Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wasatch Back

Wasatch Back is reserved for crazy people. It is a 180 mile run from Logan to Park City. Most people have a team of 12 and each person runs three different legs. You pretty much live in a truck/van for 24 hours except for the times that you are running or visiting the "Honey Buckets" (Porter Potty). We even slept about three hours in the truck (the two guys in the 2 front seats and the 4 girls on a mattress in the back). I never really slept because my stomach hurt and I couldn't fully straighten out. I was the first runner and started my run at 11:40AM. My total mileage for the whole race was around 19. Scott was runner three and his total mileage was about 15. Originally, it was just XanGo employees running on our team, but after some dropouts, I pretty much begged Scott to run with us. After no sleep for over 24 hours, no shower, and waiting for over 5 hours for our second van to cross the finish line, I asked Scott how he liked the race and he said, "Never again!" I was very glad that he ran with us. He was a trooper!

Logan: Still clean and smiling. Scott had no idea what he was getting himself into.

1/2 of our team before the race started. Once everyone in our truck finished their first leg, the second van started their race. Once the second van finished, we started over again.

There were 20 teams that started when I did. I was determined not to come in last place. I was able to stay pretty much in the middle of the pack the whole time.

Poor Scott. His first run was in the heat of the day and a pretty boring, long stretch of land. When we had runners on the road, we would usually stop every mile or two to give them water. I was Scott's water girl every time.

The Porter Potties (Honey Buckets) were surprisingly decent. But for the love...how did they come up with the name of Honey Bucket for a porter potty?

We saw some really awesome scenery on the run. Last year I didn't notice this area cause I was dying on the 7 mile uphill run.

Erin Simkins...an old roommie...we had some great times together. She joined our team the day before. She is an animal! This girl can run!

A few minutes before my second run. I think it was 9:30PM when I started my 8.5mile downhill run. You better believe I was pretty sore afterwards!

We had to wear reflector vests and headlamps for night runs.

Scott had to drive for a little bit. It was probably around 1:00AM in this picture. Scott was pretty wiped out.

I finished my last run! It was so hard. It started at 7:00AM, I was cold, tired and VERY sore. I was in survival mode. Halfway through the run I got really hungry and was craving a bagel and cream cheese. Scott offered me water and asked if I needed anything. All I said was to have a bagel and cream cheese waiting for me at the end. PS...I am aware of the sweat. But give me a break, I just ran 5.6.miles.

Oh Cute Scott...excited to run his last run!

The handoff...

And...he is DONE!

A picteresque moment.

Park City. We had to wait here for about 5 hours for the other 6 members of the team. So, you can imagine how LONG that was for us. Not only were we very sore and smelly, but we were super hot and tired. While we waited in line for a free massage, Scott decided to sleep instead. I was so mad...we get these free massages and of course, I get the wierd creepy guy that has a scary touch! Oh yeah...and Scott got burned.

Just waiting. The rest of our team finally crossed the finish line around 5. We drove home, showered, and attempted to finish/start our gospel doctrine lesson. Within about 1o/15 minutes I gave up and went to bed (It was around 9:30). Scott, though, was pretty awake since he slept almost all day on Saturday so he stayed up to work on the lesson. Around 3:30AM, I felt on Scott's side of the bed and he wasn't there. I pulled myself out of the bed and limped out to the couch. The light was on, scriptures were open and Scott was out cold. I came to find the next morning that Scott lasted about 3 minutes then fell asleep. The lesson still went well.
I had such a fun time running with Scott. It was one last hurrah before we leave for Florida!! Good times!


Lovell Family said...

Wow...way to go you guys! Like the pictures...and your background is really cute! We've got to get together again soon...it won't be long until you two are outta here!

Cynthia said...

You are one CRAZY Lady!!!! Scott's a real trooper!!! Pictures were great! It looks like a beautiful run. I'd like to see the road map of it. See you soon!

Boquinha said...

Great post, Lindsay! Wow, what a run! The scenery is really pretty--especially, believe it or not, behind the "honey buckets." What's Scott wearing on his arm in one of those bottom pictures? It's funny you post about this--I just read about it yesterday here. It's a cool post.

Boquinha said...

P.S. We're excited for you guys!!

Lisa K said...

Although that was the hardest thing I ever did and swore I would never do that race again, I kinda missed it and wished I could have done it! You're a machine out there!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? There is no way we are from the same parents!!! Poor Scott! Great pics linds, you're crazy! Erin looks so cute, you two are machines!

JonandLo said...

Way to go!! Just for the record though..I think you're crazy =)

Shannon said...

WOW!!! you guys are troopers! I don't know how you do it, but good job!

emily said...

oh my gosh, you did it AGAIN? i can't believe it! congratulations to you both!

J Fo said...

I think that the common thread here among your comments is...that you're both crazy! In a good way of course. :) Congrats!

Trav and Kris said...

Holy crap...y'all are some real die hards. How fun for you to do that together.

honus and Cameron said...