Thursday, November 17, 2011

And the Humor Continues in the Early AM

This morning at around 5:45 as I was feeding Ivy (or just before), I lifted something off of the ground and a huge spider scurried across the floor! No, I didn't scream but came pretty close. You see, just last night, we were visiting in the Living Room and there was a huge spider on the wall. My brother tried to kill it and thought it was in his tissue, but discovered that it was not! A few minutes later, Scott felt a little tickle on his leg, lifted the pant leg, and there was the spider! He kicked his leg...towards me I might add, and I did the spider dance.

Okay, so as you can see, spiders were already on my mind. So, back to this morning, as I watched in horror as the spider sprinted off, I looked for anything to smash it with. I could find nothing since my room was so clean (or I couldn't find anything hard enough to get it with). I was pretty sure it made a home in my sweatshirt that I so lovingly left on the floor and since by then I was already feeding the baby, I decided to wake up Scott. Here is where the humor comes in.

He is just as (or maybe more) afraid of spiders than me. When I told him there was a spider that needed to be killed, he shot up! Now, this guy has nightmares about spiders so you can only imagine his terror when I woke him up from almost a dead sleep (Ivy had just been screaming in his ear minutes before so he was not fully back asleep). Anyway, I told him where I thought it was. He gave my jacket a little shake and nothing. He looked around for it and there was nothing. Since I woke him up 20 minutes before his alarm went off, he climbed back into bed defeated. He checked again when he got up 20 minutes later. It WAS in the track jacket. He gave it a good shake and even though I wasn't watching I could picture his stance as it dropped out of the clothing. Then there was the pouncing, with the shoe. Then when that didn't work, the book light came on for better lighting. So shoe in one hand, light in the other and Scott trying to kill the spider. I was afraid the pounding of the shoe would wake Ada up, but luckily it did not. After several attempts of trying to coax the spider out of the carpet lining, Scott gave up.

Phew...long funny story. Maybe not so much funny as disgusting! The spider has probably burrowed itself in my laundry and I will find it today and say a bad word!

I think I will address Scott as Spiderman

The End

Oh and I corrected a mistake on my previous post. I used the word "Clothes" when what I meant was "Close." Yeah, embarrassing!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothin Like a Little Humor at 5:30AM

So, I feel like Ada has been sick a TON this last year. She usually is so full of energy that it makes me sad to see her moping around. Anyway, these past few days, she has had a nasty chest cold. I feel pain when she coughs that's how bad it sounds. Early this morning just as I was crawling back in bed after putting Ivy back down, I heard Ada's hoarse cry (she sounds like a little man right now). She rarely wakes up during the night so I went in to check on her. She was sitting up and said:

Ada: Mom, I want to lay down

Me: Okay, let me help you

I help her lay down and start to tickle her face

Ada: Mom, close your eyes and go back to bed

Me (holding back a laugh): Okay

Scott went back in 20 min later and she told him to tuck her back in to give her two dolls and to leave the door open a crack (she is big onto trying to get us to keep the door open)

He came back in and a few minutes later she was crying. By this time (30 min had passed by) we decided to bring her in bed with us (which we have never done before). I thought she would like that. I laid her in between us and told her to close her eyes. She just stared at me. I thought this would be a real treat for her, but no. In her cracked voice she said, "Mom, bring me back to my own bed."

Me: Okay

And then I made Scott bring her back.

I thought it was pretty funny (but sad at the same time). I can't wait until she is healthy again!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween was so much fun. My good friend Jenny (she has been in many of my posts since moving to CA), decided to host a little Halloween party, so I helped and the party did not disappoint. She invited 4 couple over (with all the kids). All in all, I believe there were 10 adults and 13 kids (correct me if I am wrong, Jenny).

We had soup and bread bowls, homemade bread, fruit kabobs and some cupcakes (made by yours truly) for dessert. The kids had their own dinner (I mean, what kid really likes soup? Not mine). They got pigs in a blanket and bagel bites. Prettttty healthy.Ada loves going over to Jenny's. She has 4 girls and Ada is best friends with all of them (well, not the baby so much. In fact, the baby is still terrified of me and Ada). Ada enjoyed eating her chocolate cupcake. Actually, she at the candies off of it and licked some of the frosting, then handed it to me (dropped it on my lap while I was picking Ivy up) .

Trick-Or-Treating was too much fun. Imagine the neighbors surprise when they opened their doors to 10+ kids, rather than the 1 or 2 they were expecting. Pretty funny.
I had to get a picture of Jenny's little Pea. Poor Charlotte couldn't crawl when on the ground cause her feet were trapped in her pea costume. It was quite the site.

My little Butterfly and Cupcake.

Ada holding hands with one of Jenny's girls. Poor Lydia wore dress up shoes on the trek and got blisters. By the end of our night, Jenny picked Lydia up while saying. "My kids are never to big to be held." It was funny...guess you had to be there.

Ada was hilarious. At each house she would say "Trick or Treat," then "Thank-you." then as she was jumping off of their porch would yell, "I'm a butterfly, Happy Halloween."

Scott kept Ivy warm

We had such a fun night and have decided (Jenny and I) that next year the adults will dress up too! Thanks Jenny for hosting.

On a side note...Ada has probably had 1 or 2 pieces of her candy from Trunk-or-treating/Trick or treating and I have had about 10. Scott told me I have to pay her every time I take some...