Friday, September 24, 2010

She's a Big One

Ada had her one year well visit check up today and here are the stats:
Weight: 24.8lbs (95th percentile)
Height: 31" (97th percentile)
She didn't give me head circumference
She also was given 5 immunization shots as well, which broke my heart. I have never heard her cry the way she cried. I almost joined her. But, she is all good now, just taking a nice nap.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Then She Was 1

Our little Ada turned 1 yesterday. We had some friends and my parents over for a little birthday bash (well as much as a birthday bash one can do on Sunday). Ada is going to love her stroller. I can already tell
"Presents? What are those? I just want to eat the wrapping."

"Why did my parents strip me down to my diaper? They never do this."
I was so excited to have Ada dig into a smash cake. I was pretty certain that she was going to enjoy every last minute of it.

The cute Lady Bug cake with the dangerous black and red frosting. We tried to take all precautions and cover the floor with plastic bags (And she still seemed to dodge the plastic when food dropped!)

A Before family picture. Ada is starting to poke and pick.

"Why have my parents never let me do this before? Man I have been missing out!"

"Anyone want some?"

"There better be some more."

After family picture.
Ada was being so kind and wanted to share some with me.

The most disgusting bath ever

Our new favorite face that Ada makes. She makes this when something is hot OR cold

All clean
Mom and Dad, we are so happy you made the long flight to come and share this day with us. Thank you for everything!

Ada digging in

This has been such a fun and good year. I can't believe how quickly it has flown. I just want to document some of my favorite things and memories about little Ada (in no particular order)
1. The first time I held Ada, I was absolutely shocked by how heavy and big she was. I was anticipating a 6 pounder because of my doctors predictions
2. I love how Ada scrunches her nose up in pictures or when we do it to her. She will usually snort when she does it.
3. Watching her "wrestle" with her dad is hilarious. She really gets into it
4. Hearing Ada call Scott, "Scott." (It actually sounds more like "Sca")
5. When I tell Ada to say, "Mommy" and she smiles at me and says, "Dadda."
6. Her army crawl
7. Her love of the water. She loves baths, we can dunk her in the water and she still goes back for more
8. Watching Ada interact with other kids/youth. She loves them
9. Her belly laugh
10. How she gets really loopy and slap happy when she is tired
11. This one drives me nuts sometimes, but when she is full or tired of the food that we have given her so she picks it up, reaches to the side, looks at one of us and drops it.
12. Her funny little steps that she is taking (she has her shoulders rounded and elbows tucked in)
13. When she used to really cuddle
14. Her bright eyes. There is something so sweet when we look at each other and she smiles.
15. When I nursed her. I loved that time with her, but I didn't produce enough milk to keep her happy and full
16. The bald spot she used to have on the back of her head. It just made me laugh
17. The binky game we play with her when she wakes up from naps and bedtime
18. How she jumps in her crib, or on anything else
19. When I stick my gum out close to her face and she dive bombs for a taste (It's what I do in church to keep her entertained)
20. Her soft skin. Ada still has really baby soft skin that I love to tickle
21. Putting lotion on her tummy. After bath time I lather the little one up. She lays flat on her back and as soon as she sees the lotion bottle, she starts slapping her tummy. So cute
22. When she escapes from us while putting clothes on her so she crawls around naked.
23. Her bum. It is so dang cute
So, there are so many more, but I don't have time to write anymore. We are both so grateful to have baby Ada in our lives. She has truly blessed us. This has been a great year, I am looking forward to see what year 2 brings.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I can't help but Smile

Very long (If you just want to see pictures and videos, skip the reading and scroll down)


So, I am not going to lie, it has been a very long week. I woke up Sunday not feeling super great, and new that I had to get some antibiotics. I didn't want to wait too long so I just went to the docs. I did make sure and go to Sacrament meeting first (I needed a little spirituality). SO, I am at the docs for like two hours . It was kind of nice, I got to relax on one of the beds and watch TV. Anyway, I got my prescription and was on my merry way. It was fast Sunday mind you. I took my first pill on an empty stomach and with not much fluid (Duh, what was I thinking). Around 8PM I start feeling really achy and feverish. "Crap!" was my thought. Well, it was one thing after another these last 2 1/2 days. Sunday night, I guess, Monday early morning, I wake up with major chills. I was so cold, and shivery (Is that a word?) so I crank the heat up in the tub and jump in it. Our tub is short, I am tall, so you can imagine how I maneuvered to stay warm, it was a funny site. After getting out of the tub, I start thinking, "Hmmm, I have the urge to throw up." I HATE throwing up. Absolutely hate it. Dinner was fighting in my stomach so I decided to give it a go. Yup, up came dinner and the nasty Apple Pie I attempted to make.


