Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was so much fun! My brother's in law's own a house in St George and they were so kind to let my family spend the weekend there. The house was beautiful and cozy. I could live there. Anyway, my parents and Chad flew out, Julie, Brian and Anna drove from Arizona, and Scott and me, Steve, Lisa and kids and John drove from the Valley. We missed Jeff and his family, but hopefully next time. We pretty much did a little bit of everything. We relaxed, had Wii Competitions (thanks to Julie and Brian), we ate great food (thanks parents), went to a movie, and played with the kids. I couldnt get enough of my niece and nephews. They were hilarious. Scott became Eastons favorite the last night because he was playing spiderman with him and chasing him all around the house. The day we were leaving, Easton came up to Scott and looking up with his puppy dog brown eyes, asked Scott if he would play spiderman again. It was so cute. We had an awesome weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad, and the Kandalls for everything!!
Anna, cute as can be. She is in between Zach and Easton. She and Zach for some reason did not get along very well.

We didnt get too many pictures of John. He pretty much studied all weekend for the DAT and was writing his Personal Statement.

Just relaxing. The couches were AMAZING

This was a super cool park that we went to. There was supposed to be a farmers market, but apparently it was canceled that day. Instead, we watched my dad play in the water with Anna and Easton. It was pretty funny to see my dad get right there in the water with them. I thought about it, but remembered very quickly that my clothes we be wet and I hate being cold.

Easton going crazy in the water. He was pretty much laying down in it by the end of the little romp in the water.

SO CUTE. These two were best friends. I think they even turned into kissing cousins....Uh Oh!!

I think I know what Scott was thinkin in this picture..."Come on...can you just leave the camera home for one day?" I pretty much bring it wherever we go.

The Girls. We should have reminded Juls to put her sunglasses on!

What makes me love this picture the most is Brian is being totally normal, but then you look at Chad and Scott and both of them are being "silly" (I probably said that word 100 times over the weekend)

BOXING COMPETITION on the Wii. Julie made a fun bracket and we had a nice challenging competition. I am proud to say that My sister-in-law, Lisa kicked Steve's trash. She was quite feisty. Both Lisa and I were sore the next day. We worked it pretty hard.

Mom and Dad. I think that my mom beat my dad. I could be wrong though.

Me working hard to try and beat Chad. He is an ANIMAL with boxing. He could go turbo speed and pretty much all I could do was dodge him. I think I lasted two rounds with him.

Now Scott is one of the most athletic people that I know. But I am proud to say that I beat him BOTH times we played each other. GO ME...Woot Woot

The Champion. My brother in law, Brian. But, he DOES own it and DOES play a lot. :)

Easton and Anna playing against each other. At one point, Easton got pretty upset when he lost to his Dad. So, we made sure that he won a round. He was proud of himself.

Family picture at the St George Temple. It was gorgeous! I love that temple.

Im really not pullin away from the kiss...although it may look like it.
The weekend was amazing...We Had a great time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

And the Winner Is...


I felt like Scott and I were back and forth between California and Florida forever. In actuality, it was only just over two weeks. We left for Hawaii certain that we would be going to Temple University in PA, but then on our last day in Hawaii, Scott got a message from Stetson University School of Law, offering him a full tuition scholarship. That is a pretty big deal. THEN, we heard back from McGeorge (they are in Cali) and they were offering us almost a 1/2 scholarship. There were a lot of things pulling me to Cali, mainly family. So, the decision was hard for me. But after going back and forth for a couple, of weeks, weighing out our options, praying and fasting about it, we finally made the decision that Florida was the best choice for us. And We still feel good about it. I was VERY excited about the chance to live by both of our families, and was already picturing family BBQ's, swim parties, hanging out in Benicia and getting to know my in-laws better and become the favorite aunt of Jenny and Doug's kids (I probably already am!! :) ). I pictured us going to San Fran and seeing the sights, but when it came down to it, Florida felt right. It is going to be a great adventure. We have a lot of things to plan in the next couple of months. We should be leaving at the end of July or maybe earlier...depending on when and if I can get a good job. Anyway, we are both really excited and I am so proud of Scott and his

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun With Follicles

So, Scott felt left out that I got a new hairstyle and he didn't get one. So, we decided to play hair Salon. I just bought a brand new straightner so I decided to give him a new look. What do ya thing? Pretty stylin huh? It is almost scary how similar our hair styles look!

This one will go in his portfolio

Separated at birth??

White trash...

