Sunday, February 21, 2010

Precious Moments

We have so much fun with Ada in the morning. She is usually in a very playful mood. I always try and stay in bed a few minutes longer but she won't let me fall back asleep. She wants attention!
Ada still likes her rice cereal (but only if she has had a little B milk first).

She is a blinker! Whenever there is an opportune time to capture a great photo..she ends up blinking! Oh well...she is still cute.

So this isn't the prettiest of pictures ever but if you look closely you will notice two purple marks on my cheek. Let me explain.
Friday night after dinner, after putting Ada down, Scott was working on some homework. He came out to talk to me and told me that I had make up smudged on my face (It was a lot darker the day before). I rubbed it, and rubbed it and he laughed cause it wasn't coming off. I was getting frustrated cause it was supposedly still on my face so I went to the bathroom mirror to check things out. I tried rubbing the "make up" and nothing would change (except the skin color on my face from all of the rubbing).
It hit me! I knew what it was. I was putting Ada to bed. I always nurse her followed by a good burping session (don't want to put her down with bubbles in her tummy). She HATES getting burped and was already half asleep when I put her over my shoulder. Ada flung her head around and started sucking on my cheek. I thought it was funny so I let her (plus it quited her down while I got the bubbles out). So, there you have it. My daughter gave me a hickey on my cheek!

Here is a short clip of Ada attacking me (I may or may not have been tickeling her a little, though!).

Dancing Queen

So I work with the Young Women in church and last night I had the wonderful opportunity of chaperoning a dance. Now those of you who know me, know that I love a good dance. I have not been to one in YEARS (youth dance that is). I was not the best of chaperone's cause I spent a lot of time dancing with my girls. Gabi (in the middle) is one of my girls. She is 15 and TALLER than me. She is awesome.
This was a regional dance and it was about an hour away! Sheesh. Here are some of the youth from our ward.

They had the guys on one side of the dance floor and girls on the other. They then played the song, "Hey Baby...I wanna know...would you be my...girl/guy." When it was they guys turn, they would scream their part as loud as they could while walking towards the girls and vice versa. It was so cute and funny and took just about everything out of me not to jump in with the girls.

My good friend Jackie (in the red) and her sister in law (I can't remember her name!) are YW leaders in a different ward. We had a good time dancing!! Jackie got asked to dance by one of the youth. He realized his mistake after the words escaped his mouth. He was a little embarrassed and so was she!

My little Karen. We were dancing to Thriller and I was getting a little crazy! Scott said that we look alike?

I had such a fun night. I probably danced a little TOO much but it felt so good. I may be an ole Momma now, but I still got moves! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank You

I just want to thank all of those that placed Mary Kay orders. Because of your help, we were able to donate over $100 for the Haiti Relief Effort!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special Request

SO Mamma Lovell tells me everyday that she needs to see more pictures of Ada. Since Uncle Sam has afforded us a new laptop :), I now have no excuses not to stay up-to-date with my posts.
Ada is growing so fast. We were just looking at pictures from last post and she has changed so much. Her hair is falling out in some places and growing really long in others. It is kind of funny. I especially love her bald spot on the back of her head.
For Valentines Day, our little family went on a nice (but cold) walk along the waterfront and talked about which house was our favorite (multi million dollar homes). Actually, Scott and I talked about the homes we liked best. Ada did not participate. :)

Ada loves staring at her Dad. She gets really excited to see him after naps. It's not a competition or anything, but she gets pretty happy to see me too! :)

(I am her favorite in this one)

Okay so don't judge. Those are Christmas PJ's, but she looks so dang cute in them and they are long enough for her. She moves all over the place while sleeping (hence the reason she no longer shares the bed with us). We are really starting to see a TON of Foley in her.

Aunt Julie made these awesome leggings for her. I get so excited when she gets to wear them.

Sometimes I call her "Bright Eyes" cause she just has such a happy countenance (Well most of the time). She has beautiful eyes.

Hanging out with Dad

So, Sunday night, we decided it would be fun to see how Ada would do eating solids. We mixed a little rice cereal with water and she went to town. I think she is going to enjoy eating solids.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Latest

I guess we should stay more up-to-date with pictures because before we know it, Ada is almost 5 months old and there are a ton of cute pictures to post!
First of all, some stats:
Weight (as of a few weeks ago):15lbs 9ounces-90th percentile
Height: 26 inches-98th percentile
Head: Can't remember exactly but I do know it was 40th percentile. How the heck can that be?? Both Scott and I have quite large noggins. Oh well.
So, these first couple of pictures I really should have Scott write about them. Picture this. Sunday at church, Ada wearing a brand new red and white striped dress. Very cute. Well, she had not pooped all week and I swear, she saves her big blowouts for church. So I am teaching my young women's lesson and one of the leaders points outside and I see Scott walking around with Ada. I thought, "Oh, she must be struggling." I then move on with my lesson. I had a quick meeting after church so I went to find Scott to let him know I was going to be a few minutes. To my surprise, Ada was pretty much naked (she had a diaper on) and was cradled in Scott's arms. She was perfectly content, smiling in fact. I looked at Scott and he told me about her huge blowout. I was teaching so he had her third hour and he was sitting in Priesthood when it all happened. Once her duty was done, Scott left to sneak in the Mothers Lounge to change her. One of the new mom's checked to make sure there was no BOB's (Babies on Boobs), when a lady walked in so he had to wait. When he finally was able to change her, it was a pretty big mess. Needless to say, poop got on the changing table in the Mothers Room. Scott searched my diaper bag and found no clean outfit to change her into (In all fairness to me, though, there WAS a little sweatsuit, but since it was pink, it blended in with the bag and he did not notice). The same mom who checked the room offered to lend her spare outfit to Ada (our daughters are about 6 weeks apart...but Ada is already wearing 6 month outfits) but she laughed when she asked what size she was wearing. People were commenting to Scott when he was in the foyer asking him if she was cold, then another old lady told him that she ALWAYS brought a change of clothes. YEAH...we usually do too!! Anyway, I was pretty mortified seeing my baby practically naked at church. Oh well, it was still pretty funny. Scott would have told this much better.

Happy Ada after her usual Sunday blowout

We had two couples in our ward move within the same week! Lame. Katie (the one in black) and Liz (the gal just to the right of her) are both prego! Yeah!!

Busch Gardens offers a pretty sweet deal to Florida residents. If you buy a one day pass, you can re-use it all year. We decided to invest again and actually use it more often.

Our big girl!

Friday night we made shiskabobs (no clue how to spell them and don't feel like looking it up) and used our little grill. Hmmmm....little shiskabobs should not take 45 minutes to cook, but they did. We are still learning how to be master bbqers. They still tasted pretty good.

Aren't they beautiful?

Ada is so much fun! I love watching her discover new things. She loves to grab anything in site and then scratch it or put it in her mouth. She is now rolling over and sleeping on her stomach (which freaked me out for a minute). I wish I could record every sound that she makes because some of them are pretty dang funny. She actually screamed at me the other day before nap time. So, is she going to have a temper???
Anytime we change her diaper, she lifts her legs up and grabs them now. So cute! She still has one eye with some brown in it, and the other eye is still blue/gray.
I just love this sweet baby!
Scott watches Ada every Tuesday night so I can go to my Mary Kay meetings. I think he enjoys the one on one time with the crazy little girl. Here is some footage he got while I was gone.
Ada is getting quite the belly laugh so I love trying to get it out of her. I can't tickle her too much, though cause she gets angry!!