Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 11

This little bundle of joy is all smiles in the morning and after nap time....just hard to capture it on camera!

I got an awesome jogger stroller and one morning soon after our run together, Ada was getting quite fussy! I would be too if I had a double blowout! The front matched the back. Good thing it was bath day!

This little girl is really starting to hold her head up. So fun and exciting to see her hit each milestone.

Lately I have been making an honest effort to actually put her down when she naps, but I could not resist her snuggles!

I don't know how she could be so comfortable!

Hangin with Dad!

I love that she always seems to break free from her swaddle, no matter how tight it is. I know she has broken free in the early mornings when I hear her sucking on her fingers!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hilarious...At Least We Think So

So Ada is starting to smile, laugh, yell, coo, giggle, gurgle, etc. Well, today at the mall while I was taking a little feeding break, I got Ada to laugh really loud by tickling her. It kind of turned into a yell with a smile. It was so funny. So tonight we tried it again. We decided that she kind of sounds like an angry cat. We love you Ada. Sorry for torturing you!

Uncle John and Black Friday

We had quite the week last week with it being Thanksgiving, my brother John visiting us and Black Friday.
John, my cutie pie younger brother came out from Oklahoma for the holiday. He is a dental student at University of Oklahoma and doing so good! He got to meet Ada for the first time and after her bouts of crying and meltdowns, he was in no hurry to have kids.

Black Friday. Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was this awesome girl named, Lindsay. She decided that she wanted to get up at the "Butt crack of dawn," and wait in the crazy long lines of Target to get a new TV (Original plan was a 32" flatscreen). Her brother, John, was so excited to join her in the little adventure when she told him about it days prior. However, the night before the big escapade, John, chickened out and decided not to go. Lindsay's original thought was to leave a bottle with John so he could watch the baby and have her handsome husband, Scott join her, but after deep contemplation, Lindsay thought it best to go at it alone.
At 3:45 in the AM Black Friday, Lindsay jumped out of bed, threw on a sweatshirt and jeans (yes a bra too) and headed out. The line at Target was already as long as the building, but this only increased Lindsay's adrenaline. Waiting in line for over an hour was not so bad....it was the cold that got to her. She made friends with the nice couple behind her and since they were Black Friday pros, they carefully trained her on how to get the doorbusters. 5AM finally rolled around, the line started moving fast, and as soon as Lindsay stepped foot in Target, all hell broke loose. People were running everywhere, carts were zigzagging the isles, TV's hoisted into the air by twos and threes. Lindsay saw the TV that she and Scott decided on. "Oh no," she thought. "There are no more 32 inchers!"
Close to the empty pallet there was the next step up, 40" flat screens. Lindsay's new friend she met in line told her to grab one before they were all gone. So, after a minute of anxiously debating whether or not she should, she grabbed one. Within minutes, the pallet of 40" was empty. While standing in the middle of the isle, holding on to her new item, Lindsay tried many times to hoist the new TV in her cart. She soon realized with the people scattering by her and the awkwardness of the TV, she was not able to lift it. A nice looking young man was standing a few feet away from her and she politely asked him to help her lift the Flat Screen into her cart. He looked at her pathetically and shook is head, "No." "Jerk!" Lindsay thought. Finally an old man with no teeth came to the rescue. With his help and another random customer, the three were able to lift the TV into the cart. After getting a couple more items on the list, Lindsay was finally ready to get in line...which wrapped around half of the store. After an hour of waiting, Lindsay, with the help of another customer, loaded up her new possession in the back seat of her car and drove home a new woman!
The End

Merry Christmas to Scott and Lindsay from Mom and Dad Lovell! Thanks Mom and Dad.

John and I were having fun with Ada

John thought he could force Ada to smile. Such a tease

Thanks for coming John! We had a blast with you. And you know I am just kidding about Black Friday! You were tired and that is understandable.
And for those that read this blog entry in its entirety...congrats! I would have stopped half way through the story and just looked at the pictures. If any of you did that...I forgive you!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I was supposed to compete in a pretty intense relay race a couple of weeks ago. I would be leaving Ada for two full days, and running, with a team of 12, over 100 miles. Scott and I signed up for AND paid for this race while I was still prego. Little did I know the anxiety it would cause me. I thought for sure I would be okay to leave Ada with our good friends. I would just pump when I needed to, and that was that. However, just weeks before the race, I realized that not only was I physically not ready to run longer than 2 miles at a time, but I was not emotionally ready to be away from Ada for that long. I was talking to my sister about it, and it so happened that the same weekend of the Ragnar, her hubby was going out of town. So, it worked out perfectly. I dropped out of the race, found a replacement (of course with the help of the other racers), and headed to Michigan (Scott dropped out too. He was not about to spend two full days without me with a bunch of other women!).

My awesome and adorable niece, Anna. Poor thing had to put of with two crying babies whenever we got in the car. She was right in between Lukie and Ada. The babies would build off of each other. One would start crying and the other would shortly follow the other's lead.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Well, for me, it was going to the Midnight showing of New Moon. Juls and I had an absolute blast, and our babies did amazingly (Brian watched them for us), but getting home after 3 meant my baby would be hungry, which she was, so I didn't get to bed until after 4. The next day was long and it's not like you can just go take a nap whenever you feel like it. So worth it though!

