Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 Month Stats

Weight: 15lbs (27th percentile)

Height: 27" (87th percentile)

So, Ada had her 6 month today. It was actually a little discouraging. I am not saying this because she went down in percentiles, it was discouraging because she lost almost 1 pound since her 4 month check up. I was shocked when I looked at the scale. The nurse told me that Babies can fluctuate, but that seemed like a significant amount. So that was the first thing. After the shock of her weight loss wore off a little, the nurse then told me that Ada still has her dairy allergy which I was certain she had grown out of. And the last thing I was told is that we have to get X-rays on her hip because it does not rotate very well. The Doc said that if they find something, she might have to wear a hip brace. Sniff. When the doc was telling me her concern about the big weight loss, one thing she asked was how much I was feeding Ada. "Well, a little solids in the morning then nursing throughout the day." "Does she stop eating when she is full?" "Ummmm," I said, "She never really gets the chance to stop eating. I just stop feeding her when I think she has eaten enough." "Oh," the doc said, "You need to start feeding her solids 3 times a day, with breast milk/formula and cereal mixed in with the fruits/veggies. AND nurse throughout the day as well."

So basically what I am pretty sure it has come down to is that I have not been feeding Ada even close to what she needs. I felt awful but the doctor assured me that I am not the first mom to have "Deprived" her baby (Unintentionally of course).

When we got home today I fed her a whole Gerber baby pears with oatmeal in it AND another bowl of oatmeal with formula mixed in it. She finally stopped eating halfway through the 3rd bowl. I now know when she is full!!!!

She also got shots today!

BUT, I think we have found (I hope) the solution to her fussiness. We have just had a hungry baby! I would be upset too if my food was taken away from me when I was just getting going. I really did feel bad and hope and pray that is what the problem was. She was very happy all afternoon and took some good naps.

I will keep you all updated on how her X-rays turn out. Please keep Ada in your prayers.
Okay, enough words. Let's end on a happy note.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Discoveries

Scott was on Spring Break this week (well as much as he could be with the assignments he still had due). We went to Busch Gardens and discovered that Ada will not fall asleep unless in her crib. Okay, I lied, she fell asleep for about 15 minutes on the hour long car ride back. Sigh...I am starting to get nervous about our trek across country. If she can't fall asleep in the car, I might rip my hair out if she screams for hours on end.
Okay, back to Busch Gardens.
We discovered that Ada likes her hands more than the cool animals and crazy insect people.
I got to go on one ride while Scott entertained Ada. It was funny to me when there was one seat available and the the worker called out, " single rider."People turn their heads around because they are impatient to get on the ride so they call out,"Single rider," too. SO, I got to sneak up to the front row without much of a wait.
Family picture by the Flamingos. And yes, you will notice that we were all wearing green. We went on Saint Patty's Day.

Scott took a picture of the guy that took a picture of us. He thought it only fair.

Scott entertaining Ada while I got my adrenaline rush!

Weird insect people that Ada could care less about!
This guys could really jump though!

Another discovery...well for us anyway. St. John's Pass. If any of you have ever been to Pier 39 in San Fran, that is what it kind of reminded me of. So, sorry to all of those that have already visited and we sent you to a much less exciting pier to explore. This one was MUCH better.

There are tons of Pelicans. They hang out around all of the deep sea fishing boats to grab a few snacks from the fishermen.

She looks so old in this picture. Oh yeah! It was Ada's six month birthday too!

On the Pier
Come visit...we will take you there!
Oh and our last discovery is that no matter how cool of a place we may be, Ada does not care if she is tired.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Time

There is really not much of a story behind this first picture, i just thought that Ada's face looked cute. And she usually does not just rest her head long enough to take a picture.

Scott and I took a family date night to Gulfport where they have an artwalk every first Friday. It was quite chilly that night, but it was so nice to get out and go look at so many neat things that we will most likely never buy (trinkets only clutter our apartment). There are some pretty sweet necklaces, though that I would not mind owning one day.
It is fun to actually get to wear my warm boots and a scarf. That does not happen very often out here in Florida!

We went to the beach for a walk last Sunday and Ada was cracking up as I was pushing/running with her in the stroller. For those that have seen "Wicked" I was pulling a Glinda move.

This day would have been perfect if there had not been the crisp wind.
We are trying to take advantage of the nice days and close beaches. Scott and I were both talking today (on our way home from our walk on the beach) that we love living so close to the water and that we should have been going more than we have. So since it is spring break this week, I am already making plans for some more visits. Hopefully the sun weather will hold up and give us some nice weather!

