Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally...A Sunny Day

The weather has been so cold and snowy that on the first sign of sun, I made Scott go on a walk with me in the canyon (Ok, I didnt make him go, cause he wanted to as well). It was after church and I thought that bridal veil falls would be easy to get to, cause the snow had probably melted a little bit. So, I wore my high heeled boots thinking that was perfectly fine. Little did we know, the pathway to the falls, was totally covered in snow, and I was constantly slipping the whole way up. I wanted so badly to fall in the snow and make a snow angel, but Scott informed me that it was Sunday, and I shouldnt make snow angles on Sunday ( Im sure the real truth behind it all was he knew if I made a snow angel, I would make him do one too, then I would complain how cold I was. So he didnt want to deal with it). It was so much fun in the canyon. And beautiful too!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our First Christmas Together

Three days after we got married, was Christmas Day. My sister made us matching Christmas PJ pants and I made Scott wear them for the picture. He got me a really cute pair of cream color fuzzy boots. I look like a snow bunny when I wear them. Scott also got me a shirt, a bracelet, and my favorite (besides the boots) my stocking stuffer, which was a four movie DVD, which has Neverending Story, Secret Garden, The Witches and another one that I cant remember on it. After we had our own little Christmas opening our gifts to each other and wedding gifts galore, we met up with my family at my brother, Steve's house and opened the family presents there. Scott got some pretty cool clothes that look great on him, and I was pretty pleased with my new clothes as well. It was a fun first Christmas. We wanted to start a tradition and make a huge Christmas Breakfast or something like that, but we had no food (except for chocolate that we got at our wedding and some cereal) and we hadn't opened our cookware yet. So, we "settled" for Lisa's (my sister in law) home cooking! PS...Scott really was happy in the first picture, the camera was on timer and he just was off on the timing!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Bike Ride...Has cool background music!!!

My co-worker emailed me this video! It is so funny! Enjoy. The music makes it even better!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Handy Man

Something I did not know about Scott before we got married is that he likes to put stuff together (as long as he has the directions). After a couple of weeks of being married, we finally found our table and chaird and he was sooo excited to get it all assembled. I did help just a little, but he wanted to do most of it by himself. He also picked out, bought and put together our desk. I had to help hold some pieces together while he hammered, and he even let me hammer a couple of times!! The last pictures are from babysitting. Scott's brother and sister-in-law asked us to babysit so we had them bring thier kids to Sandy. To keep them entertained, Scott helped Isaac build the train set. It was cute to see him with Isaac.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Open House

I still do not have picture posting perfected! I will start to post something and want a picture in a particular spot...but then I can't type where I want to. All of us girls...and thier kids. This is the game hallway. All little kids that go to the Lovell house know that there are a stash of fun games in the cupboards. SO needless to say, that hall gets pretty trashed when kids come to visit.

The picture on the left is with Scott's brother Doug and his sister-in-law Jenny. They have two adorable sons that are awesome in sports! The picture on the right is with Scott's twin (the the left of him) and his best friends growing up. They all drove over an hour to come and see him. I thought that was pretty cool. Of course, all they seemed to really talk about was sports...But, thats ok!!

Open House in Orangevale

Scott and I have a hard time taking normal pictures. It has now become a habit to at least take on cheesy picture! We had an awesome time in Orangevale seeing old friends, spending time with our families. It was crazy having all the old girlfriends there...we all used to spend all of our free time together on the weekends, going to dances, talking about all of the boys that we had crushes on. Now...most of them have at least one child. Fun times at the Lovell home!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For all those who have been you go!

So, why the crazy name? I will tell you. For those of you who know Scott and I fairly well, will all know that both of us have a hollow leg. I knew I found my match when I was on a date with him and he still wasnt finished eating after 3 egg rolls and several helpings of the same meal. Another reason we chose such a title is for all of those that are HUNGRY to see our pictures and know more what is going on with our life. We are excited to be apart of the blog family (well, I am, Scott says he will not participate, but I am sure that he will a after a little coaxing).

As soon as I get some pictures loaded up, I will post away!