Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ada Lily

Ada Ba-dayda (who knows how to spell that nickname? Not me). 
She will be three in September but talks like a 4 year old. It is ridiculous. This little girl is a ball full of energy. Ada rarely walks anywhere, she is either running, skipping, or jumping. For reals. I don't even know really where to start with Ada so I guess I will just start with are morning routine then throw random stuff in the mix. Ada is an awesome sleeper (probably because we still let her have a binky at night time and naps). In fact, when she wakes up in the morning, she usually hangs out in her crib for a few more minutes just savoring her time with her binky. When I ask her if she is ready, without fail, every time she will say, "Mom, I am just about." "Just About" is something I hear a crazy amount of times during the day. If she is busy playing and I tell her we need to leave she will say, "Im just about." Now notice she doesn't add "ready" to the sentence. It is only, "Just about." Back to morning routine. She goes potty and since we are on to potty talk now I have to share some of the conversations that go on during this time. When we first started potty training (during one of the 3 times), there were times we knew that she had to poop ( I will be using poop and pee words during this part so feel free to skip if this makes your stomach squirm) and if "things" didn't happen fast enough she would tell us she was all done. SO we had to start telling her it takes time sometimes to go potty. So now, if "things" aren't happening fast enough she will say, "Mom (or Dad), sometimes it takes time to go potty." And now she adds that she needs a potty break if "things aren't happening fast enough. We always have random conversations during this time. It can be anything from the Big Bad Wolf is going to come and bite her bum or that there are monsters in the hall and they are going to come get her if she doesn't go potty . You get the picture. Her imagination is running wild. Back to morning routine. 
Ada loves cereal for breakfast and she usually asks for Kix. She always asks for one show (it used to be one "episode") and I usually give in and let her watch Mickey Mouse or Jake. After watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates as much as she does, sometimes she tells me that she is Captain Hook and I am Mr Shmee. 
Okay, so I am done with the morning routine. Pretty much after her one show and breakfast, we get on with whatever events we have planned for the day (which could be absolutely nothing). Right now she is in a Mommy and Me swim class and she is doing great. Ada loves to impress any adult figures so when her teacher asks is she can help her put her face in the water, Ada complies. But, as soon as the teacher leaves she tells me that she is all done for the day putting her face in the water. They get a few minutes during class to jump off of the wall to the Moms arms and Ada always has to be a Frog or bird (and even a deer once) while she jumps. It is so funny.
Ada is a little stinker sometimes (A lot of times). She is really good at ignoring her parents (or grandparents). If I have to repeatedly tell her to stop something or do something the right way (like washing her hands properly), I warn her that she will lose her privileges (and she knows what that means). So one random day I was talking to her and she said, "Mom, I am very angry at you, you have lost your privilege." Seriously? Who is this kid. I really need to be careful what I say around or to her because she is a sponge and repeats phrases to me all the time. Here are some of the things she has said back to me:
*Don't talk to me like that
*I am very angry at you
*You need a time out

There are a lot more but I can't think of them right now. 
Ada stutters right now. I guess I wouldn't really call it a problem, just more of a phase. I think what is happening is she is trying to form her sentences and if she is overly excited she will repeat the first word while she is figuring out exactly what it is she is trying to say. I think it is really cute.
Ada is very manipulative. We let her have her binky in the car if it is a really long car ride (but only if the drive is interrupting nap time or bed time). So, anyway, we will be driving along and Ada will say something along the lines of this, "Mom, I'm really, really tired. I think I need my binky and blanket." And if it is around nap time, I will turn the show off, assuming she is watching one, and tell her it is time to take a rest. She will take her binky, suck on it for about five minutes, then hand everything back and say she isn't tired anymore and ask for her show again. We don't fall for that one anymore, but my parents sure did when they took her to the bay area a couple of weeks ago. 
Ada loves to dance and loves music. I have to be careful what I listen to on the radio (not that I listen to anything bad) because she remembers the lyrics. For example, the Adele song, Rumour Has It.That one came on and she said, "Oh, it is the Rumour has it, ooohhh, song." And she will continue asking for it. That song, "Cut Me out" I think it is called, she will name that one and ask if it is on. She can sing the chorus of "Call Me Maybe." It just blows my mind. SO yeah, I have been trying extra hard to keep things really appropriate while we drive around town. 
Ada is super territorial over her toys and has a really hard time sharing. She will grab toys from Ivy and will occassionally hit a friend to get a toy back then she will come crying to me saying how So and so wouldn't give her the toy she wanted. We are really working hard on this one. 
I think one of the funniest/most annoying things Ada does right now is if someone is doing something that is bothering her she will tell them that she doesn't like that and to please stop. Let me draw a picture for you. She is sitting at the table with a friend and that friend starts to do spider fingers towards Ada. Ada will say, "So and so, I don't like that, please stop." That usually works. Well, not even a minute later will Ada do the exact same thing back to her friend. Her friend will ask her to stop but she keeps pushing the line. Ahhh...drive me crazy, She does it to me too and it's like fingernails on the chalkboard. 
I really could go on and on, but I should end on this one final thing she does. She isn't supposed to jump in the crib, on beds, couches, etc. She isn't supposed to touch my closet doors because they come off track very easily. So Ada will be jumping and I will ask her to stop. So she will just barely bounce and say, "Mom, I'm just going to do this." I wish you could see this. She knows it drives me crazy but she will just  keep on going. Or she will be touching my mirror and I will ask her to stop. She will graze her finger across it and say, "Mom, I am just doing this." In the end, it really is funny, but in the heat of the moment, I go nuts. 
She really is one of the funniest little girls I have ever met. I am continually blown away by her each day!
Wow, long post. Enjoy the pictures below.

