Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who is scared of a GIANT bug?

It is a shame that both Scott and I are terrified of bugs and it is a shame that Florida is KNOWN for it's big, straight up nasty bugs! I swear there are grasshoppers the size of my hand (okay, maybe not quite that big, I am known for having larger hands!), spiders that are ready to attack, June bugs that are for some reason attracted to me when I go swimming at my friends house and cockroaches. Well, last Saturday after having an enjoyable picnic with our friends, we came home totally exhausted (well me) and ready to collapse when I looked over and saw that (pictured above)...This picture does not do the size of that bug any it does not. Scott scrambled for anything he could use to attack. I thought it needed to be on video because I knew it would be a good show. Now, remember we both hate bugs, and for some reason my voice carries...a lot. So, it may be a little on the annoying side...but enjoy the attack of the cockroach.
The only thing hurt in this video was the bug. In fact, it was broken into two pieces.

26 Weeks of Fun!

This week was a significant week. I always get a little nervous before I go to a doctors appointment. I am not sure why. Maybe my mom and Scott are right, that I am always looking for something to worry about?? I think they are on to something. Last night baby girl Foley was not being her normal, rambunctious self and I started worrying that maybe something was wrong. I asked a couple of friends if it was weird that I had not felt her move very much that night (even though she was a wild child all throughout the day). So, I decided not to worry too much. Every day and night we pray that our baby will be healthy along with me. Some of you knew that I had Placenta Previa, and basically in a non-graphic explanation, the placenta is in the wrong place. The doctors were not too concerned about it and said that usually when they see that, the placenta moves as the woman's stomach grows/expands/explodes. IF the placenta does not move, however, a C-Section is required for safety of the baby and mother. SO, I was a little concerned that maybe it had not moved and I was doomed (not that a C-section is the worst thing in the world). Well, we were scheduled an extra ultra sound and found out today that not only had my placenta moved, but that baby is also very healthy!
I guess how I can look at this experience is that I was given an extra couple of free ultra sounds because of the previa!! I still get one more cause my placenta is still a little low, but the doctors are not concerned. Sorry if this is TMI !!

She is beautiful! We saw her wiggling her little feet and she had them pretty much bent over her head! Seriously, can that be comfortable at all? She must get her flexibility from the Foley side cause I know that is not a Lovell characteristic!

How awesome is it that we get 4-D pictures of our babies? Okay, it is not the CLEAREST picture in the world, but you can see her chubby cheek her little nose, and closed eye. There is other random stuff that the tech said was her umbilical chord. Dang Umbilical chord gets in the pictures! Oh well, I am glad she has one!! :) To date, she weighs just over two pounds and is measuring perfectly! We feel really blessed to be parents soon and be trusted with this little baby!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Pictures

So at the end of the month, Scott and I get to go to Vernal Utah for a Foley Family Reunion. This is going to be pretty cool for the family because it will be the first time that all of the brothers have been together (all at once) in over 10 years (Vivian correct me if I am wrong). Anyway, the topic of family pictures has come up because obviously if you are gonna be together as a family, you might as well get a group picture. Because we have been talking about it, old family pictures have been brought up on the Foley Blog and Mark and Stacy found this awesome picture of Scott and all of his brothers. It is pretty much classic! The sweater vests, teal colors, turtlenecks, mullets, gold chains, etc. Now, I want the Foley side to know that there is no shame in this whatsoever. No, no there is not. Because pictured just below we have a concoction of all colors, stripes, Birkenstocks with socks, hats too big for any man's head for cryin out loud and shirts that are just plain too big for any girl to ever wear! I love pullin up old pictures. It's alawys nice to get a good laugh. I think we still have one of my dad's Fleming Foods hats. Those things were sweet!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

25 weeks and feel much bigger than last week

So I know that it was just last week that I posted about my size and I keep getting asked if I have anymore pictures...I don't. Not at this time. I guess we have not really done anything "Picture Worthy." However, I DO feel like I have grown just since last week and since this is kind of like a journal for me, I might as well document how I have been feeling, or maybe should say, what I have been feeling.
Little Baby Foley is still moving around, bouncing off the walls I guess you could say. My back is still a little on the stiff side at night and in the mornings. Is it really weird to say that I actually look forward to getting out of bed in the morning JUST to hear my back pop and crack? It's like a really psycho competition with myself to see if I will have a better crack from the last morning. Yeah..don't ask. I never cease to surprise myself with the things I come up with! Poor Scott...Poor Baby!! :)
We have been digging through our apartment (Well for a couple of hours on Saturday) going through all of our stuff, consolidating boxes, Good Willing (I know...not a real word) things from our wedding that we still have not opened and getting ready to switch rooms. I am looking forward to getting a nursery ready for baby, but just have to decide what I want. I know there are needs and there are wants. Just gotta differentiate between the two.
I swear all of my friends either just had babies or are prego! It is exciting exchanging stories and getting advice from new mothers. I have a couple more weeks until I hit the third trimester. That does not seem real to me. This pregnancy has flown by. We are getting closer at choosing a name (I think) but have not made any final decisions!'s to pregnancy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

24 Weeks and Counting

I have had a few requests to post prego pics. Im kickin myself right now cause I thought for sure I would remember what week I was in each picture that we took. BUT of course, now that I have uploaded the pictures, I can't remember the weeks. I believe this first one is like around 18 weeks or so?? Not much change yet.

Here I am at 24 weeks. She is a kicker too! It's fun to watch my stomach now and see it move when she get's the wiggles. Last night, I was laying down next to Scott and baby was not moving so he gave my stomach a gentle, oh so gentle jiggle (ewwww...who puts the words jiggle and stomach in the same sentence? I guess me, eh?) and within seconds, she was squirming all over! I would poke around a little see if she would kick back and a few times she did. Scott thought I would hurt her so he told me to stop poking around!
Anway, here are a couple pictures of Baby Girl Foley and me. She is getting excited to enter this world! I can tell cause she does not sit still for very long...she is getting ansy!