Diet Coke was a must and the popcorn was just a want. I ate almost all of the popcorn by myself (It was a large).

Juls brought along some of her friends. I had a good time getting to know them a little.
Overall I was pleased with the movie, however, there were the most annoying girls sitting next to me. They were obviously not New Moon lovers and would laugh and snicker during any part of the movie. At one point I said rather loudly, "What was so funny about that!?" My sister nudged me and I later thought I should be careful what comes out of my mouth. I don't think fighting is something I should be participating in!
Anna and Ada. You can imagine how many times we called the girls the wrong names!

Lukie! He is such a tank!

Juls and Brian spoiled me rotten. They took me to all of their favorite restaurants. We even sat right next to Clive Owen. Actually, let me change that around. He sat next to us. Of course we did not talk to him though.

Lukie trying out the sling.

Juls and I really wanted to work on some projects (crafts and stuff) and Anna would ask if she could work on a project too! She is great at coloring.

Julie let me sleep in her bed so I could have Ada right there with me. One night Anna came in the room cause she had a bad dream, and was confused cause I was in her parents bed and they were not. I told her to jump in with me and later learned, the hard way, that she sleeps all over the place. At one point her legs were over the top of mine. Needless to say, I did not sleep the best that night! I didn't mind though.

Ada struggled while in Michigan. She was so gassy and uncomfortable that I found myself holding her for most of the time. At one inconsolable time, I stripped her down and put her in the bath. She calmed down and enjoyed the warm water.

Juls with my Ada and her kids.

All Juls wanted to do was snuggle withCheck Spelling Ada but she would not have it. She was so fussy that Juls got her in increments. Oh well, we still have Christmas.

Thanks again for the awesome time Juls and Brian. I had a blast. See ya soon!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ada's Still Big

Ada is 8 weeks and 2 days old now and she is still a big baby-no slowing down yet. She is 12 pounds 12.5 ounces and 23 3/4 inches long (or tall). That may sound small to you, but she is in the 95th percentile for both measurements. Also, her head is 15 1/2 inches around- 70th percentile.

Other than being a big chub, Ada is also learning how to make new noises and is on the verge of laughing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Well, there is not a ton to say except for I think that Scott and I have a cute baby girl. Although, let me vent for 1.2 seconds. If Ada is wearing a dress one day and a bracelet another day along with a pink and brown onesie...you would think that people would only assume Ada is a girl! Twice, no I think it is three times now, people have asked me what "his" name was! I guess I am not really offended, at least I wasn't at church. Today for some reason, the lady at walmart that made the mistake bugged! Maybe I should only dress her in pink so there will be no confusion ( promise, not really mad, just SLIGHTLY, ever so slightly annoyed)

Daddy-daughter time

I call Ada the escape artist. I always swaddle her really tight at night and somehow she manages to wiggle an arm free or her legs and then I find her sideways in her bassinet. It makes me laugh, even at 4 and 5 in the AM

Check out those cute legs! I love the PJs that she is wearing in this pic, although they are a pain to get on.

Scott is great and gives me some nights off for me to do church or Mary Kay things. I guess she likes to be really fussy for him most of the time!!

We thought that it would be fun to take Ada to the Hillsborough County Fair. So we jumped in the car, drove over an hour to our destination and found the lamest fair in the world. After a couple of pig races, a corn dog, and a quick walk around the grounds, we jumped back into the car and headed home. Sigh...at least we tried. We had to laugh when we pulled up and there were barely any cars there.

I love this little dress that we have for her.

My mom got Ada this little outfit and we called her the jailbird. I love it. It was sad she only got to wear it for a few hours. She puked all over it. Side note: This outfit is 3-6 months and Ada is only 7 weeks! She is a beast, a pretty beast.

Scott was seeing if she would copy him by sticking out her tongue.

I love her facial expressions

My new best friend. Tiffany made this awesome sling for me and Ada LOVES it. She is not the best nap taker and will fall asleep for about 2-3 hours while she is in it. It is great for me because I can get things done while still holding her. Thanks for also showing me how to use it too, Tiff!

Funny story. Scott was burping her and he said that he knew she was going to puke. I told him, "No, she usually does not puke over the shoulder anymore..." Heheh...she let it all out, all over his clean shirt.

This is what the mornings are usually like...all smiles!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Whole Lot of Fun...

Ada is starting to find her smile. It is so fun (This picture she is supposed to be napping. Any suggestions about getting 6 week olds to nap? She isn't so great at it)

We visited our favorite dock yesterday for Family Home Evening. Ada was not overly thrilled about the wind in her face (Vivian, recognize the dress?).

One of my best friends and her husband had a family vacation in Florida and came out a couple of days early to visit. We had a blast...not much sleep, but so worth it.

Here is Lori's sweet son Brenton. He likes to chill in his stroller.

Here is my little chub-a-lub

Ada really does enjoy her bath time. I think this was the second one of the day!

She has also found her tongue

Her favorite sleeping position

I brought her to Scott's school for his birthday.

Check out that massive flower!

Here is a cute little clip of Ada.
It is very fulfilling being a mom, but I will tell you what...it is hard work. Going on little sleep, trying to entertain her, getting her to take naps, etc gets very taxing, especially when I think..."This is my life for the next many years." However, saying this, I am happy. I love it...it is all worth it. She already has a lot of spunk and gets us laughing all of the time.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!