Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Little Two Year Old

I was so excited to have a big party for Ada's second birthday. I knew she wasn't going to remember it, but I felt like I wanted to do something big before baby #2 joined our family. Just something really special for her. As most readers know, Ada is a huge lover and fan of the weirdest, but I daresay one of the coolest kids shows around...Yo Gabba Gabba. Weeks before the party, I kind of got a little craft on and started making stuff (with the help from good friends and family). I even put Scott to work and had him pull out his painting/art skills and make two of the characters. Well, a few days before her birthday, Ada started acting extra tired, and then developed a fever. I was freaking out because we had already made so many plans and I couldn't wait to see Ada's reaction to all of her Yo Gabba decor. I was praying and hoping that by Saturday her fever would go away and there were times I even thought she was on the mend. But by Saturday (her fever started Thurs. morning), she was way worse. And what was even more frustrating is I brought Ada to her new pediatrician (BLAH) Thursday and he checked her ears and said that everything looked fine (Oh I didn't mention she had an ear infection). He told me that she should be good to go by Saturday. Well, after a trip to the ER Saturday morning (I was freaking out that she had another bladder infection), the ER Doc confirmed that it was an ear infection. I was a mess at the hospital. I blame it on the pregnancy. Toward the end of our visit, I sent a text to all of the friends we had invited, cancelling the party. We decided to still have family come since I really wanted to see everyone before I had the baby.

This is what our little girl looked like shortly before her party. She loved her Foofa shirt. I honestly think the party, even though she was shaky and weak, made her feel a little better. My sister made home made playdough and the kids loved it. Ada is still playing with it everyday. Thanks sis!

One of Scott's art projects. We had a bean bag toss. For those familiar with the show, we had a "Party in my tummy" bean bag toss. I had a lot of fun making little food bean bags and the kids had a blast trying to feed Brobee.

Scott taking a turn at the toss and sporting his sweet Muno shirt that I made.

Pinning the eyeball on Muno

After my cousins daughter hit the target with the eyeball she proceeded to tell me that she could see the whole time!

I was very happy to see Ada eating a bit of food

It was so hard to see such a solemn face when she is usually all smiles and giggles. She loved her presents though

Remember being a little kid and totally crowding around the kid opening presents? These girls were cracking me up

Hate this picture of me, but I had to get a picture with our Yo Gabba shirts. Ada was so excited when we put them on and kept talking about them.

Thanks everyone that helped and to all the friends that I cancelled on....SORRY!

Some funny Adaisms right now are:

1. She will yell, "That's naughty!" Or, "That's enough right now!"

2. She tells me that she wants to poop in the potty, but when she sits down on the toilet, she just sits and plays then says, "All done," when nothing had been done.

3. After eating breakfast she will hold up two fingers to her face and say,"One Episode." Meaning Yo Gabba

4. When she runs she twists her hips

5. If she gets hurt she says, "Mom kiss it feel better" directly after the kiss she says, "That feels better."

6. When she is tired she asks for me to read a book (but will say "no" to a nap)

7. She loves jumping on the trampoline and doing bum jumps

8. Ada teases her Grandma by calling her "Cynthia" then will run away and say, "Don't chase me"

9. I don't know if I love this one, but she will tell me to "Stop it," or "Don't touch me." No, I don't love that one, just funny sometimes

10. She is counting to ten (with the numbers all mixed up) and is starting to remember her colors.

11. Ada loves to sing and remembers different parts of the songs. The other day she was saying, "At home, at home, at play" I couldn't figure out what it was, but then realized it was, "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam." She has been learning it in Nursery. We sing songs to her so I tested her with other one's and she knows a lot of the phrases. It is adorable.

12. Ada is starting to say, "No" a lot but in a whiny voice. Don't love that one either.

There are a ton more, but these are some fun one's that I can remember. Happy Birthday to my sweet 2 year old!

Friday, September 2, 2011

35 Weeks and Some Change...

When I say, "35 weeks and some change," I mean that I am over 35 weeks. Closer to 36 weeks, actually...but who is counting, right?

