Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's the Final Countdown...

So to-date, I am 37 weeks and one day! We took these pictures yesterday right after working out so don't mind the sweat!!
Anyway, from behind there has not been much change from what others may say but I do not need to go into detail of all the changes I have experienced! :).
I swear, I have grown so much in the last couple of weeks. I just had my 37 week check up on Thursday and so far I have gained 30 pounds! Yikes!! The number on the scale is a number that I have never seen before...oh well. Everything is looking good. The baby has a strong heartbeat and is measuring right on!

Okay, really, the next prego pictures that I post, I will make sure that I am showered! I promise that I have not "let myself go" not yet anyway!! :) You can see how large and in charge that I have become. I am having a harder time getting in and out of the car, and breathing gets difficult at times. But overall, I feel so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy.

Yeah...cleaned and showered. This was taken a little later that day! I was just sitting there and enjoying a bowl of cereal and Scott thought I looked extra prego and wanted to get a few pictures of it. I never thought I would be able to rest a bowl on my stomach while I ate. It makes quite the nice table.
I only thought it to be fair to get a picture of my cute husband as well. This is what a father-to-be looks like.

The crib and bedding. We have not hung the pictures yet, but I wanted to post some pictures of our purchases! I love the crib (thanks again Gary and Vivian) and the bedding is perfect for us. We found a great deal and decided to get the whole set. We had a heck of a time getting the crib home to our place. We had it shipped to my office (cause Scott was going to be out of town) and had a really hard time fitting it into our car. In fact, Scott had to hold the door shut on our drive home from my work cause we could not shut it all the way.
This is a little crooked but here is an idea of what the sheets look like. We will be hanging up the two pictures, but I think that I want to paint first. We have been back and forth about it, but I think that the room will look so much better!

Well, I am sure that I will get a few more posts in before baby comes. We are not set on a name. I get the "name" question daily, but there are 3 that we are deciding between. Who knows, maybe there will be more by the time she arrives! So many peeps say that we will just "know" when we see her. I might have to disagree a little. I think what it will come down to is what we like the best!! I have a hard time with the statement "You will just know." Anyway, we are getting excited!! I am not necessarily excited about the upcoming pain and complete "exposure" to a lot of different people all at once..but, that is all part of the game, right!?
I am definately getting drugs..aka Epidural. I am too much of a wimp not to. I have not researched other alternatives because I know that I want the drugs!!
I am starting to swell in my legs, feet, and hands, but not terribly. I no longer can wear my wedding ring and have little fake bands on instead. Bed time is almost a chore now because I have to position the pillows just right and find just the right sleep position to be able to be comfortable. BUT....that is okay!! It will all be worth it in the end!

PS...did you get any sweet 80's song stuck in your head when you read the title? Just wondering!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

34 Weeks

Please excuse the nastiness of the hair and lack of make-up. This picture was taken tonight at 10:00 after we already worked out. I just thought that it was time to post another prego update.

34 weeks and what I am feeling now:
1. Pain. I think everything hurts. If I work out, even swim, I am walking around like an old person with arthritis (no offense to anyone that may be older and happens to have arthritis)
2. Tons of movement. I have been saying that I would much rather have a baby that is moving around than a baby that makes me worry cause she is not moving. Sometimes though, when she is up in my ribs, I wish she would settle down.
3. Slow. Sometimes I forget I am pregnant as I am trying to get up too fast or bend over only to be reminded of the ever growing belly that gets in the way. Even putting on my running shoes gets a little tricky. I have a lot of friends training right now for an upcoming race, and I have to admit that part of me is experiencing a touch of envy.
4. Forgetful. I know that it is part of pregnancy, but really...must I forget what I am trying to say mid sentence?
5. Excitement. I have to admit, for some reason, the month of July was panic month. All of these fears surfaced and I felt like it was a continual battle between my negative thoughts and what was real. Now, I just feel excitement. Excitement to be a mom, to see our daughter, for Scott to be a dad, to love and teach her.
6. Contractions? I am not completely sure if they have been contractions/braxtions hicks? But for sure things have been changing a lot. One morning I really thought that I might be starting early labor because I felt cramping for like a minute straight. But that was it. No more after that. Now I get tightness in my stomach, but nothing to be concerned about. At least I don't think.
7. Short of breath. It was I walk in the door and am trying to tell Scott something but was so winded. It took me a few tries to get it all out. This little baby is sucking the air right out of me. But it is all so worth it!
8. Reality. I am feeling the reality of how much our lives are going to change, but in a good way. I mean, I know that being a parent will have its many challanges and difficulties, but among those things, joy and fulfillment.

So, here is to 34 weeks and counting! We are secretly hoping (well I guess it is not a secret anymore) that baby will be born on 09-09-09 and be the 9th grandchild on both sides (so Lisa, don't have your girl before me!!). But the most important thing is that she will be healthy!

And here is what the husband looks like at my 34 weeks (okay fine...I told him to stick his stomach out!) Still lookin good...:)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Stache...

