Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mole (Mexican Enchillada Sauce)

These past few months had been going fairly smoothly. Scott was interning (working for free) at the Attorney Generals Office. Multiple times his supervisor told him how good his writing skills were and even took him out to lunch to go over his resume. Things got even more exciting when there were TWO job openings in his very department, exactly where he wanted to work. He applied for the job, got an interview.  His supervisor even went another step forward and gave him interviewing tips. We were pretty hopeful. Until yesterday. The panel all met one more time at around 11:00 and by 2:30 Scott still hadn't heard anything (he had a second interview). That wasn't a good sign. At 3:30, the decision maker (A.K.A. JerkFace) called him his office and in as little words as possible told him he didn't get the job, the two they selected were better than him and he can no longer volunteer. Sorry.

I can't tell you how crushed I was when Scott came home yesterday and broke the news to me. I was an anxious mess all day yesterday waiting to hear any news. What was the hardest thing for me in this whole situation was knowing how hard Scott had worked, how deserving he was of this job and it didn't happen. I know many are thinking, "Yeah, it's a job, get over it." I agree, it is a job. But this is the job he wanted, that he worked his butt off to try and get. So yesterday there were a lot of tears, from me. Scott was a lot stronger than me. I want any readers to know that I am only venting and I know things will eventually be okay.

Rewind to about three years ago. A good friend from the ward invited two of us couples from the ward to her house for dinner. She was from Mexico and was so excited to make us some enchiladas made with Mole Sauce. As soon as she mentioned that chocolate was the base of this goo, all of our eyes popped out just a little. I am always open to trying new things. I was newly pregnant with Ada and realized a couple of bites in that it wasn't going to happen. The slimy, thick mess was not going down very well. Scott and Steven who are usually big eaters, were eating slowly, mixing big spoonfuls of rice with small portions of the enchiladas, and spreading the meal around on their plate to make it look like they were eating more than they were. Scott who rarely passes up seconds, when asked if he wanted more, told our sweet host that he was trying to limit his food intake and Steven, who likes food too, told her he was so full. As soon as we left, I called my friend and asked her what they thought of the meal. Before I even could finish the question, they both started laughing so hard saying how gross it was. We had a good chuckle about it, and pretty much every time we saw them after. When Scott graduated, our friend (who is also a lawyer), gave Scott a little congrats/going away gift. We laughed so hard when we opened the present and found a bottle of Mole Sauce. The card wrote something like this: Scott, Congrats on graduating. Just remember these next months, when you are studying for the Bar and looking for a job that nothing is worse than Mole!"

Well, that Mole Sauce has been sitting on our dresser since May and will continue to sit on our dresser until Scott gets a job and then it will move to his desk at work. Believe it or not, that jar of Mole, nasty Mole, has brought a smile on my face more than once.

So Scott, I know you will eventually read this. This next job is yours! You are amazing and I love you to pieces. You are an awesome father, husband and worker. You deserve the best. Just remember these next days, weeks and maybe even months, that while going through the gruelling task of job searches, interviews and no income...that NOTHING IS WORSE THAN MOLE!


If my dear friend that made us the Mole actually reads this blog, know that I love you and all of your other meals you prepared for us...just not Mole.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Everyday Life

 We live a pretty normal life. Some days go by really fast filled with lots and lots of fun activities, where others drag on and I struggle to keep this little (big) rugratt entertained. We started a Joy School that Ada goes to once a week. We love it and we even are trying to incorporate field trips too. The first one was a great idea but a little too advanced for our two year olds. We took them to a place called Safetyville (it is like a mini Sacramento), all of the buildings are kid size, and they go on a tour learning about safety in the streets. If our tour guide knew how to interact with 2 year olds, it would have been great.
 This was probably a day where I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with Ada. She is really loving her stuffed animals these days.
 And then there is my precious Ivy. She is a sweetheart all around. At 4 months she weighs over 15 lbs (84th % ) and I can't remember her height but know she is in the 97th percentile. She is happy, happy, happy. She started rolling from her stomach to back last week and is cutting her first tooth. Um...a tooth at 4 months is not okay. I am already hurting thinking of that first clamp down while nursing. She is giggling, cooing and squealing and loves her big sister. Now I need to decide when to let her cry it out at night because it is really getting hard waking up 2-3 times per night.
 Ada's best friend. I have never seen two girls giggle as much as these two. What one does, the other follows.
 Ada was showing me how she gets stuck in her tent and was helping me get stuck too
 Ivy with Uncle Chad. He loves to hold her and make her happy
 We make em big!
 Our little basketball player
 Joy school learning about the letter "D." Ada doesn't love the learning part. She loves the snacks and toys
 Ivy girl visiting her cousins in Sunnyvale
"What's on my face?" is a phrase that Ada and I laugh about almost everyday. This particular day I gave her some chocolate chips and the chocolate in the teeth makes me smile.

Ada is talking up a storm these days. She loves the bad guys from Tangled and asks me everyday if I like the bad guys. I usually say no and she replies, "But Mama, the bad guys are nice, they like to hug and kiss you." Hmmm...what bad guys is she talking about??!

She has been really working hard at putting sentences together and a lot of times the words are out of place...which I LOVE.

When she is playing with other kids and they have something she wants she says (or yells), "Go find your mommy!" Or she starts counting, "1, 2,3..."

We stopped potty training because there were too many accidents and fights. She is back in the diaper but we still try to get her to do her duty in the toilet (#2). Anyway, when she decides to go in her diaper she will usually tell me that she has to poop in the potty but when I check, it is in her diaper. She then will ask," Mom, are you happy!?" One day I replied, "Not really," and she said, "Come here mom and I will give you a kiss and a hug to make you happy."

Lately she gets really mad if Scott and I are having a conversation. She will start yelling and tonight she was yelling, "Quiet guys, you need to whisper, Ivy is sleeping!"

There is so much more but I can't think of anything else at the moment. We really do have special girls and even though most days are filled with different challenges, we feel lucky to have such a great family.