Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was so much fun! My brother's in law's own a house in St George and they were so kind to let my family spend the weekend there. The house was beautiful and cozy. I could live there. Anyway, my parents and Chad flew out, Julie, Brian and Anna drove from Arizona, and Scott and me, Steve, Lisa and kids and John drove from the Valley. We missed Jeff and his family, but hopefully next time. We pretty much did a little bit of everything. We relaxed, had Wii Competitions (thanks to Julie and Brian), we ate great food (thanks parents), went to a movie, and played with the kids. I couldnt get enough of my niece and nephews. They were hilarious. Scott became Eastons favorite the last night because he was playing spiderman with him and chasing him all around the house. The day we were leaving, Easton came up to Scott and looking up with his puppy dog brown eyes, asked Scott if he would play spiderman again. It was so cute. We had an awesome weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad, and the Kandalls for everything!!
Anna, cute as can be. She is in between Zach and Easton. She and Zach for some reason did not get along very well.

We didnt get too many pictures of John. He pretty much studied all weekend for the DAT and was writing his Personal Statement.

Just relaxing. The couches were AMAZING

This was a super cool park that we went to. There was supposed to be a farmers market, but apparently it was canceled that day. Instead, we watched my dad play in the water with Anna and Easton. It was pretty funny to see my dad get right there in the water with them. I thought about it, but remembered very quickly that my clothes we be wet and I hate being cold.

Easton going crazy in the water. He was pretty much laying down in it by the end of the little romp in the water.

SO CUTE. These two were best friends. I think they even turned into kissing cousins....Uh Oh!!

I think I know what Scott was thinkin in this picture..."Come on...can you just leave the camera home for one day?" I pretty much bring it wherever we go.

The Girls. We should have reminded Juls to put her sunglasses on!

What makes me love this picture the most is Brian is being totally normal, but then you look at Chad and Scott and both of them are being "silly" (I probably said that word 100 times over the weekend)

BOXING COMPETITION on the Wii. Julie made a fun bracket and we had a nice challenging competition. I am proud to say that My sister-in-law, Lisa kicked Steve's trash. She was quite feisty. Both Lisa and I were sore the next day. We worked it pretty hard.

Mom and Dad. I think that my mom beat my dad. I could be wrong though.

Me working hard to try and beat Chad. He is an ANIMAL with boxing. He could go turbo speed and pretty much all I could do was dodge him. I think I lasted two rounds with him.

Now Scott is one of the most athletic people that I know. But I am proud to say that I beat him BOTH times we played each other. GO ME...Woot Woot

The Champion. My brother in law, Brian. But, he DOES own it and DOES play a lot. :)

Easton and Anna playing against each other. At one point, Easton got pretty upset when he lost to his Dad. So, we made sure that he won a round. He was proud of himself.

Family picture at the St George Temple. It was gorgeous! I love that temple.

Im really not pullin away from the kiss...although it may look like it.
The weekend was amazing...We Had a great time.


The Ostler Family said...

Ok, I the picture of your parents playing the Wii, that is great!! Jealous that your fam got to get together. Also, when did John become so grownup and handsome? I think the last time I saw him was before his mission.

The Ostler Family said...

p.s. love your hair!

Cynthia said...

Well for your information, I KNOCKED you Dad out! Amazing! ha haha It was a GREAT weekend!!!

Boquinha said...

There goes Scott with his hand on your butt again. Scott, Dude, save it for your own time! ;):P You guys are so cute together. :)

Lisa K said...

Your hair is so stinkin' cute. I want Kim to make mine look like yours!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Lisa!!! It is so much fun

Trav and Kris said...

Ok, you are seriously gonna have to teach me how to post multiple pictures...I still can not figure it out. So, are y'all in SLC? We NEED to hang out if that's the case! My cell is (208)390-1673. Let's leave the planning up to us know how boys can be. Plus..Elizabeth Berkley is super nice. SOOO nice! She's here filming the new Donny Darko movie. I've seen her naked way more times than I should...yeah, fun times.

TraciP said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

honus and Cameron said...

fun pictures...i get so frustrated looking at your DARLING HAIR.....

Hailey Kandell said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun, Isnt St George Pretty??

Kevin and Jen said...

This looks like a blast! St. George is so fun. By the way, your dress in the temple pics is ADORABLE. You are just way gorgeous!

Gleason Family said...

Never a dull moment when a bunch of Lovell's are together, huh? :) Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Cute cute pics. And by the way, our trip to Cancun WAS definitely fun, but nothing will ever be like a roomie vacation to Florida and the Bahamas! I miss those times!!! :) LoVeS!

Trav and Kris said...

Ok...I went to That's where I found my template. Just follow the's really easy!