I actually got all dolled up today and had one of my besties take some maternity pictures for me. We had fun joking around and I enjoyed pretending that I was a supermodel posing for pictures with my big belly. Anyway, my photo shoot is not the reason behind this post (I might just post some of those pictures depending whether or not I look completely ridiculous). I have a good friend back in Florida that started a photography business right around the time that I was going to be having Ada. She was appalled that I hadn't even considered taking maternity pictures with my prego self and practically forced me to take some (Link Here)...Thanks Tiffany. She even took things to the next level and came to the hospital shortly after Ada was born and took newborn shots. With that said, I feel like she has set a precedent for me. I LOVE having pictures of me just before I had Ada and just moments after she was born. I remember how I felt, how nervous and unsure I was, her movements, her first cries, how TIRED I was. I feel like the pictures I have are priceless and I need them for baby girl #2. I have just been feeling a little bad because I look back on my blog and had basically blogged about every new milestone (during my pregnancy), every movement, every feeling I was having (well probably not every feeling I was having...cause then everyone would think that I was nuts. Ha). So, I thought I should post a few thoughts while I have some time, that way when baby girl #2 reads the blog...she won't feel left out.

First of all, I have had an awesome pregnancy. I really have. I feel like this one has been even smoother than the first because I am much more calm. I have an idea what to expect (and yes, I know that all pregnancies and babies are different) and am not freaking out about every little possible thing that could go wrong, although I still get a little nervous sometimes.

I was a little bit sick during the first trimester, but I think chasing after two toddlers helped me to forget about the nausea. I do remember both kids getting bad colds one week and both kids had really gross noses. Whenever there was too much snot, I felt the gag reflex kicking in and could hardly wipe their noses and I did throw up once...but I blame that on a mixture of pregnancy and car sickness. Once second trimester began, I swear it was like night and day. I had energy again, I played more with the kiddos and was more motivated to go on outings. Second trimester FLEW by. Scott graduated from Law School, parents came out for vacations/graduation, and we moved across country back to California. Life was crazy as soon as we moved out and I was fortunate enough to spend most of my summer with family and close friends.

Third trimester just snuck up on me and I do admit, that I felt like as soon as third trimester hit, my hormones skyrocketed and I turned into a "B" for awhile. Excuse my language. But really, I feel like out of nowhere, my patients just disappeared. Just like I had a surge of energy kick in just as second tri hit, I almost felt the hormones elevate again the first day of third trimester, not to mention the extreme exhaustion again. BUT, again, I am not complaining, because this pregnancy has been awesome. The only complaints that are even worthy of mentioning are my varicose nasty veins and my sleep deprivation this third trimester.

The varicose veins made their presence back at the end of first trimester I think, and are still a big part of my thigh. Swim shorts have been worn almost every time in the pool to hide those scary creatures.

Sleeping has been interesting these last few weeks. The baby def has her favorite positions, which are not mine. If I lay a certain way, she kicks like crazy, but If I stay in a position for too long, I wake up stiff and sweaty, so it's kind of a no-win situation. I also wake up to use the restroom and once I wake up, I have a really hard time falling back asleep. One night it was a 3 hour long cramp in my side, another was fear that someone was breaking in and on most nights it is nothing in particular except for a song getting stuck in my head and I go crazy trying to get the song out.

So basically, I am just waiting now. I have about 4 1/2 weeks to go (assuming baby comes on time) and I am getting so excited for this next step in life. I am excited for Ada to have a baby sister (and of course, nervous for the adjustment of it all) and I am excited to hold and cuddle my new baby. As hard as new babies are, nothing beats one on one time late night feedings and seeing those first smiles. I do enjoy the late night feedings, surprisingly. They are just so peaceful to me (until the next morning hits and you are exhausted!). I can't wait to see if there are any similarities between the two girls and how they will interact. We do have a few names in mind (with one taking the lead). It really isn't a secret, but at the same time since it isn't set in stone, I will just wait for people to ask what the name is, rather than posting it on the blog. Well, this has turned into quite the lengthy post, but I just wanted to journal my excitement and feelings for this new baby. It will be a new adventure well worth the wait.

Oh, and for some reason I can't post a picture, but that is okay because I just looked through all of them and I don't really have a good recent one. Pictures will just have to wait.