Monday, July 16, 2012


When we lived in Sacramento a couple of summers ago, we took Ada camping and we loved it. Scott and I decided that we want to try and go at least once every summer from then on. So far, we have. The first year, we went to the Redwoods, last summer was Tahoe and a couple of weeks ago, we went to French Meadows campground with some friends. 
It was a really fun weekend and something that we learned is...always go camping with people who know how to camp. What a difference it makes with mealtime (and of course, great company!)! Thanks Greens.
Here comes picture overload
Ada and Ivy just hanging out while Scott sets up the tent
 Hard at work
 Waiting for her friends to come
 Ada showing off her mad silly face skills
 Leading the twins on an exploring trip

 Hanging out at the campfire
 Will they sleep tonight??
She tried, she really did..but it was cold. Ivy Spent most of the night snuggled up next to me in my sleeping bag. You may be able to tell by my bloodshot eyes that not much sleep came my way that night.
 Sitting by the fire while breakfast is being made
Thanks Candie for the beanie! It was a lifesaver
 I tried really hard to get the girls to look at the camera at the same time

 Yup, kids still get time outs while camping. Cutest little twins!
 Time for a hike

 Love that little face!
 Ada loves holding hands. 

 Cute, cute kids
 Gorgeous area. I loved being so remote
 Checking out the frog

 Ada loved holding feathers while pretending to fly, but I must admit, totally grossed me out ( Not Ada pretending to fly, but grossness on the feathers!).

 My big little girl
 Love my family
 The Green Family. Thanks for putting this together
 Ivy just couldn't hold on any longer. She really tried, she did.

 Nothing like a dirty face while camping. I finally just had to embrace the fact that my kids (and myself) would be filthy

 If I remember correctly, this was the American River (but I am probably WAY off). It was awesome. It felt nice to scrub off some of the grime from the campsite and get our kids somewhat clean. The water was surprisingly refreshing and not the ice cold mountain water that I was expecting.

 As much as Ivy wanted to go in the water...she sat on the sidelines this time with her Puffs
 Cute fam

 This picture cracks me up every time. Josh and Scott look naked in the water. When Scott saw this picture he said that what made it even more gross is that their hair was dry. He said that seeing a guy in the water with dry hair looked wrong. So we have two "Naked" guys in the water with dry hair. Not to mention Josh's awesome handkerchief. Just completes the picture I would say!
 I love Josh's pose in this picture. Hilarious
 This is what two, REALLY tired kids look like
 Make that THREE tired kids
 and a tired Dad

 These girls just did not want to fall asleep
 Second night was a little bit better, but still lacking in the sleep department

 Final breakfast...which was amazing. I think we cleaned up 10 or so eggs!
The boys
 The girls, minus Ivy
 Hiding in the bear box. This kid is too funny!
 Pretty girl
 So sweet
Thanks again Greens for showing us the ropes and letting us tag along!