Ada has a new obsession and that is biting her feet. We will find her in her crib just playing...with her feet. She constantly has them in her mouth which makes for a slobbery mess. Please excuse the nakedness of the baby...
I know that we post a ton of pictures of Ada now, but let's be honest, that is all that anyone really wants to see now anyway, right?
Scott and I are on the back burner when it comes to Ada :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Times With Grandpa Foley

Grandpa Foley was in New Jersey for work and thought it would be fun to hop on a plane during the weekend to spend some time with us. We had a great time showing Gary our favorite spots (well Scott did most of that, I had to tend to Baby). Funny story. We were sitting in church Sunday and while Gary was singing, Ada was just staring. All of the sudden, she had a hold of his mouth and he was pretty much dumbfounded. He had a hard time singing after that cause he kept on laughing.
At our favorite little dock

Gary is thinking about purchasing this for a vacation home. Come on, Gary, you know you want to!!

It was a little windy for the beach, but we still wanted to take Gary. The Don Cesar hotel in the background was calling out to Gary. I think they should stay there when Gary and Vivian come out for graduation (unless it is like an arm and a leg).

The three of us

Hanging out at the beach

Thanks for the fun visit, Gary. We had a great time.

While Scott was showing Gary around, Ada was supposed to be sleeping the whole time but woke up early. SO, while I put music on my computer, Ada had fun rolling around on her play mat. She was cracking me up because she kept getting stuck in the corner.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Whole Lot of Random

So even though I feel like I have been sooo busy, there has not been a ton going on, really. Last Monday, I had the opportunity of improving my mothering skills and babysitting not only my little rugrat, but these cute little two year olds as well.

I know that I am being horrible by putting a picture of my baby's bum on the Internet for all to see, but I just think that it is so stinking cute! I love to pinch her bum and get her laughing. Little Ada enjoys her naked time!!

Ada is sitting on the "big girl" side of the bathtub now. It is so insane seeing my little baby getting so big. She still loves bath time and cries when we take her out. She now especially enjoys kicking her legs all about and watching the water spill over the sides. Let's just say, I'm not so dry when she is done. She attacks!!

My guess is that Ada is getting closer and closer to cutting some teeth (at least that is what every person, mother or not, is telling me). I really hope that is the reason she is being extra fussy, not napping well, biting everything in sight, and drooling like a dog. I have felt her gums and can't feel anything yet, but I swear that has to be it.

Check out all of that drool on her shirt. I need to give this little lady a bib to wear over her clothes so she won't be sopping wet everywhere she goes.
I just had to post this pictures of an outfit given to her from Grandma Lovell. I think it looks adorable. We had to put a onesie on underneath cause it was still a tad bit too chilly to not have one.

When I am trying to clean house and entertain Ada at the same time, I will usually put her in her chair, load her up with toys and vacuum while she goes to town chewing and biting everything in arms reach.

I just love her smile! No matter how upset I might be (for ex. her not napping well, being crabby, etc), when she smiles, I can't help but smile too.

Saturday night was awful (well I guess it was more like Sunday early morning!). Ada decided to wake up multiple times and stay up. Feeding wasn't doing the trick, cuddling with her, nothing. Scott held her for a few minutes but I decided to try and feed her again to see if she would settle down. It kind of worked (by this time, it is now 5:30 in the AM). I put her down hoping she would sleep for a few more hours. NOPE, 6:25ish rolls around and she is crying loudly again. Scott grabs her for me and says, "Well, I'm going to go back to sleep!" I was SOOO mad!! He can sleep through the crying, I can't. SO, I decided that we needed to give her a bath to see if she would calm down. I told Scott that none of us would be sleeping and asked him to fill up her tub. By now it is probably around 7. Ada has calmed down, a bit, I am feeling exhausted and horrible for being mad at Scott for wanting more sleep and being able to so easily, at Ada for being so fussy and at myself for letting things get to me so much. Of course, I apologized, but we were all wiped out yesterday before, during and after church. Sunday's are great but throw us off with her nap schedule.
After giving Ada her bath, I could not help but laugh when I saw her all snuggled up in her towel. Then I went and said a prayer, asking for forgiveness for my behavior.
Why did I just tell the blogger world all of this?? I have no idea!!
She slept MUCH better last night.

This is what prune juice and ground oatmeal look like while feeding it to a 5 month old.
Can we say, "GROSS!"
She loves it, though!

She is loving having her hand covered in this nastiness so she can suck it off! Ewwww..