Ok so really...we do have lives and we do spend our time wisely. BUT, tonight was a non-thinking night. I didnt want to study for a certification test that I need to take for Human Resources and since I didnt want to study, we played instead. So, just in case any of you were worried...we do have lives. Thanks for reading!!!

The New Look!!

So, I have been playing around with the idea of cutting my hair for some time now. I loved having long hair! It was just so fun...but...having long hair in the hot months is terrible! Your neck is always sweaty, my curls were constantly attracting static (which drove me nuts), and I couldn't just jump up in the morning and go! I talked to Scott about it a lot and even asked him if he would still love me with short hair. He would hesitate before answering and say, "Yes...but I really like your long hair." For those that know me really well, once I make my mind up, I go for it 100% and will think about it constantly until it happens. So, Monday comes and I am so excited all day for the new do. I wasnt going to tell anyone, but I started getting excited and just couldnt hold it in. I went to my friend's Hair Dresser and she was awesome! I decided that I was going to donate my hair to Locks of Love (and no...that isnt the reason I cut my hair, I wish it was so I would feel like a giving person) so she put my hair in a pony tail and chop, chop, chop! My head automatically felt 10 pounds lighter (I exaggerate) and I pretty much looked like a little school girl with my curls bouncing everywhere. So, I love my new style. And yes, the curls will still be in my life (for those that were wondering), I just happend to keep it straight for today!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maui...Enjoy the Pictures!!

So, I know there are so many pictures and I dont really know how to do the slideshows so I have spent an hour posting (I am being rude too...I am at my friends house doing it). Anyway, our trip was awesome. I saw some of the most beautiful sights ever. Scott and I had one adventure after another. We are so grateful to my parents for giving up their timeshare points and frequent flier miles to send us on this trip!!

Our first night in Hawaii. We stayed in Kihei the first two nights that we were there. We went for a walk on the beach after we got some food, our rental car and checked in at the hotel.

Our snorkel trip to a little island called Molekini. The sad thing was is there was so much wind that we couldnt get too close to the rocks or we could get crushed!! So, we still saw fish but not as many as we could have and we couldnt go to Turtle Town to see the turtles cause it would have been too cloudy! I also got sick on the way out there. I went a little crazy on the breakfast they provided for us and it caught up with me when we were close to the island. A little girl threw up and she walked passed me with throw up in her hair. I almost lost it then!

This little beach was amazing. Its called the Secret Cove. There was a couple that got married while we were there and at one point while they were taking pictures, the water came up so far so fast, they had to jump on the rocks and grab their wedding cake (I saw her underwear!!) There were these little crabs that kept poking their heads out of the sand. We were very enthralled with them and spent way to much time watching them fight!

On our little adventure this day we went to La Peruse Bay. It was so much fun, BUT the waves were HUGE! We were searching for the "best" snorkeling areas, and even had our XanGo snorkle set. Since the waves were too massive, and the rocks too sharp, we decided not to risk our lives to see pretty fish. We did get BURNED because we were hiking (for five hours) out in the hot sun.

Remember how I mentioned that we got burned. I bet you can imagine what Scotts tanline looked like. What he is walking in is Lava Rocks. We hiked a total of about 5 miles in that stuff. We were happy when we made it to our car.

Behind us you will notice a water shooting up. That is a super cool blow hole that shoots water up to 50 ft or so. It reminded me of Old Faithful. If you got close enough, the water could really get ya.

Just below this point there were these awesome Olivine Pools that we went swimming in. It was awesome cause we had water shooting around everywhere and were just sitting in rocks with calm, somewhat cold, water. I made Scott jump in first. I debated after he did, cause the rocks were slimey.

We won (only one) ticket to this cool, somewhat cheesy,magic show. Scott does a good job impersonating the magician. Scott got called up on the stage to help tie the assistant (magicians freaky looking wife) up. I think that Scott was checking her out!!

How crazy are we? We got up at 3:00AM to go watch the sunrise at the Haleakala Crater. It was really pretty but really cold.

Our Luau.

Our long road trip to Hana. It took us a total of 12 hours. It was a one time drive, but very worth it. Our last stop was the Seven Sacred Pools. We went swimming a little but it started raining and the water wasnt super warm. I am a wimp and got out. I didnt cliff jump either. I am gettin soft.

On the way back from Hana. We were wiped out.

Our hotel in Lahina. Thank Mom and Dad

Our last day! We enjoyed Bubba Gumps which was right on the water. There were little crabs right outside our window.

This was hilarious! Scott wanted a picture in the awesome looking creek. When he got where he wanted he was attacked by a swarm of Mosquitoes