I wake up (actually just open my eyes cause I didn't really fall asleep), and I am feeling a TINY bit better. I was really looking forward to the holiday because there was a big stake activity at a splash park and there are a lot of young couples we just met, and old friends I wanted to see. Also, I want Ada to interact with other kids and people to get her over her "Stranger Anxiety." After contemplating, we decide it best not to go. So Monday Scott watched Ada pretty much the whole day, I was miserable and paranoid that I was allergic to my medication. I had a fever all day and was increasingly feeling more and more guilty not being able to really help out with anything. I laid there like a slug. Scott bathed Ada, fed her, put her down for all naps, and bed. Thanks Honey! (Haha...he hates it when I call him such names)


Another sleepless night and a bath. I woke up in the middle of the night with chills and fever again and probably shouldn't have, but took a bath. I forgot to mention I had the worst headache starting Sunday night. HORRIBLE. I felt like my brain was trying to burst its way out of my skull (no exaggeration). So the headache and body aches are keeping me up. The bath felt good, but still didn't help me sleep. I called my Doctor Brother-in-law many times along with the ER to make sure I should still keep taking the meds. "Yes" was the answer. I did start feeling a little better Tuesday and thought for sure I was on the mend. Nope...we decided to grab a taco (Yeah gross when you are nauseous) and take Ada to the park. By the time we are there and in the play area, the heat and my nausea take over. I don't eat, and we leave soon after. Ada loved it though. My fever came back by the time we got home and I down, trying to sleep. Scott once again, took care of Ada. Oh and I can't forget to mention the blessing that Scott and our good friend gave me Tuesday night. I finally decided I better not mess with this.


Yes, another sleepless night, but I can tell you, I woke up feeling loads better. I woke up multiple times in a cold sweat because my fever had broken. The only complaint I really had was my body felt like I had worked out hard core for a week. No kidding. My neck, knees, lower back, and shoulders were so stiff. Talk about uncomfortable. And another weird thing still going on is the tingling in my legs and arms when I stand up. I feel kinda silly cause I have to shift side to side to keep the blood going. Oh yeah, and I noticed that I had a weird rash all over my legs (I thought it was razor burn), but then I noticed that it was also all over my torso, arms and other places :). Heat rash. Yup, and it itches. So, today I took it really easy. Around 1 I showered and brushed my teeth, put some cute clothes on and makeup. I ran a couple of errands, and tried to keep the blood flowing in my legs. I was actually hungry so I told Scott I wanted Pizza. I know, not the best food especially after not really eating anything since Sunday night, but that is what my body wanted and my body loved it! I could only eat 2 pieces though.

Why did I blog about this? Well, I was struggling a lot with being sick. I don't know HOW to be sick and a mom and wife at the same time. Luckily Scotts schedule allowed him to be available to help me, but what if he wasn't? I guess I would have just had to improvise. I am so glad that I can be a mom and wife again and not be feeling sorry for myself. I am curious to know how other mothers do it? I kept thinking how much of a wimp I was because I couldn't stand up long enough to hold Ada. I thought of my sis who broke her foot and didn't go to the doc for a couple of weeks because she only thought it to be a sprain. And when she was in labor all night, she fell asleep through some contractions, took a shower, made her hair all cute, THEN went to the hospital to find that she wouldn't have time for an epidural. Strength is what she has. I want to be stronger and be able to handle the little hurdles that I get faced with and not feel like I am letting someone down for not accomplishing what I wanted or being there for someone who needs me. ANYWAY, I decided, after this very long post, to post a couple of pictures and videos that make me smile. And that makes everything all better.

Ada is starting to take her first steps. It is too cute.

I give all of the credit to Scott for Ada's belly laugh. He started it and I finished.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Something I Made

So, I am not much the crafty person, not at all, actually. I have been wanting to add something to Ada's room that I did not have to spend too much money on and found this.
I thought these flowers were so adorable and thought they would add a nice little touch to Ada's room. I love how they turned out, however, you have not seen the other wall. It is HUGE and bare. I really think we need some color BUT I don't want to spend money on paint, just to leave less than a year later. And not to mention we have to pay to paint it back to white. So, I am debating making one or two more flowers and filling up the other wall with them and taking these two down and putting a picture up instead. Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Little Day Trip

Well we have been back in Florida for a little over a week now. We decided that Ada would appreciate the animals at Busch Gardens a little more since she is older now, so we used our passes to go last Friday. I am not sure if it is the humidity OR her lack of interest in the animals, because she wasn't all that excited. Scott, on the other hand, was. We HAD to go to the Gorillas first thing, because we missed them last time we were here.
"What is this sticky air that I am breathing?"

Hey, what it would be like to be a gorilla at Busch Gardens? They lounge all day, eating the bugs off each others backs, while sitting by a beautiful waterfall and greenest of the green foliage.

Ada's first Merry -Go -Round. The sign said that babies had to be on the chair, but I was hoping that I could talk the worker into letting Ada and I sit on a horse. He would not allow it. Sniff

The Sesame Street show. Too bad just before we sat down, there was a HUGE down pour and we were stuck in this pavilion for over half an hour with nothin to do but sing songs to Ada.

I am only sure of one of the characters I saw, which was Grover. I need to learn these things

Ada grabbed on to my arm and held on tight when we first walked on stage. Talk about Stranger Anxiety.

This is what we looked like after running to the car. We were thinking that the rain was not going to let up, so made a run for it. I am not going to lie, I kind of enjoyed charging through the puddles and such. Scott on the other hand did not and Ada was pretty much oblivious to it all. She had cover from her stroller at least.

Funny Picture to Make Your Day

This is the face of a baby that took a GREAT nap!
(I did not touch up her hair at all)