Friday, September 19, 2008


Sometimes I think that Scott wishes that Zack was his son
Sometimes I do a little modeling on the side...ok, not really, this was a photoshoot at my old job. I got to be in their catalog (not this picture though)

Sometimes I miss my sister so much and hope that we will be neighbors once our husbands are done with school

Sometimes Scott tries to bite me. But my mom taught me as a little girl, that if someone bites us, we can bite them back. Or was it, if we bit someone, she would bite us back? I think that ladder is the correct answer

Sometimes it looks like Scott has two different color eyes, but he and his mom (and now me), will tell you that they are the same color (Vivian, those words are from Scott's mouth, maybe you also think they are two different colors..hehe)

Sometimes I wonder if Scott and I would have ever talked about our relationship this weekend (we were in Cedar City at his brother and sis-in-law's graduation) if his brother Greg would not have brought it up for us at dinner, in front of everyone (still was not embarrassed)

Sometimes we, us kids, torture our mom by tring to touch her hair. She goes into survival mode and starts flailing her arms all about and screams. Sometimes even a little slap (not too hard).

Sometimes I do crazy things a marathon. And sometimes I get even crazier by pushing myself extra hard in a marathon so my brother will not pass me.

Sometimes I miss my long hair!

Sometimes I dress up like an 80's girl and find random kids dressed up like Dumbo

Sometimes I wish I talked to my brother John more. We used to be so close!

Sometimes I wish I had all the money in the world so I can travel more!!

Sometimes I wish I was shorter so I can fit into this awesome desk.

Sometimes my nephew puts chopsticks in his mouth to be cool

Sometimes I pretend to be Chinese, especially while I wear the cool hats

Somtimes I drive ATV's and sometimes they almost tip over while I am driving (With Scott on the back). And while it is tipping over, sometimes I accidentally say a bad word.

Sometimes I wish that I was busier at work so I would not feel guilty posting a blog and getting paid for it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

ClearWater Beach

So, Scott has been good about taking me out on Friday's. We have been talking about going to the Clearwater Pier which a lot of people have told us about, so we finally headed out there on Friday. There are all sorts of street (pier) vendors, breakdancers....and this joke of an escape artist (OK, he escaped from his double straight jacket, massive amounts of chains, and was chained upside down). We really wanted to see the sunset and Scott was saying how we needed to stay far away from this guy because for some reason, they always pick him out of a crowd. Well, his back was to me and I saw the guy walking/jogging toward Scott and before I could say anything, he had Scott by the arm and walked him to the front. At first it was funny to have him up there, but then it just started taking forever...we missed the sunset!
For a second, we really thought that he was going to make Scott escape from the straight jacket...but he was only kiddin

Why is it that all escape artists/magicians always have the cheesiest/dirty jokes? I didn't really find much humor in this guy. The only thing I really thought about was "Is this really how he makes a living?" and "He needs a shower, I can see the grease in his hair"

Scott had to tie his feet up and hook him the the crane. The guy was crazy

Well, we gotta hand it to the coody...he did escape the chains and straight jackets.

The pier was so cool. There were vendors selling beads/jewlery, paintings, other little doo hickies (sp? Word?). The waves were extra big cause of Hurrican Ike.

I was going for the cheesy pose. I think that I succeeded.

Sunday Evening at the Beach

Last Sunday Scott took a study break before the sunset, we grabbed a blanket and scriptures and headed to the beach. It was the most beautiful night. It has finally started cooling down and the sunset was amazing. If it was not Sunday, I would have gone swimming. Cool picture, eh? Scott waited for the surfer to walk in the picture...adds to the beach effect.

