Sunday, September 22, 2013

Somebody is Four

Today, is Ada's fourth birthday. I can't believe that is 4 years old. She has been that old since she was two! Seriously, that girl can talk.
For Ada's birthday last year, we had a few little decorations up when she woke up. When I was telling her this year that her birthday was coming up she immediatly told me that when she woke up on her birthday morning there would be decorations and a balloon on her chair. So, the tradition carries on. I did a few decorations after the girls went to bed. Of course, Ada got out of bed (an hour after she was put there) and saw the streamers. I tried to block them and she asked me what they were for. I told her to get back to bed. I went and tucked her in and while I was pulling the covers up, she kept asking me what those "hangy things" were. I kept telling her to not worry about it and that I would tell her in the morning. She got a big smile on her face and that was that. 
Good thing Scott had to go into work extra early this morning because the girls woke up extra early (Stinkers). I was showered and dress (thankfully). So while Scott was showering, I put a show on for the  girls and ran to get donuts. Ada's gift this year was a bike! When I got back from donuts, I brought that bike inside. Scott came out with Ivy first and she kept saying, "Pitty (pretty)." Then she saw the bike. Poor girl thought that it was for her. 
Ada was still glued to her show (of course) so, Scott told her it was her birthday and that there were suprises waiting for her in the kitchen. We didn't have to tell her twice. She came out and her reaction was awesome. She saw the decorations and was so excited, but was over the top when she saw her bike. 
I love this first picture. Both girls think that the bike belongs to them.
 In this picture, Ivy learned that the bike wasn't really hers. Poor thing. We should have had a present ready for her too. Luckily her birthday is coming up. All Fall birthdays here!

 Uncle Chad got Ada a really cool paint set
 We had a friend birthday party last Saturday and had cupcakes so donuts were more appropriate for today.  
 Sitting on the counter (ALWAYS) and practicing her stink faces
 Sophia Stickers
 She looks so pretty! So, we never do this, but we were outside playing before 7:00AM! The girls couldn't be happier about that. Ada wasn't sure how to work the pedals for the first few minutes, but is getting the hang of it. She did have a little spill out front and I asked her if she wanted to take a break. While still crying she said, "No."

We had a birthday party a few days before her actual birthday.
I couldn't decide if we should just do a small party and go to a bounce house or something, but her primary class alone has like 9 kids. I couldn't invite half the class and leave the rest out so we decided to have it at the park and invite everyone. It was a big party. Really fun, though.
 Playing Hide and Seek
 This little girl always takes her shoes off, then steals other kids shoes!

 A "friendly" game of Tag. Ada looks like she is about to take Aubrey's head off. Competitive little thing.
 We attempted to play Red Rover. It was really cute to watch the kids let go of their hands when someone ran through. One couple actually held on tight and they all fell down. It was awesome!
 Shoe Thief
 So I found this Princess Pinata at Winco and I thought it was PERFECT. It wasn't until one of the Dad's asked me if it was a little strange that we were going to be stringing up Belle, and having the kids whack her with a stick. I was dying. It really looked like she was hanging on a noose and the "Children of the Corn" were going to town on her. Another funny incident with the pinata is I brought this massive stick to hit it with. It wasn't too heavy for me, but I realized after we got to the park that the stick was as long as some of the kids! So, we had Scott pull down a dead branch from the tree and that is what Ada started off with. Too bad the wood was dried out and the stick  broke before Ada really got a good  hit. Luckily, one of the Mom's had a tennis racket and a plastic case that the kids could use. We went for the plastic case first (a windsheild wiper case). That broke within seconds. So, we ended with the tennis racket and that was perfect.
 Taking a swing at poor Belle

 Grandma, Grandpa, Maggie, Jenny and Patrick came down from Benicia to join the fun
 Enjoying the nasty cupcakes that she wanted.
Ada just cracks us up. I remember the doctor telling me just weeks before I had her, that she was going to be a little baby (my long torso hides my gigantic babies), but I was pretty sure she would be big. When the nurses put her on me for the first time, I thought to myself, "This is no six pound baby!" She is a big girl in every way (She will probably read this one day and think, "What the heck, Mom!"). Ada has a huge personality that is contagious. She loves life and get so excited about everything. I will get her some toast and she will tell me that I make the best toast ever. Ha. She will wait all day to tell Scott something and as soon as he comes in the house she will run up to him and start talking a mile a minute (really loudly) what she wanted to tell him. We usually have to remind her about her inside voice. We love this girl!
Some fun facts about the Birthday Girl.
1. She is an awesome scooter rider. That girl makes me nervous when she starts going too fast. 
2. She learned to swim this summer (well, really close)
3. Her favorite food is peanut butter and banana
4. Her favorite treat is chocolate
5. She is really big into Sofia the First and Hugglemonster
6. She is very specific with her wants. If she asks me for a drink, she will tell me exactly what kind of cup. For example: Mom, can I have some ice water in a sippy cup with a lid?
7. Ada loves to have friends over or go to friends houses. I guess Ivy and I aren't enough for her.
8. She has to sleep with at least ten stuffed animals on her bed every night. 
9. Ada's five favorite colors are: Pink and purple
10. She loves to pull her play tent out, put all of her stuffed animals into it, plus a "sleeping bag" and go "camping."
We love you, Ada! Happy Birthday