Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween Fun

I can't believe that Halloween is already over and Thanksgiving is this week. This past month has flown by!
October was a fun month. We celebrated three birthday's in the Scott Foley Fam, went to the pumpkin patch a couple of times, ward trunk-or-treating, preschool on Halloween (Costume party), and of course, actual Trick-or-treating.
We visited this pumpkin patch a couple of times. It is free, they have fun park equipment and the coolest part (I think) is the corn box. Not sand, but corn kernels  Yes, I found many kernels in rolls of Ivy, but she loved it. I just had to watch her closely because she liked to put them in her mouth. The little stinker.
Ivy LOVES slides. She loved them even more riding them with her big sister.
This particular day at the patch, I yelled at a bunch of first graders. About 5  or 6 of them jumped in the corn box and started kicking corn and chucking little pieces all over. There was another toddler in there with Ivy so I laid into them a little. I wasn't horrible, but I wasn't very happy with what they were doing. 
Corn Angel

I am tempted to buy a wheelbarrow for Christmas, because this little girl loved going for rides in this one.

Okay, so I tried, I really did. My friend was "Five Little Monkey's" with her family last year, so I borrowed some of her stuff. I loved the idea, but when it was all said and done,I pretty much looked like a disheveled mom with a brown nose, and who knows what Ada looked like. I tried to make her look all beat up (You know, the monkey fell off of the bed and bumped her head), but the gauze on her head ended up looking like underwear and her homemade tail kept pulling her pants down. Oh well, at least Scott and Ivy were recognizable, right?

We had a fun October month. It went by fast and November is going by even faster.