I wish this picture did justice for what we saw. The clouds were all sorts of crazy colors and the sun looked like a fireball. Good times
We are really righteous, cause when we go to the beach on Sunday, we read our scriptures!! Heheh...totally kidding!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Scott told me that the computer was mine so I could do a little updates. He has been studying so much that he is on the computer all the time (I am not complaining at all though!). So, here are some fun updates.
Every first Friday of the month and third Saturday, there are art exhibits/musicians/very strange people that line up along the street to sale their work. One lady was really cool. She had cerebral palsy and could paint with one hand. Her work was beautiful and it was touching to see her accomplishments. Anyway, so we decided that we would go out to eat before we walked the street. When we first got there, we walked past a quaint little restaurant and a lady told us that they had the best Tapas. I smiled and said, "Oh Really?" But I had no idea what Tapas were so I decided to embarrass myself and ask her. She smiled and said that they were appetizers. So, we decided to go and check things out. The waiter told us that a couple of different plates would for sure satisfy out hunger (I don't think that he realized how big of eaters that we are...hence the blog name). So, we ventured out and tried some new and exciting items. It does not mean that we loved them though.

Tomato, Basil Mozzarella stack sitting in oil and balsamic vinegar. This was our first Tapa. We did not love it. In fact, we had to persuade the other person to finish. I had left one last bite on the plate and Scott offered it to me. I insisted that he finished it. I think that he did. We were not a huge fan of the fresh Mozzarella. I would have much more preferred the little stack on a Pizza!

Tapa #2. Seared steak Thai Salad. This one came highly recommended. Did we love this one as much as the waiter? was a little too raw for Scott's taste and I thought that it was just OK

The most expensive yet best tasting item...the Crabcake. Yes, there was only one that we shared and it cost us 9 bucks (never again). It was very tasty and Scott told me that since he picked that one out, he got to eat it all (I did not fall for that of course). This one we ate slower so it would last longer.

Quesedillas with goat cheese and onion. After one bite (maybe two) Scott set down his little quesedilla and told me the rest was mine. The little onions were too much for him along with the goat cheese. Now I have to admit, I don't love goat cheese and for some reason, it kind of grosses me out. But, I was still pretty dang hungry, so I chowed down. See how little of food that is? We were still pretty hungry after the meal. Scott mentioned going to Applebees after 10 for 1/2 off appetizers. Instead, we chowed down on some oatmeal cookies and ice cream when we got home. We should have told our waiter about our big appetites. Oh well. It was still fun!

I know you may think that this beautiful dish of tapas came from the organic/natural restaurant that we ate at, but no folks. Scott and I had our own tapas for dinner last night. Tapa el pigs in a blanketo with pork and beans and honeydew melon. It was soo good. I bought some croissonts (the kind in the roll tin), rolled it around a hot dog (I thinned all the hot dogs. Less meat more bread for me),and baked away. We even got a little adventorous and added some american cheese in some. Scott loved it and said that he wanted that meal more often. As good as it was, I probably won't make it that much. There wasn't so much nutritional value in it. So, we had a good weekend with our adventure to the art walks, trying tapas and making some of our own.

HoneyMoon Island

We went to a stake activity on Labor Day. It was at a National Park called Honeymoon Island. We met some more people from the ward and ate some awesome Costco Muffins (OK, I had one and a half!!) We had a good time. Later that afternoon we went to a bbq that some ward members invited us out to. I love bbq's. There is no better way to get to know someone than when eating at a bbq.

Many of you know about all of the hurricanes that have been making their way past us (never quite reaching us thank goodness). Well, I guess that the beach got pretty churned up. There had been 12 foot waves the previous night. We even had the opportunity to see some jellyfish (Hopefully dead) on the beach. It looked like a huge clump of snot (sorry, that was gross).

I love to see the...Orlando Temple

Scott and I had the opportunity to go to the Orlando Temple last Saturday. It was so beautiful. It took us just under two hours to get there but enjoyed the ride there and back (ok, I fell asleep for a few minutes on the way back). Anyway, I am so grateful for the temple. It is such a blessing for us. After the session, we got to experience Tropical Storm like rains. We had to go to the distribution center and thought that if we ran in really quick, we would be okay. Wrong, we got soaked! If I had been in regular street clothes and did not have to drive two hours to get home, I just might have meandered about outside in the rains!

The picture did not turn out very clear, but I still needed to add something.