Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let the Vacations Begin

I am going through vacation withdrawls. We spent two days at Disney and California Adventure, then one day at the beach. Scott and his brother, Dave, talked back at the beginning of the year and Dave had mentioned that they might be going to Disney. We did not have a problem inviting ourselves. It was such a fun trip! Our girls are not car girls and they did suprisingly well, even in the almost two hours of traffic that we got stuck in on the way down. 
Dave and Emily went up a day before we did, so when we arrived, we headed to Downtown Disney for some dinner and Build-A-Bear. 
These pictures are somewhat out of order, but I am not going to fix it.
 So many to choose from
 Ivy was grabbing every stuffed animal she could reach, rubbing her face in it, then moving on to the next
 California Adventure:
We met up with Dave and Emily's fam. Ivy and Zoe were too small to ride the car ride in Car's Land (so awesome), so we watched cars zoom past, hoping to see our kids. As fun of a ride as it is, it was a bust for the kids. "Too fast," was Ada's thought.
 Waiting in line. We lucked out. It was supposed to be a busy week, but the waits really were not that bad
 Ivy did great. She didn't love going on rides. She would usually shake her head and say, "Noooo..." when we were about to get on one.

 Bugs Land

 Love Noah's face

 Really fun parade in California Adventure
We spent the morning as a family then met up with Dave and Emily's fam for lunch and the rest of the day. We had to convince Ada that the ride Peter Pan was not scary. She went on it last year. She held my hand the entire ride and told me that it was too scary. 

 Scott get's sick on any ride that spins or twists, so I took the girls on Dumbo. Of course the first thing they do is fight over the joy stick. Ada loved this ride and Ivy was indifferent.
 I can't remember the name of this ride, but you sit in a boat and it takes you along a lazy river with a tour guide. We waited a long time for this one and I was a little underwhelmed. So were the girls. They were super tired. Scott was with us for most of the line when Dave called and told him that the line for Splash Mountain was super short so the brothers hit the ride then got passes for me and Emily.
 Toon Town:
Ada loved all of the houses and we got to see Minnie and Mickey. Ivy even said their names. So cute

 Ivy liked the characters from a distance. Once too close, she would shake her head and hide her face

 Eating at the Horseshoe Saloon. You will notice the jar of peanut butter. Our girls are super picky and peanut butter is one thing they will eat. They hardly ate anything on our trip.
 Back at California Adventure. Scott, Dave and the kids waited in line for a Disney Jr show while Emily and I hit Splash Mountain. Emily sat up front and I sat right behind her. I am glad I didn't sit up front...she got soaked. Ivy got bored in line and was hugging the other girls. 

 Disney Jr. Show. Ivy fell asleep in my arms during this. I took the girls back to the hotel for a couple of hours after the show to get a nap. 
 Check out Ada's tired eyes
 Jungle Cruise Tour. 
 Disney Parade. We got pretty good seats for this, thanks to Scott. The girls loved it. Well, Ada did. Ivy was licking the ground and trying to steal a little boys toy while waiting.

 Ada loved the Teacups. She squealed during the whole ride. I was glad when it was over. Luckily, I had an empty stomach, otherwise, I might have been sick

 We had to force Ada to go on Small World. Seriously?! She loved it though and so did Ivy. When the ride was over, Ada immediately said, "Let's go again." Sadly, it was the last ride of the day.

 Back to Day 1 (here is where the pics are out of order). Ivy hanging out with Dad
This was pretty much the end of Day one for us and day two for Dave and Emily. You could see that the kids are getting a little tired, with the slap happy Ada and Zoe missing a shoe. We did a ride swap. Dave and Emily rode Tower of Terror while we watched their kids then Scott and I went afterwards. Scott has not been on that ride for years and was a little nervous. There was a little girl sitting next to him, maybe 12 and she said that Scott could hold onto the side bar, since she wouldn't be needing it. She would be holding her hands up the whole time. She then told him that the first time on the ride, she cried. Ha. When the ride started, she grabbed his hand that was holding the side bar. We got a good laugh over that. 
 Back to Disney: Scott had stayed with Dave's family while I took the girls back to the hotel for a nap. While we were waiting for him at the entrance after their rests, we ran into a couple of friends. Ivy only wanted to see from a distance

 Waiting for the Disney parade to start. You can see who runs the show with these two.
 But you can tell from Ivy's stare down, that she doesn't hold back with her big sister. 
 Our last day, we went to Newport Beach with our two families and Scott and Dave's Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. We were all pretty tired by then and didn't have all of the beach equipment that we wanted, but it was still super fun. Chilly, but fun!
"Beach Bums"
 Cute, and very funny girls
 Ivy wasn't overly thrilled of the water
 Dave and Scott before the big plunge. 
 After. I meant to get Dave in the picture, but I guess he "Slipped" away. Pun intended.
 Our best group shot. Ada decided to be super difficult and Ivy was watching Ada be naughty

 We headed back to the hotel for a swim and shower before going over to Uncle Craig and Aunt Connie's for dinner. We had a great visit and enjoyed getting to know them and their kids better.

The girls did great on the ride home. Ivy was done the last two hours, though. Absolutely done! 

So much fun! I miss Dave and Emily's family and wish we lived closer! Ada loved her cousins and especially clung on to their oldest. Poor kid. I am sure he was done with her hand holding, poking, and space invading by the end of the trip. Thanks Dave and Emily for letting us join you and Connie and Craig for spending the last day with us. We had a great time.