Monday, November 24, 2008

Everybody is Different

Since Friday night I have had a fever off and on, chills, aches and pains, etc. Basically, pretty miserable. Growing up, when I was sick or anything, I got a lot of love from my mom, she would make me soup, let me stay home from school, check on me regularly. In fact, one time, when I was little, I was home for a few days with the flu or something and when I was all better and able to go back to school, I started crying and told my mom that I was going to miss her so much, and she let me stay home one more day! Yeah, I pretty much worked it! Totally different being an adult and married. Scott told me that in his family, you suck it up when you are sick and still go to school...I got to thinking over the weekend while I was living on the couch, feeling awful, "Am I weak sauce?" "If Scott felt the same way, he would probably still go and study, and just get over it." So, those were my thoughts. Now, I know that guys and girls get treated differently and neither way is right or wrong. I just found myself falling back into the, "Im helpless," mode, "please pay attention to me." I know, pretty pathetic, huh? It's not like Scott could take away the fever, or aches. Plus he had a massive paper due today, which kept him pretty much glued to the computer and up until 2AM this morning. He told me that when he was in 4th or 7th grade, he wasnt feeling well and his mom said that he could stay home from school. By 10:00AM, he was feeling just fine. He even said at one point that he smiled, thinking, "This is awesome." Vivian, I don't know if you knew about that one. :) I have so many friends/family members that just buck it up when they get sick, but for some reason, when I get sick, I just want to chill and not do anything. Ha...Scott said it was also a mindset...maybe it is? I was trying to figure out if I could think my way out of the fever. You always hear of people doing things like that. Basically I am rambling now. Maybe I was babied too much (love you mom..) or maybe I just do not have a high threshold for pain and discomfort?? Who knows...I am, however, feeling much better. My eyeballs don't feel like they are going to pop out of my head anymore!

Monday, November 10, 2008

More on the Vandalism

Here is a little more about the vandalism that happened at my parents building.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Things have been getting pretty busy for Scott and since we are not going to be with each other on our one year anniversary, I decided that it was necessary to go on a mini-getaway. So, with some birthday money (thanks parents) and the freest (sp?) weekend we would have before finals, we headed an hour and a half south of us to Venice Florida. Now, the funny thing is, is I pricelined our hotel and found a pretty good deal. However, our main goal was to spend our day at Siesta Keys beech, which was 20 minutes North of Venice. To save money, we could have gotten up early on Saturday morning, spent the whole day at the keys, then left by 8 and be home by 9:15. I decided, though, that staying in a hotel would be much more fun!

This is Turtle Beach. I really don't have a clue why it is called Turtle Beach....we didn't see any Turtles.

Since we both are so used to getting up fairly early (and we both crashed pretty early Friday night), we were pretty much wide awake by 7. We ate our left over pizza and headed out toward Siesta Keys. Since it was still so early...and even a tiny bit cool, we decided that we didn't want to hit the beaches quite yet. We wanted to try something new. So...for $4o, we rented a two person kayak and had an awesome time on the lake/river/don't really know what to call it. Oh yeah...I think it was called Manatee Bay. I really wanted to see Manatee, but we didn't. Instead, we saw Mullet Fish (the launch themselves out of the's pretty funny!) and DOLPHINS! I have video footage with Dolphins...more to come.

Supposedly, this is Stephen King's house. We weren't overly excited about it.

Scott was a little scared to get out of the Kayak. He was VERY careful when moving around. In fact, he told me to be careful on more than one occassion when I got a little too excited!! :) Love you Scott.

Scott left his sunglasses at home so we had to get him a new pair. He looked pretty sweet with the new ones.

Since Kayaking was SUPER impulsive, all we had on our three hour excursion was water. And anyone who knows us Foley's, know that when we get hungry...we get HUNGRY! We were starving on the way back to the shore. It's funny how as soon as you are hungry, you automatically shut down, stop enjoying what you are doing, and can only focus on one thing...FOOD! We found a really good little restaurant in Siesta Keys and after we stuffed our faces...hit the beach. For the first two hours we pretty much just soaked up the sun. Scott fell asleep and I people watched and listened to the mother and daughter behind me talking about the daughters unborn child. Why is people watching/listening so dang interesting? Once Scott woke up, we started having some fun with the AMAZING sand (it is said that Siesta Keys is voted to have some of the best sand in the world). Do you like his CLAW foot? Yup....I did it!

