Thursday, July 15, 2010


So not only was I thrilled that John and Amy were getting married, I was also very excited (for selfish reasons) that they were getting married in Utah. Reasons being, I have really good friends that live in the ole stompin grounds! Oh yeah, and I could not wait to have Kneaders Bakery. Besides seeing good friends and family, Kneaders was a must and no, it did not dissappoint! What is better than a Kneaders sandwich? I will tell you....eating lunch with good friends AT Kneaders.
I grew up with Kim and Chelsy (on the right) and Kathy and I were roommies for a long time. Our little girls are soon to be besties!

I just love this girl! Kathy is like a sister to me. She was a good substitute when my sis got married and moved away (Don't worry Juls. You will never be replaced!) :)

Kim and Chels...oh where to start with these girls. You probably get a good idea about Kim just by looking at her picture! Hehe. I have also been through a lot with these girls too. We have known each other for years and years! We don't talk as much as we should but it is always a great time when we do meet up. Too bad we don't live closer!
MaryKate and Ada

Ada did great on the drive (as long as I was sitting in the back with her). She only slept a total of one hour on the way and a total of 3 on the way back, though!

A couple of nights before the wedding, a few of the family members went to dinner and since the restaurant was practically empty, we took it upon ourselves (me and Lisa) to create a little playroom. We barricaded the entrance to the back part of the restaurant so the kiddies could roll all over the ground. WT? Maybe, but at least we were able to enjoy our meal in peace.

Ada LOVES to growl and yell. Here she is yelling at her cousin, Zach.

The happy couple

Look Ma, I'm crawling!
We had a blast in Utah. I still have more pictures to put up, but at least I was able to get some up, eh? I really wish that we lived closer to my Utah friends and family. I wasn't able to see everyone that I wanted to, but next visit!
Thanks for getting married in Utah John and Amy!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wedding

My youngest brother John tied the knot on Satuday so the whole family traveled to Utah to share their special day. We had a great time and loved being together. What I loved the most to see all of my siblings and their spouses, in the temple. It was perfect. It was sad to say good bye to everyone. I wish that we all lived closer.
The grandkids waiting patiently for Unlce John and Aunt Amy to come out of the temple.

Anna and Julie. My sister is one Hot Mamma!

I love my nieces!

My best friend! Isn't the temple beautiful? I could not get enough of it and the weather was perfect, minus the strong winds.

Ada was worn out and got her first sunburn! I tried to slather sunscrean all over but missed a few spots on her cheeks. She was a trooper though.

Cousin Dana holding Ada. I don't think Ada felt super confident with this particular hold

Don't be fooled by those big brown eyes. This little guy attacks!

Anna is too cute for words. Juls and Brian will be moving to California next week. Woo hoo. Too bad we are headed back to Florida shortly after their arrival (not that I don't like Florida or anything).

Amy and John just getting out of the temple. The sealing was beautiful and the sealer gave some great advice.

Most of the grandkids. They were only pretending to be wiped out. These guys were wired the whole day.
4 Generations of first daughters! I was really excited to get this picture!

Whoop...there goes the skirt

It was quite windy at Manti Temple and I learned the hard way that my skirt catches the wind quite nicely. I had to pull a Marilyn Monroe in this picture. Good thing I was wearing a slip, eh?

These three kids are hilarious! They have so much fun being together.

John and Amy at the luncheon. They make a good looking couple! We are thrilled to have Amy in the family! Well done John, well done!

Ada and Saige at the reception. These girls build off of each other. If one is being loud and crazy, the other will soon follow.

It was so much fun meeting up with good friends! I don't get to see these girls very often.

What's on your mind John? Wink Wink
This picture just about sums up Ada's personality. All smiles...well most of the time

One of my besties! Ada and Kathy's daughter, Mary Kate are about a month apart. MaryKate has the longest baby legs EVER!

A blossoming friendship. Look at that arm reaching over to love Ada.

Aww....Chels and I have so many fun memories together. We did not get to spend nearly enough time catching up, but was still great to see each other!
I wish I could have spent a few more days in Utah spending time with good friends and family, however, we were not there for me, but for John and Amy! Congrats again you two! Have fun in Hawaii!!