Monday, October 7, 2013

Ivy Girl is Two!
Words can't express how much we love this little girl. She is a handful, she gets into everything, but she is hilarious and loving (when she wants to be). 
Our birthdays are a day apart so I am learning that it may get tricky celebrating. In fact, it will always be tricky with the four of us with Ada being in September and the rest of us in October. Oh, and mine and Ivy's birthday is pretty much always conference weekend. Anyway, we decided to spend the weekend in the Bay Area with my sisters family. It was so much fun and very much needed. Since the focus is on Ivy, I will save my birthday post for another day. Funny stuff.
This first picture has nothing to do with Ivy's birthday, I just want all of the family and friends that haven't met her  to get a glimpse of her personality. She is just silly.

 Ada and Ivy love their nightgowns and Ivy talks about her nightgown all of the time. She will take her diaper off if she doesn't have pajama bottoms or a onesie on. 
 So, birthday weekend, like I mentioned, we headed up to my sisters. Ivy talked about Luke and Anna's the whole way up and cried when we had to turn back early into our trip because Scott forgot my present.
 At Luke's soccer practice. She loved chasing all of the balls
 Getting dirty, as usual
 Birthday Morning. Ivy wasn't as excited about her birthday decorations as Ada, but she still hammed things up a bit. This is her "cheese" face.
 Perfect reaction when we started singing happy birthday to Ivy. 
 Ada has a scooter that Ivy loves to ride (and is pretty dang good, I might add). Anyway, we decided to get her one for her birthday too and she loves it. 
 One of Ivy's favorite past times, jumping on the tramp
 Catching a ride with the cousins and the neighbor girls

We only caught a minute of her singing, but it is so cute when Ivy sings, "Happy Birthday." It goes something like, "Happy ba-ba-birthday."
So, some fun(ny) things about Ivy Girl:
*She makes the funniest faces. She knows how to stare a person down, then will follow her stare down with a cheesy grin
*She has a fake cry and will pretend that she is hurt too if Ada gets hurt
*She runs outside everyday when Scott leaves for work and gives him a big kiss followed by a really loud, "BYE DADDY!"
*She climbs onto everything (that isn't always funny). What's funny about it is she knows she isn't supposed to do it so she will put her head down and have this sly smile as she slowly climbs
*Ivy gets up pretty early (usually 6 or 6:15) and so we almost always bring her to bed with us and give her a sippy cup with juice. After that, I get Scott and I some breakfast and almost always she is a crab bucket and demands that I hold her, which I usually don't. She will hang on me, wrap her arms around my leg, follow me like a shadow, etc. After all of this I threaten to put her back in her crib in which she immediately replies (sometimes with tears), "I Happy Mommy."
*Whoever she is talking to, she usually will start and end with their name. For example, " Mommy, you have a owie, Mama?" 
*When she wants to show us something she squints her eyes says, "Wook, Mommy (or Ada, Daddy, etc)."
*When she sees something that looks like a bug she will say, "Stomp, stomp," and smash the life out of it with her foot.
*She is very independent and wants to do everything herself. She will out, "NO I DO!"
* And last thing that I find funny. Whenever I give the girls baths, Ada will ask to sit in the front and as soon as she asks, Ivy will yell out, "NO, I SIT IN BACK!" She doesn't really understand that she has it wrong but it is hilarious. She will usually scowl when she yells it. 
Happy Birthday to our sweet and naughty girl. She isn't a baby anymore, but I still call her my baby.