This was our sand man...not too cool.
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Sunset on a differnt beach...can't remember the name. But they had live music as the sun went down." alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5266845641470909634" border="0">
Ok, just a warning about these two videos...when I get excited, sometimes I start saying stuff that is somewhat annoying and maybe even on the verge of obnoxious. SO...if you don't want to listen to that, just turn the sound down. Let me give a little preface with the videos. We found a little cove of trees that we thought would be fun to Kayak through. It opened up into a very secluded area, but, there was a guy there in his kayak taking pictures of birds and we felt like we were bothering him, so we headed back. It was quite tricky! The other video demonstrates how excited I get when dolphins are near by. The first one we saw was coming at us at full speed and it freaked the C--P out of me. We found a few more and started following them. I think the dolphins realized they were being followed and started playing games with us.

We had a great weekend. If you made it to the end of my long post...congrats! Thanks Scott for playing along with me and allowing the child in me to explode! :)


Ok, so I have to admit, I have not been following the elections a ton this year, but I know enough to be able to say this here is just wrong! I stole this picture from my friends blog. This is my church building that I went to for many years back in Sacramento. We obviously are not going to change our beliefs by someone spray painting/vandalisng church property, but is hard to see!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Times at the Foley's

It is time to enjoy a bunch of random photos from the Foleys. The first picture you will notice some branch type looking things, twigs and all sorts. Well, I work for a man from China and his parents live in Florida and own an Herbal store. I mentioned to him that I had hip pains from running and sometimes he can tell when I have to take deep breaths (too long to explain). Well, he told me that his dad read palms and could tell me a lot about my "problems" if I went in there. Well, $50 later and hour later, I came home with a weeks worth of pure hell! I had to boil these herbs in water for over an hour than drink the remains! Let me tell you, the brown liquid almost came right back up a couple of times. BUT, my hip does feel better and I am running again. Scott is freaked that I am gonna want to buy it all the time now. No Thanks!

After I drank the wonderful healing water, I noticed something underneath my tongue (sorry to gross anyone out). I have been referring to it as the growth, or tumor. After having it for two weeks, I finally went to the dentist then the dentist sent me right to the oral surgeon. So, I am on antibiotics and if it has not gone down by time!!! noooooo. If it isn't one thing, it's another thing. Scott called me a hypochondriac a few weeks ago...but I swear I am not!

We were shopping a few weeks ago, looking for some new clothes for Scott. We were at Old Navy and stumbled upon this awesome shirt. When Scott first pulled it up (or me, can't remember) I laughed cause I thought it was hideous, however, this $7 delight is now one of my favorite shirts on Scott. We call it (or maybe just me) the Kelso shirt (from the 70's show).

A few posts ago, I wrote how Scott and I were getting up at 5:20 in the AM to study or work out...well, that didn't last too long! Scott has been exhausted. This picture was taken in the early morn. I just couldn't help myself. I thought it was so funny how his feet were hanging out. I know what everyone is thinking..."Leave the poor man alone..let him sleep!"
Thank you to all who submitted your stories/thoughts about Scott for his birthday! I stayed pretty late (for me) a couple of nights to finish uploading his birthday book! And overlooking the few spelling errors that I missed (everyone by now should know that I am a terrible proofreader), the book looks awesome and Scott really loves it!

The back cover. I HAD to use the picture with his straight hair! It was perfect!

"Deep Thoughts About Scott William Foley" is the title (Doesn't he look cute with his glasses? I think so.)

There is a glare on the pages from my flash, but I just love how this book turned out. Don't worry, for those that are interested, we will bring it home at Christmas so you can read/look at it.

Stetson Halloween Bash. We didn't stay long. It was at a bar and since neither of us drink, we didn't have much to do, besides stare at people...which was pretty fun too!

I know...what was I thinking!

Scott didn't want me to take this picture, but I was trying to get our water in it. We were both getting pretty parched so I went up to the bar and asked the bartender for some water! He was cool about it and even put some lemon in it! Then I started worrying that people might think that we have alcohol in our drinks!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the random post!