Friday, June 27, 2008

6 Month Anniversary

So, Scott and I have been married for 6 months now. Quite a few people have told us that saved Wedding cake tastes terrible after a year and to eat it at 6 months. So, I pulled the cake out of the freezer last Sunday to let it defrost. I really was excited to chow down on it. From what I had remembered is that our cake was REALLY good at our wedding. Scott and I only had just a little taste. What I really regretted was not eating the awesome looking dessert (Brownie Sundae) that we had at the wedding dinner. Scott did not eat any either. Around 11:00 that night we were STARVING and wanted the delicious looking dessert. So, instead, since we were at a bed and breakfast, we snuck down in the kitchen and raided it instead. I think that it was Scott's idea.

I think that Scott has finally accepted the idea that I love to take pictures. He doesn't fight me as much anymore and just goes with it.

The cake! It was very good. Scott thought it was going to make us sick, but if anything, it made us feel great!

Ok, the first couple of bites made us feel great...we got sick of it after awhile.

Happy Six month Scott. I love you (Now, let's see if he comments...heheh).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wasatch Back

Wasatch Back is reserved for crazy people. It is a 180 mile run from Logan to Park City. Most people have a team of 12 and each person runs three different legs. You pretty much live in a truck/van for 24 hours except for the times that you are running or visiting the "Honey Buckets" (Porter Potty). We even slept about three hours in the truck (the two guys in the 2 front seats and the 4 girls on a mattress in the back). I never really slept because my stomach hurt and I couldn't fully straighten out. I was the first runner and started my run at 11:40AM. My total mileage for the whole race was around 19. Scott was runner three and his total mileage was about 15. Originally, it was just XanGo employees running on our team, but after some dropouts, I pretty much begged Scott to run with us. After no sleep for over 24 hours, no shower, and waiting for over 5 hours for our second van to cross the finish line, I asked Scott how he liked the race and he said, "Never again!" I was very glad that he ran with us. He was a trooper!

Logan: Still clean and smiling. Scott had no idea what he was getting himself into.

1/2 of our team before the race started. Once everyone in our truck finished their first leg, the second van started their race. Once the second van finished, we started over again.

There were 20 teams that started when I did. I was determined not to come in last place. I was able to stay pretty much in the middle of the pack the whole time.

Poor Scott. His first run was in the heat of the day and a pretty boring, long stretch of land. When we had runners on the road, we would usually stop every mile or two to give them water. I was Scott's water girl every time.

The Porter Potties (Honey Buckets) were surprisingly decent. But for the did they come up with the name of Honey Bucket for a porter potty?

We saw some really awesome scenery on the run. Last year I didn't notice this area cause I was dying on the 7 mile uphill run.

Erin old roommie...we had some great times together. She joined our team the day before. She is an animal! This girl can run!

A few minutes before my second run. I think it was 9:30PM when I started my 8.5mile downhill run. You better believe I was pretty sore afterwards!

We had to wear reflector vests and headlamps for night runs.

Scott had to drive for a little bit. It was probably around 1:00AM in this picture. Scott was pretty wiped out.

I finished my last run! It was so hard. It started at 7:00AM, I was cold, tired and VERY sore. I was in survival mode. Halfway through the run I got really hungry and was craving a bagel and cream cheese. Scott offered me water and asked if I needed anything. All I said was to have a bagel and cream cheese waiting for me at the end. PS...I am aware of the sweat. But give me a break, I just ran 5.6.miles.

Oh Cute Scott...excited to run his last run!

The handoff...

And...he is DONE!

A picteresque moment.

Park City. We had to wait here for about 5 hours for the other 6 members of the team. So, you can imagine how LONG that was for us. Not only were we very sore and smelly, but we were super hot and tired. While we waited in line for a free massage, Scott decided to sleep instead. I was so mad...we get these free massages and of course, I get the wierd creepy guy that has a scary touch! Oh yeah...and Scott got burned.

Just waiting. The rest of our team finally crossed the finish line around 5. We drove home, showered, and attempted to finish/start our gospel doctrine lesson. Within about 1o/15 minutes I gave up and went to bed (It was around 9:30). Scott, though, was pretty awake since he slept almost all day on Saturday so he stayed up to work on the lesson. Around 3:30AM, I felt on Scott's side of the bed and he wasn't there. I pulled myself out of the bed and limped out to the couch. The light was on, scriptures were open and Scott was out cold. I came to find the next morning that Scott lasted about 3 minutes then fell asleep. The lesson still went well.
I had such a fun time running with Scott. It was one last hurrah before we leave for Florida!! Good times!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Work at Work When You Can...

Have a work BBQ and hang out with the Human Resources Team...

or chill with the coolest girls at XanGo

Or play a soccer game on the Real Salt Lake practice field (right next to XanGo)...

or show off white, white, oh very white legs...

Or strike a mad pose for the camera...

or sunbathe, hang out with work friends, and eat good food...

Ok, so I know these are not the most FLATTERING pictures I have ever posted but I just wanted to show everyone what I get to do for work. From 9:00AM-just after 2:00PM, the HR team was out helping with the BBQ. Amazing chicken is made from some awesome Hawaiians and they make a ton, and all of the other departments bring different assigned foods. We had to get special permission to use the practice field and it was sooo worth it. There were 4 teams and exactly 4 girls that signed up to play. I havent played in years, so needless to say, I was a little rusty. So, the commentators were making fun of me the whole time because I missed two shots in a row pretty badly. After that, every time I erred in any way, they were sure to call it out. At one point, I missed a header (by a long shot) and they told me that I better make up for that one.
Anyway, that was a fun work day (I can't really call it a workday though). After I played soccer, I just hung out with some work friends and got burned.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Home Evening with the Fam

My brother Steve and his wife, Lisa were so kind to let all of us cousins hang out at their place on Monday night. We had a good time eating and catchin on up on the latest.
Jennifer and Kevin Belnap famLynn and Brandi
Easton is all about making the funny faces when we take pictures.

Our little family...oh wait!

So, at the wedding, a lot of people thought that Scott and my cousin Travis were brothers. You can't see it as much in this picture, but when Travis came in with his hair straightened...just like Scott did a few weeks ago, I was shocked at how similar they looked. Both have been told that they look like Cyclops from X-Men...what do you think?

What a good dad!

Ever since Scott played Spiderman with Easton, he LOVES Scott.

I swear he is the funniest kid. He is ALWAYS making the craziest faces. I love it!

Zack used to be afraid of Scott ( I think he could sense Scott's fear of little kids), so he never went near him. Zack came right over to Scott and plopped right on him. It was really cute.

Travis and Kristin preparin the dessert. Strawberry Shortcake...MMmmmmm