 With one of her besties. They rub off on each other for the good AND the bad. Love these girlies. 
I think that Ada is one of the biggest goofballs. 
And we love this little goofball 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ivy Girl

Ivy Girl
My Sister in law did individual posts on each of her kids and I felt inspired to do the same (or in other words, I copied her!). I haven't posted enough about this sweet angel. And I can tell you, she really is an angel.
Ivy is almost 9 months! I feel like this past month has flown by. 
She had her first real sickness a week ago and let me tell you, it was a rough week. I was certain that it was just teething because she is at that age. After two days of really high temperatures and lethargy I took her to the doctor. And of course, the doctor said it was a slight cold combined with teething. While there,  I had a feeling it was more than that. The pediatrician already knows about Ada and her reflux so I asked the doctor if she thought that Ivy could have a bladder infection. She didn't think so but said we could test her urine just in case. SOO, they put on this crazy plastic diaper thingy that catches urine (basically it is a little bag you tape to the' ahemm' parts and put her diaper over it). I was lucky that Ivy cooperated and peed in the plastic bag. Low and behold, there was bacteria in her urine. Not a bladder infection I guess, just bacteria, which was causing the high fever. We were able to get antibiotics that night (don't even get me started on the hell we went through to actually GET her medicine) and within 12 hours, her fever was pretty much gone (that was after her fever spiked to 104!). So it was a long week for us girls. She was a trooper though and spent a lot of time sleeping in my arms. 
Ivy is a growler. I tell you it is the funniest thing EVER!. Scott will walk into the room and she will smile really big and growl at him. She growls at Ada, she growls at everyone. I love it. She knows she is getting a reaction out of it so she continues growling. 
My favorite thing to do with Ivy is tickle her. Not tickle her to make her giggle and laugh (although I do love that and do it often) but the kind where she goes completely limp. I will be getting her ready for bed and once she knows she is close to nursing she starts to fuss and turn and twist all over the bed. To get her to calm down I just start slowly tickling her over her face, her tummy legs and arms and she goes completely still. It is so funny. She just looks at me and does not budge. Sometimes Ivy will be holding my arm and I feel like she is on the verge of twitching and squirming, especially when I see goosebumps form on her legs. 
Ivy is on the verge of crawling. Right now she sits and will lunge or bend in half to reach a toy just out of reach. She will also purposely fall over to get that toy. I think her first crawls are going to scooting backwards. 
I have Ivy on solid foods and while she was sick she barely at a thing. I decided to try saltines because those don't hurt your stomach or anything. Well now, she doesn't like baby food as much and loves crackers. Dangitt! She also loves the applesauce in the pouches. I like those too, much less mess. 
Ivy isn't a huge belly laugher. I would say she is more of a giggler. It is really cute and quiet. I love it. She is anything but a quiet baby though.
 Ivy LOVES Ada and I know she is so excited for the day to be able to run and play with her. I think Ada feels like the funniest little girl when she gets Ivy going. If I am trying to put Ivy to bed and Ada comes into the room, all cuddling stops instantaneously and Ivy whips around to see what Ada is doing. 
I love that Ivy is starting to understand things. She knows what kisses are. Scott will get home from work or she will be going to bed and he will ask her for a kiss. Ivy gets a cute smile on her face, leans in, opens her mouth and pretty much just licks Scott. But in her mind, it is a kiss. Super adorable. She doesn't kiss me as much. It is more hers and Scott's thing (or maybe I don't ask for as many kisses so it can be their thing. I'm such a good wife!) She will try and bite me (for fun). If she is in a giggly mood, she will lunge toward me and burrow her head into my neck and every once in awhile, I can tell the mouth is open and she is ready to clamp down on my neck. 
We just love our little Ivy so much and enjoy our time with her. I am still nursing (which is so crazy for me because Ada was done by 6 months) and I have a feeling she won't give up so easy! 
If you read this far, congrats. Enjoy the pictures below. 
 She loves looking at herself in the mirror. So vain!
 At one point, Ivy loved watermelon. She is kind of indifferent now.

Loves the water.
 Gotta love the bum

Love you little baby girl!

Ada's post will come soon