Monday, February 23, 2009

Cat is Out of the Bag

Well, it's not like this is a HUGE secret anymore cause as most of you know, I can't keep an exciting secret to save my life! I was going to wait a couple of more weeks, but as you can see, that didn't happen! In September, there will be a new addition to the Scott Foley Family! We are super excited. This whole first trimester I have been thinking of creative ways to announce to my blogging world that I was prego, and after sifting through many fun ideas, I settled. That's right, settled into announcing it with a boring post! OH WELL! We are excited and every time I feel sick or have no energy, I have a fun reminder of why I feel like crud! It's still weird and hard to believe sometimes, but after seeing the heartbeat and a picture of our little embryo (almost fetus), it became more real! So, the Cat is OFFICIALLY out of the bag now. I am free to say to whomever I want that I am pregnant! WOW...that still sounds weird....even in writing!! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nothing Like Spending Time With Family

We have had an awesome weekend! Scott's oldest brother Mark and his family (Stacy, Kate and Maxim) came out to Florida for a visit/vacation. They have a week to spend at Disney World but were so kind to come early and come to our place. So Thursday night the Foley's arrive and we had a great time! I had never met Mark and Stacy (and kids) before. They live in Pennsylvania and when Scott and I were getting married, they couldn't make the wedding because Stacy's father was really sick and passed away about a week after we got married. But Stacy and I were talking that we would not have had the time to spend quality time with each other at mine and Scott's wedding, so this was even better!! :) Thanks again guys for the awesome weekend. We loved it! This first picture is Maxim and Kate. They were watching Never Ending Story (can you say the name of that movie without getting the song in your head? Yeah, me neither) while the adults were watching The Office and playing games.

It's very important for Scott and I to teach the game of Farkle to friends/family that come to visit. It's just who we are.

Scott and I let Mark and Stacy have our bed so we could have a sleepover with the kids. Maxim was sooo excited to sleep in the sleeping bag (it was his first time). We let Kate have it the second night and at 5AM Maxim busts through his parents door and told them that Kate had stolen his bed. He had forgotten that they switched.

Here is sweet Kate. She is all smiles!

She wrote this awesome book and Uncle Scott and I read it to her and Maxim (I slept on the big couch the first night and Scott started on the short couch and ended up on the floor..heheh)

Scott took School off Friday and I took off work (hallelujah) so since we had stayed up until 2AM Thursday, we had a lazy Friday morning. We made pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. SO good...mmmm. Can't go wrong with a HUGE breakfast.

Scott took us on a tour of Stetson. It was really fun for us to see what his everyday life is like. He took us in the courtroom where he has some of his classes. Of course you can't come to Florida and not go to the beach! And of course, the weather just had to be cold! Well, cold for Florida. After we spent the early afternoon at Stetson we headed to Sarasota (Siesta Keys Beach)
I think it was Kate that found the Jellyfish! Those things scare me. It was freezing at the beach and of course, the kids run in the water with all of their clothes on. I remember my parents taking us to San Francisco as a kid, and we would BEG my dad to take us to the beach. Without fail everytime, we would all end up in the water, then our wet clothes would pick up tons of sand. We would be so upset when my mom had to brush us down before we got in the car. It always hurt so badly. But Kate and Maxim were troopers. They took the discomfort with pride! We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back to get them some pants to change in to.
Notice the shorts??? Yeah..big mistake. We were freezing. We ALMOST didn't bring a jacket.

The kids were pretty happy and content even though they were wet, covered in sand, and the wind was blowing! They are HILLARIOUS. I was laughing so much this weekend.

When we got from our beach excursion, Scott was just laying on the couch. Kate came up to him and told him she wanted to snuggle with him. Well, all of us joined him. I was quite comfortable.

Mine and Scott's original plan was to just spend Friday with Stacy and Mark fam, but after having such good times and everything, we decided to fork up some money and spend the day with them at Magic Kingdom. We had a blast. Were worn out by the end of the day, but hadit was worth it. This first picture is of the parade that went by.

I felt like a kid again! This really is the happiest place on earth :)

Scott and I (well, he hasn't said this, Im just assuminghe at least "thought" it) felt spoiled that the little kids wanted to sit next to us on the rides. I loved it when they would just grab our hands when we were walking from ride to ride. Im not gonna stomach just can't handle crazy movments. I felt a little sick during my drive with Maxim. At one point I told him his parents were behind us, and when he turned his head to look at them, he sharply turned the wheel...YIKES

Mark and Stacy

Kate and Scott
Maxim was a freeloader. :) He was happy to have a back to rest his head on. It was so cute. When we were in line for the Haunted Mansion, I was playing around and told him that I was scared and I might need him to hold my hand. At first he told me that he wouldn't but at one point just rolled his eyes and said, "fine." It was kinda funny...both he and Kate got pretty scared on that one.

For Anna!! Mini's house. Her mailbox

Why walk to the next ride when you can take a train?

Hahah...I love this picture because just before I took it (Pirates of the Carabbean) there was a drop and everything was pitch black. Maxim got freaked out and started coughing. I asked him if he was ok and he said, "I almost threw up because that scared me like the other ride (A little roller coaster they had gone on)." He made us PROMISE that there were not other drops like the one before.
I don't know where it came from or why it is apart of me, but I have this obsession with rear ends. Hahah..This poor kid. I was thinkin about it, and I always laugh when I see a butt. I don't think Stacy knew that she was followin this rear and at one point her face was right next to it (I think that is when she realized). Another funny moment was when we were walking to the fireworks show, this guy decides to bend down RIGHT in front of us (ok, he was to the side a little). Stacy and I were having a somewhat serious conversation and of course I fully interupt her to point her to the FULLY exposed boxers ( I physically moved her toward the direction of the boxers). I thought it was pretty funny. I don't really make fun of people per se, cause I think that is messed up, just exposed glutes!

