and, yes, it indeed had broken. We rushed to get some final things together. On the way there I started making calls and was shaking with nervousness and excitement. There was a Rays game going on and Scott almost did not see the cop car sitting in the middle of the street. We get to the hospital and then do what most people do at the hospital...wait.
First picture, me texting everyone to tell them my water broke. I did not feel like sitting.

In the check up room to confirm that you are in labor and also to ask a bunch of questions. Scott was pretty excited...

Not in much pain yet. Just waiting for the contractions to take full force so all of that anticipation was killing me. I was so scared about the possible pain that I was going to feel.

Awww...happy now the epidural was in place. Funny story about the epidural. They asked me how much pain I was feeling and I told them about a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10. They told me I could get the epidural right away if I wanted. I agreed without hesitation. I almost felt as if I had cheated labor just a little cause I never really felt a "Take your breath away" contraction. :)

After being in labor all night (and hardly sleeping) little Ada Lily joined us with her presence. This is the look of shock on my face when I felt how heavy this child was and realized she just came out of me!

Our tubby on the scale. Everyone was shocked to see that she was so big. And they were even more shocked when they found out I DID NOT have a C-Section . Oh no I did not...and I am feeling the "natural" after birth pains!!!

One of the first pictures after Ada's bath. This is to show that she has hair, although it only really looks like she has a mullet! It really looks like we shaved the sides...

The proud daddy. Scott was worried that he would hurt a newborn, but he has been awesome. He changed her first 4 poopy diapers, 3 of them from the first night!

Little Ada all clean..
Big Yawn

Asleep in Daddy's arms. She got a little touch of Jaundice so I had to really try and get her to eat more (apparently the more she eats, the better chance she has to poop out the bilirubin). She did a good job and also had to get her heels pricked every three hours to check her blood glucose levels cause of her size. I am glad to say we got to take her home today and her vital signs are all awesome. She has a good healthy cry when she is hungry and will not let me forget that she needs food!
Me on the other hand...I am taking one step at a time. There are a lot of extra little and big pains that I will spare the details, but I am good. I love my little Ada and am excited to be a mom. Scott is doing well and loves snuggling with his little baby (he did not tell me that, I can just tell). There is a really special spirit around us.
Thanks for all of the well wishes. We are so happy and excited. I just need to retrain myself to sleep again.
A little video of Ada Lily.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing Ada Lily Foley!!!!

Ada Lily Foley
was born yesterday, on her due date,
Saturday, September 19th, 2009
at 11:26am
in St. Petersburg, Florida.
and was 9lbs, 5oz!
She was 20-1/2 inches long.
She fits in with her amazing mom and dad,
(and their "You're Still Hungry?" blog)
by being a good eater!

{*by Guest Blogger, Tiffany Feger. I'm Lindsay, Scott, and Ada's friend. I took some pictures of the happy family of three and am posting some here because their wireless Internet isn't working at the hospital.}

These pictures were taken right when they had been moved to the recovery room. Ada had spent some "kangaroo time" with her mommy, and hadn't been cleaned up yet. There was not much time to unwrap baby Ada to get more pictures because the nurses were busy with Lindsay an Ada, but you can get a good sense of what it was like to be with the exhausted, hungry adorable new family.
First picture, getting acquainted
yawnresting Is she smiling at her Daddy?!looking at her daddy sooooooo sweetly and holding his finger The new mommy looking at her husband and babyAda has a good rooting reflex! I love new parents handing babies over
Look at her sweet face! I love it. She only made a couple of peeps, but that's because she was hungry:)
She would go back to being peaceful and happy and learning about her surroundings I was trying to be a fly on the wall. They are naturals at being parents. Ada is so lucky.
They hadn't given Ada her first bath, so she still had the ink on the bottom of her cute feet from her footprints. I had to sneak a peek so I unwrapped her feet.
Scott finally got a break so he could eat a Publix sub and continue the text announcements.
She's so content with her full little belly
And she was so good when the nurse came in to prick her heel.
Lindsay was so tired, after 12 hours of laboring in the hospital.Ni' night, time for me to leave so the 3 Foleys could continue to rest and bond
I already love you, baby Ada, and I can't wait to see you again!

{If you want to see pictures of the day right before Ada's arrival, see Lindsay's beautiful baby belly and the nursery here. The outdoor maternity pictures are here, but she already posted about those.}

Meet Ada Lilly

Rolling in at 9 lbs 5 oz, 20 1/2 inches!
Born Saturday, Sept 19

Lindsay's water broke late friday night. She rushed to the hospital, and the dr started the pitocin/epidural combo. She was in labor all night and delivered Ada somewhere around 10 am EST Saturday morning. She has been told by everyone her whole pregnancy how little she is, and most recently the Dr thought she was measuring a little small... clearly not the case. She has lots of dark curly hair, and can barely fit in the newborn diapers. Mom, Dad and baby are all pretty sleep deprived, but in love. I am jealous of all of you Floridians that get to see sweet Ada! I am positive linds will have more details and pics as soon as she checks out tomorrow, so until then here is a sweet wink from the newest Foley!

Julie (aka lindsay's sister)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mom and Dad-to be Photo Shoot part two

So, I already explained in my previous post about the maternity photo shoot that my friend Tiffany did for us. I tried to insert the link for any interested readers to see. I am going to try this one more time. Go here. That should do the trick! Tiff, you are awesome.

Mom and Dad-to be Photo Shoot

So my good friend Tiffany got a new camera for her birthday back in July and she is one of those people that can teach herself new things, for example, photography, and run with it. We spent a good hour and a half Sunday afternoon taking some pictures at a really cute little park. I love how they turned out! I can't wait to get copies and hang some up. Scott was a good sport and was very cooperative in the shoot. Thanks Tiffany! We are so excited for them...If you want to see more of the photos, go here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's the Final Countdown Part Deux

Well, I thought for sure that the previous post would be my last post before the long awaited arrival of our little Foley girl.'s okay though. She will come when she is ready. Although, I seem to get more and more ansy as I hear about other girls that were due AFTER me, having their baby's before me. Oh's not like she is not gonna come. I just need some extra patience. Scott and I decided to take a little drive to the beach last Sunday to take some 38 week pictures. The night was awesome...however, we waited till it was a little too dark to take the pics.

I swear I have lived in this skirt throughout my pregnancy. It may not have been the cutest thing in the world, but sure is comfortable.

Scott was playing photographer and was taking pictures from all different angles. I of course, chose the most "flattering" of them all (I don't know if you can combine flattering and pregnant in the same sentence).

This is what a prego girl looks like ready to have her baby.

This is what an excited soon-to-be dad looks like. Scott felt left out that we were not getting pictures of him. Okay, I lie, we all know how much he LOVES getting his picture taken. :)

This is a picture of a cute husband consoling his very pregnant wife who feels very ready to have her baby.
But for real, I am not even passed my due date yet. So I should not be complaining. I have had a great pregnancy and still feel really good. I am not OVERLY uncomfortable, and I have been sleeping pretty dang good lately (just hard to physically get out of bed). So, as many have told me, just enjoy these last few days with Scott as just "us" cause life ain't never gonna be the same again! So, that is what we are doing before little baby Foley's arrival.

Latest Update:
1 Cm dialated
80% effaced
Sorry if that is too much detail for the weak of stomach...