Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday My Lover

27 Reasons Why I am Glad That You Were Born

1. You make me laugh AND have the best laugh ever!
2. You have the best smile
3. I can play any game with you and you will think of my feelings first before crushing me (Ticket to Ride)
4. You are the father of our daughter
5. Because I have someone to snuggle with during the night (even though many times you "accidentally" turn your back to me and claim that you had no idea. Hehe)
6. Because you honor the priesthood
7. You are so dang stubborn, but for some reason I find it really cute
8. Because you can dance and sing like nobodies business but will not admit to it
9. I am glad you were born because I feel safe with you (physically and emotionally). Physically because you are a professional driver (hehe) and emotionally cause you let me be myself
10. Because at times we have competitions to see who can grow their hair out the longest (okay not really, but you do enjoy having long hair)
11. Because you will do most thing even if you are not really up to it.
12. You are very patient with me.
13. Because you think of others first before yourself.
14. I am glad you were born because you are seriously funny
15. Because you are a nut when it comes to germs and it just makes me laugh
16. You served an honorable mission
17. Because when you start a book you HAVE to finish it even if you do not enjoy it (I am 100% opposite)
18. Because you do little things that mean a lot in which you never take credit for (ex. parking closer to the primary room at church so I could drop my things off)
19. You are frugal and help keep me in line with my spending
20. Because you love sports with a passion
21. I am glad that you were born because when I cry, you almost always cry with me (sorry if that is TMI)
22. Because you have a great butt to look at....heheh
23. You can fall asleep by just telling yourself to and I think it is awesome, yet I get very jealous too!
24. Because you help keep me in check with being kind to others and more importantly, thinking kindly of others
25. You are a great dad and husband and
26. Because you will run crazy races with me and not resent me for it
27. I am glad you were born because we have each other and little Ada!

Happy Birthday Scott. I love you

Love Wrinsey :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Orlando and More

These pictures are terribly out of order but I am not going to take the time to fix them. We have been pretty busy and are wiped out from vacationing. This first picture is us at the top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. It was a blast and funny to see mostly women and a few men. Scott said that the guys would not make eye contact with each other! OH PS, I cut my hair.

To cool for school. I spent the week with my parents and brother in Orlando in their time share (Scott had school). We took a day trip to St Augustine, FL, which is an awesome little city, but it was FREEZING. Here is Ada cuddling with her Grandpa.
On the way to St Augustine
My friend Tiffany gave Ada this onesie. It is adorable, it says "I can't wear pink everyday"
LOVE her double chin!

Scott took all of us on a school tour.

Ada loves her uncle Chad.

Universal Studios. We wore this poor baby out. She was a trooper, though!

The Lovell's (and Foley) and their popcorn. Back off!

Jaws needed a snack

At Orlando Temple with the fam

Fuzzy picture, but still like it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some more Fun One's

Doctor said it is time for TUMMY TIME, however, I don't think the baby is supposed to fall asleep!

Getting a little drowsy.

Ada loves her baths

This chair is a must have!

Scott ran a 10K this morning with our team (running the Ragnar at the end of the November) and since I can't train yet, I brought Ada along and we walked around the nice park. She was only wearing a diaper in this picture cause she had just had a blowout and being the "bad" mom that I am, I only had a newborn outfit that no longer fits her...

Success! She took the binky and held on to it.

More Tummy time. She enjoyed it this time!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Lately, I have been very busy. Not busy with housework (my mom has been doing that), not busy with cooking (mom as well) not busy with sleeping (no one has done much of that), but busy with this little bundle of joy. She eats a ton, and loves to be held and cuddled. I love snuggling with her and even feeding her in the wee hours of the night (although last night was rough for me).
This first picture I had to post to show off the beautiful blanket my mother-in-law made for Ada. She sleeps with it every night!

I have to thank my sister for all of the "hand me down" clothes from her daughter. All Ada was missing in this picture was a tennis racket. She was upset that we did not have one for her (you can tell by the disgruntled look on her face).

Maybe she did not like the flower in her hair??

YES...she is taking the binky (however, this does not happen very often. No matter how hard we try).

Oh yes..I turned 30! Yes, I am no longer in my 20's! Scott was so kind to invite friends over to celebrate and my mom was so gracious to cook for everyone!

Ada loves her baths! And I love that she found her thumb after this particular one.

Scott surprised me Sunday morning with donuts (no worries, he picked them up the night before) for my birthday! He knows how much I LOVE donuts...and NO, I did NOT eat them all.

I am so lucky! Happy Birthday to me.
PS...Foley's that read this blog...do you see a lot of Foley in Ada? We sure do. We are thinking of a Maggie/Andrew mix combined with a little bit of Lovell. Thoughts?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pictures Galore...

One of these days I will start posting pictures of Scott and I too, but this is so much fun to share new photos of Ada. I am sending you HERE to see the rest from Ada's little photo shoot. Let me know which ones you like best cause I need to get copies!!
Thanks once again Tiffany!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lindsay in her Twenties

Hi Lindsay, Happy 30th Birthday today!
Like your sister, I'm hacking into your blog to post a picture of you way back when you were still in your twenties.

Doesn't that feel like such a long time ago now?

(Photo taken on 9/15/09) love, Tiffany (Feger)

Lindsay's 30!!!

Lindsay is 30 today. That is right, 30! I tried to be present for the occasion, but failed. So as Lindsay's only sister, I feel it my responsibility to hack into her blog and start "the roast" That is right, I will start with some cute pictures to get everyone in the mood, but if you are my sister's friend I am positive you have an embarrassing story or fun memory you can share to make Lindsay smile on her special day.
Lindsay- sporting the big bird pj's
Linds-Pippy long stocking hairdo in the middle
First perm
Peach dress in the middle

Linds, remember that time we thought we were so pretty, and modeled with your cool Polaroid camera? You can thank me for keeping those in the vault... I wonder if they still make that bright pink shade of lip stick? Love you linds! You are the best big sister, and I am so lucky to have grown up with my bff! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Pictures

My friend Tiffany has done it again. She is so kind to take pictures of me while still prego, and now of Ada all clean and adorable. This is one of the pictures and we thought it would be fun to do a grandmother/granddaughter picture. Isn't this too precious? Ada did pretty well the whole photo shoot with only a couple of meltdowns.
Thanks again Tiffany! I can't wait to see more (however, I am making a rule that you cannot stay up super late working on Ada's pictures!)