Couple of weeks ago I was talking to my sister in law who lives in Pennsylvania. She was telling me that they were taking a trip out to Boston to see a Red Sox game. I thought that would be fun for Scott to see his oldest brother and twin (who is living with them for the summer) and bond during the game.
Scott starts school in about two weeks now and he finished his internship so there is not a lot going on at home right now. I was at first, joking around with Stacy that we should see if Scott could go. She was all over that. Before we knew it, Scott and I were looking for flights for him and then booking those flights. Two weeks later, he was gone for 7 days. I assured him I would be fine, that I would stay busy while he was gone (which I pretty much was), but I forgot about how lonely the nights would be. It was weird coming home from work and having no one to talk to about my boring day! By day three of him gone, I was ready for his return. He had a great time with his family and I was glad that he could go. Next time I will go with him. Well, Wednesday I leave work early to go pick him up at the airport. His phone was dead so I had to make sure to drive extra slow so I would see him. I spot his clothes from the road, then looked a little bit closer. From the curbside pickup, I noticed he was flashing something I had never before seen on him...A Stache!! He got in the car, looked at me, then laughed. I knew he had the capabilities of growing a mean mustache, but I was shocked at how fast it had grown.
Funny story about mustaches. My dad had one almost my whole entire life until one day, my Junior year, he walks out of his room and my mouth dropped open. He no longer had a mustache. I felt like I did not know my dad. That was apart of him, apart of what I loved so much. True Story. I used to cry as a little girl when I imagined him shaving his mustache. I worried that I would not love him without one (no kidding, sensitive little thing). I always wanted to marry someone with a stache. No worries, that changed as I got older. Probably into college :).
So, in all honesty, it was fun for the few days that Scott had his mustache. I almost forgot it was there. We would be out in public and start laughing cause we realized he was sportin a stache. We thought it would be best for him to shave before church today because he had to teach. However, come Christmas, when we are home for the break, he is going to go for the long haul (three weeks) and grow that puppy back. Maybe have a little competition with the brother's and brother's in law! :) Farewell little stache, until Christmas!
This one is a tad bit too close up. We had to capture the thickness of it though! :)

Don't mind the ironing board in the background. I think he looks handsome and rugged! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Great Party

Wow...I have posted a ton lately! Go me. My really good friend Tiffany Feger threw me a baby shower and spoiled me rotten! I told her that we are going to be using pink and brown for our colors so she went all out. Everything was pretty much pink and brown...even her outfit. Loved it!Tiffany reminds me of my sister...very crafty. She made me all sorts of stuff. There was the baby bib, changing pad, diaper case cover and my ultimate favorite, the baby sling (the flower print material). She will have to show me again how to use it because it is quite confusing!! :)

I am not gonna lie, rather than having to keep visiting the table, I grabbed two plates and filled them. The food was delish. There were homemade spring rolls from a sweet lady from the ward, fruit and dip, awesome cupcakes (Thanks Katie), tasty bean dip (thanks Redd's) and pink and brown candy everywhere!!

This is the face I make when I really love something! Okay, I am lying, I really have no idea what we were talking about and why I have such a "stink eye" going on!

Little Malachi. He is the exact same age of my nephew Luke (well, a few hours younger, but who is counting?).

You would think that whatever was written on the card was hilarious, HOWEVER, I felt awkward reading all of the card's in front of everyone so I did not read them at the party (I did later when I got home). We all know that no one else really wants to wait around for me to read each and everyone of them.

My buddy Dylan (Tiffany's oldest). He was sitting on the stairs watching me open my gifts. The first thing he asked me is if I had my baby yet. He is so dang cute. He calls Scott, Scotty!

Gift #1 from Tiffany (Decorated wipe case). Jaynee was really jealous of my sweet gift!

Gift #2: Baby bib. Isn't that the cutest material? I love it.

Gift #3: Changing pad

Gift #4: Baby sling (the reason behind the shocked look is because Tiffany had another gift for me. I was not mad..promise!)

Dylan wanted to help us clean up.

The party planner herself, Tiffany! Check out that cool clothesline in the background. It was so cute and each of the clothespins were painted pink and brown! I never realize how tall I am until I take a picture next to people!

There were four pregos at the party. We are standing in order of due dates. The two in the middle are due at the end of October and Jackie is due the beginning of December.

Gotta Love the bumps!

Katie Carter. We kept laughing because my belly was getting in the way of things.

Abigail Hyler. She guessed at like 7 weeks when I was prego. I had not told a lot of people and at an enrichment activity one night she flat out asked me if I was expecting. She then told me I had the "glow" about me. I was shocked I had a glow...I was still feeling kinda gross at that time! :) I am very excited for them to have their baby! She is having a boy and naming him Tristan. So cute.

Thanks to everyone who came to the shower and for all of the gifts. A special thanks to Tiffany for hosting, planning and throwing a great party! It was really special for me!
Now I wish I would have taken a cupcake with me. They sound good right now!! :)