The firework show

OK...I was hammin up this picture a little, along with Scott, but Maxim is 100% real. I didn't get a picture of Kate, cause she was right in front of me. BUT, I do have a funny story about her. Scott, Mark, Kate and I decided to ride Splash Mountain. Well, all of us, besides Kate, had been on it before and all of us forgot about a pretty big drop before the BIG drop. It freaked me out, Scott and Mark weren't prepared for it, and Kate loved every minute of it. She was so brave!! I know that at her age, I would have NEVER gone on a "Scary" ride.

The firework show. We had an awesome time with the Mark Foley Fam. This is a long post, but oh well. I didn't want to leave anything out. I felt sad when we were leaving, because it's not very often that we get to see family. It was SOOO cute. The fam was walking us to our car, and little Maxim is holding Scott's hand. I heard Maxim say somethin, but wasn't quite sure what he said, and so I asked him, "What?" He said to Scott again, "I'll call you when I get home." and then he looked at me and said it again. What a tender moment! And Kate was just a sweet heart. Thanks again guys! We will come to PA next!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Im a Jerkface

So, nobody likes to be awaken by a blasting radio at 7:15 in the morning do they? Yeah, I do not either. Sound travels from the parking lot RIGHT into our bedroom. I knew exactly who the culprit was when my sleep was unwelcomly disturbed this beautiful Sunday morning...the neighbor in the maroon chevy mini van. How did I know this? Well, it happened a few months ago, on a Sunday morning. There was the most disturbing heavy metal BLASTING while I was trying to get ready for church and Scott was studying. After trying to stomach that annoyingly loud music, I ran out to his car, (no make-up, Sunday dress, barefoot) to ask him , POLITELY, to turn his music down. I was a little nervous doing this because we don't live in the most awesome neighborhood that people bring cookies to each other when you move in. I knocked on his window a couple of times (he was in there passed out) and kept saying, :Sir, sir? Excuse me Sir?" When he finally was coherent I asked him to turn his music down and he drunkenly/highly said, "Oh, is it too loud or somethin?" "Yes," I said with a smile. So that was that. He turned it down, and we have had peace...until this morning.

This time I was not in my church dress, I was in my PJ's (and for those girls that were wondering, yes, I put a bra on :) ), but this time I put flip flops on. I went to the same guy's car, where he was once again passed out and knocked on the hood and said that same thing as last time. Only, this time, no response, not a BUDGE. I went back to my apartment feeling defeated...But I had a plan. I would leave a nice note on his car. So, I came in all riled up (as what Scott likes to say when I get mad), and wrote a letter which stated, "Sir, it is very inconsiderate to have your music blasting early on a Sunday morning. This is the second time you have done this. Next time, I promise, I will call the cops." I LIED. I called the cops just after taping the note to his car!! I mean, come on, his radio had been really loud for almost an hour. Who likes to listen to talk radio from outside for that long? Yeah, me neither. So, I made the call. I was a little scared when I did it, but this guy was ticking me off. PLUS, Scott said that he had just read a case about a guy getting charged with a DUI who was passed out in his car, so I thought this was legit. AND Scott put the idea in my head and anybody that knows me, knows that when I get something in my head that makes sense and I think needs to happen, I will do it without a second thought. Maybe that is good intuition...or maybe just a little of my un-diagnosed ADHD kicking in.

The lady on the phone asked me if I wanted to talk with the police when they got here. I declined...I didn't want the neighbor seeing who his new enemy was and then coming after me (he is kind of a big scary dude). Within 5 minutes, a fire and rescue truck was in the parking lot, plus two police cars, and a paramedic (for those of you who are wondering, I DID NOT call 911, just the local police station). Maybe because I said the guy was passed out in his car, they brought extra back up if he needed to go to the hospital.

So, like anyone else would do, I peeked through the blinds when these guys arrived. I then felt a little embarrassed cause I saw some of them laughing and stuff. I even saw them reading my little note I had taped to his car...I wonder if they thought it was cruel that I lied as well, not giving the poor guy a third chance. BUT, when I heard the officer tell the drunken lad that he could arrest him for a DUI (I told you that sound carries into our apartment from the parking lot), I felt that I had done a good thing. CAUSE if this guy was driving home drunk, which I am sure he did, I mean c'mon, his seat belt was still on for crying out loud, then hopefully I made him realize he is an idiot and shouldnt do that again.

Scott said it hopefully it was a win win situation for both parties. 1. We probably will not be woken up early on a Sunday morning anymore and 2. The big guy did not get arrested and hopefully learned his lesson (I doubt it though). I just hope he doesnt come after me. He kind of seems the type.

Just don't get a Foley (Lovell) girl riled up. We mean business when we get mad. So, am I a jerkface? Would you have done the same thing or suffer through it (Now remember, this had happened more than once)?

I am curious to know (assuming that you finished reading this obnoxiously long post).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Little Shout Out to Scott

Sorry for the Foley's who have to read this twice. I am so proud of Scott, he just informed me, via text message (he forgot to tell me at home) that he is in the top 1/3rd of his class. I am so proud of him. He has been working so hard. Now we just need to land a sweet job for the summer!! I love you Scott!