Friday, November 26, 2010

Snot Bubbles

(This is not Ada...just in case there were some who thought so)
So Ada has had a lot of snot bubbles lately. I think they are hilarious and super gross at the same time. I can't help but think of a funny, yet very awkward situation back from my Freshman year at Ricks College every time I see one(Yes, I call it Ricks cause it was Ricks when I was there). There was this guy, I think I remember his name, but am not going to write it out JUST in case his wife has somehow found my blog and reads it for entertainment :).
SO, back to the boy who must not be named. I saw him ALL over campus (that is what happens at a small school) and I always imagined getting to actually talk to him. But of course, I would never initiate such a thing. So I would try and cross paths with him often and prayed that when I did, I looked okay. Well, freshman year was quickly coming to an end and I still had not met him. With only weeks left of the semester I became friends with this awesome girl that just happened to KNOW this guy! I was so excited and told her how I thought he was so cute and wanted to meet him. She pointed me out to him and according to her, he thought I was a nice little catch as well. So during finals week, she arranged for us to meet, I think, or he just saw me hanging out in the "quad"and came up and started talking to me. I have NO idea what was said, I can't remember for the life of me. All I know is that he sneezed (it was really bright), he sneezed many times then wiped his nose a lot cause when you sneeze, your noes runs, right? Well, after the last sneeze, he looked at me and low and behold, he had a giant snot bubble hanging from his nose. That is the reason I can't remember the conversation, because I could not take my eyes off of that horrible sight. All of the cuteness left him immediately and my stomach was churning. I could not figure out what to do, if I should tell him or let him just walk to class with a giant snot bubble. I chose the ladder. My guess is that he went to the bathroom to blow his nose (because I bet he was slightly freaking out he didn't completely clean his running nose when he wiped it) and noticed the bubble. It makes a lot of sense that he never called me (he did get my number). If I had gone out with him, chances are, I would only see a snot bubble when I looked into his face.
SO, this was very random, but I had a good laugh. I laughed as I told Scott about it today, I laughed as I wrote it all out, and I laughed as I imagined Jenny Hill Peterson (freshman roommie) reading this and cracking up because she remembers me telling her all about it! Every time your kid gets a snot bubble, or heaven forbid, yourself, I hope you think of me and the awkward situation I was in so many years ago!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ragnar 2010

Remember when Scott and I did THIS?

Well, I also did it the summer before we were married. Both Scott and I were signed up to run this last year, but I did not feel ready to leave my very new baby. So, we dropped out a few weeks before the big race. I was craving to run the Ragnar this year. After two years of not running it, I had forgotten everything I hated about it and could only remember only things I loved. It's funny. There are probably more things that I hate about the Ragnar then I love, but what I love far outweighs those things I don't. A friend of mine and I tried to round up a Pinellas County team but most people rejected our offer. Whimps! I Kid.

Well, a week and a half before the big race, I was talking to my sis who was hanging out with our good friend. This friend has a sister who lives out here in the FL and she was running the Ragnar. Half seriously, half not, I told her to tell her SIL that if they needed a runner, I was their gal. Now you know how sometimes we offer our assistance half heartedly? That was kind of what I did. I really didn't think that two days later, I would be getting a phone call inviting me to run the Ragnar...Had I been training? No. Did I have a good pair of running shoes? No. Did I know anyone on my potential team? No. Did I say, "Yes?". Of course!

I did run one 11 miler the Saturday before Ragnar and it made me super nervous for the race becuase I realized just how unprepared I was. Oh well, it was still amazing!

Here I am, a Sole Sister, ready to head out to the first exchange (I ran in the 2nd van so that means we didn't start our legs until later in the day).

Oh the Love. Van 2 in all of her Glory. We really did have a great little group. I felt like I bonded with each of these girls and felt so close so fast. Aubrey (far left standing by me), was the reason I got invited to run. She had been running in her marathon and injured her leg. So, she did what any good person would the car for us. We totally appreciated her. The rest of the ladies were amazing and so fun. We had many serious conversations that even involved some tears, laughs about bathroom humor, and even some pretty scary faces. Oh the crazy things that we thought were funny when you are going on no sleep!

No, I wasn't really running, but I was ready to go

The whole group. No one could beat the "Sole Sisters!" I mean that figuratively and not literally beacause we got beat by just bout every team.

Still feeling good!!! Oh wait, because I hadn't run yet. I was just about to start my first leg. I told myself that I didn't want to get passed by ANYONE. Well, about halfway through my run, I notice someone slowly sneaking up behind me (well running). We will call her, "Fishy." Well, she snuck right past me and I never could catch up. She just had a lot more in her than I did. The team she was on was being sponsored by their husbands who were professional Bass Fisherman. They had video cameras on them and everything. I bet they recorded her smoking past me. I was a good sport and went and patted her on the back afterwards. I even admitted to her that there was no way I could keep her pace.

We were pretty tired in this picture. I believe it was a couple hours before our second leg. We spent a lot of time in this van. I can't imagine what it smelled like once all of us peeled our stinky selves off of the seats for good.

Our awesome driver, Aubrey. She saved us from some crazy drivers!

Shelly was one of my van-mates. Shelly, me and Aubrey spent way to much jabbing and not enough time sleeping.

So, I have more pictures that I need to post, but my computer is being dumb, but I have some little funny moments that I want to write:
1. There is nothing more beautful and perfect than a nice warm shower when you are stinky and sore. But is it really worth it when they are community showers?? At our last exchange (one more leg to run), there were showers. Well, a few of our van mates had already showered and told us the water was nice and warm. Nothing else, NOTHING else was said about them being community. SO you can imagine the shock on our poor prudish faces when we walk into a room full of naked women with no shame. Three of us girls huddled in the corner, fully clothed, debating what to do first. We decided that we couldnt shower at the same time, because that would just be weird. SO Laura started first. She was back in less than a minute. Shelly was next. She was gone about 3 minute and told me she found a nice little corner and didn't turn around. SO I found the little corner she was talking about and did it. YES, I showered in a community shower. Granted, I didn't get as clean as I would like because normal shower routines can be awkward with others close by. Was I a little disturbed about the "Openess" of some of the women? Yes. Was I grossed out about the dirty underwear left on the floor? Yes. Was I happy that I was able to conquer a huge feat? ABSOLUTELY
2. Forgetting how to sleep. One would think that you could fall asleep at the drop of a hat when you have had next to no sleep, been running throughout the night, cheering on your teammates that were running throughout the night, etc, etc. Not the case for almost my whole van. We were so tired that sleep did not visit us. Not once during race time did I snooze. Okay, maybe for 30 seconds cause I woke myself up after a little snore.
3. I am going to have to write more later, only because I am realizing that this is turning into a long post and I am totally putting more important things on hold to finish this. Like, cleaning my apt.
Just know that anyone that even is just considering trying out a Ragnar...DO IT. It is so dang hard, and yes, you may puke, yes you are more tired than you can ever imagine, and yes you really start to stink from the dried up sweat and dirt stuck to you, but you bond with the people in your car, you accomplish some really hard runs, and you stay up all night doing it. Now, how could that not be fun!???