Monday, December 13, 2010

Name That Movie

"Heeeeeeeey Yoouuuuuuu Guuuuuyyyyyyys!!!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture Time

It seems like a lot has happened in the last two weeks. While I was gone for the Ragnar,
Scott texted me that Friday to tell me that Ada wasn't eating well, then Saturday that she had a fever. Of course, I felt horrible that I could not be there to help. Sunday morning, she was burning up, so we decided to take her to the ER. We found out she had a bladder infection. Yeah, I know, horrible. She did not really eat or drink for a couple of days and the docs told me to do anything to keep fluids in her. Popsicles did the trick for a day. She liked to hold it all by herself.
Scott had most of Thanksgiving week off. We probably took off to Busch Gardens too soon after Ada's fever broke. She did not love being there. I think she was still a little weak from being so sick. Is it bad to say that I enjoyed myself? I DO think she had some fun, but was just not her usual self.

In a normal day, Ada would LOVE the Sesame Street show at Busch, but we did not get much of a reaction out of her.

Maybe we shouldn't have let her play in the water. Look at that sad face.

A little happier now

Ada was a little scared to go on
the ride with her Daddy, but she ended up liking it. Scott was the one who got a little sick. :)

Ada feeling much better (Friday after Thanksgiving). She was thoroughly enjoying her new shirt from my Black Friday purchase. Funny that I stayed out until 2AM shopping on Friday and returned almost half of what I bought. What a waste.

We have not been taking very good of her teeth lately...Good thing my brother is going to be a dentist.

Her first ponytail...or something close. I was so proud!

This was our best attempt to get a full body picture of Ada's adorable little outfit. She was having too much fun being difficult, though.
We went to the Beach for FHE. I was a little surprised that Ada was a little scared of it. We had fun taking pictures, though.

Family Picture

Yup, she loves tongues

I may be no photographer, but this sunset picture turned out pretty sweet, I think. I love being so close to the beach (even though we rarely go. I know we will be kicking ourselves when we no longer live in Florida).

Oh and for those who are interested, Ada is back to herself again. She just finished her last bit of antibiotics today. She does have to get some testing done next week just to make sure everything (her bladder and kidneys) is working correclty.