Friday, September 19, 2008


Sometimes I think that Scott wishes that Zack was his son
Sometimes I do a little modeling on the side...ok, not really, this was a photoshoot at my old job. I got to be in their catalog (not this picture though)

Sometimes I miss my sister so much and hope that we will be neighbors once our husbands are done with school

Sometimes Scott tries to bite me. But my mom taught me as a little girl, that if someone bites us, we can bite them back. Or was it, if we bit someone, she would bite us back? I think that ladder is the correct answer

Sometimes it looks like Scott has two different color eyes, but he and his mom (and now me), will tell you that they are the same color (Vivian, those words are from Scott's mouth, maybe you also think they are two different colors..hehe)

Sometimes I wonder if Scott and I would have ever talked about our relationship this weekend (we were in Cedar City at his brother and sis-in-law's graduation) if his brother Greg would not have brought it up for us at dinner, in front of everyone (still was not embarrassed)

Sometimes we, us kids, torture our mom by tring to touch her hair. She goes into survival mode and starts flailing her arms all about and screams. Sometimes even a little slap (not too hard).

Sometimes I do crazy things a marathon. And sometimes I get even crazier by pushing myself extra hard in a marathon so my brother will not pass me.

Sometimes I miss my long hair!

Sometimes I dress up like an 80's girl and find random kids dressed up like Dumbo

Sometimes I wish I talked to my brother John more. We used to be so close!

Sometimes I wish I had all the money in the world so I can travel more!!

Sometimes I wish I was shorter so I can fit into this awesome desk.

Sometimes my nephew puts chopsticks in his mouth to be cool

Sometimes I pretend to be Chinese, especially while I wear the cool hats

Somtimes I drive ATV's and sometimes they almost tip over while I am driving (With Scott on the back). And while it is tipping over, sometimes I accidentally say a bad word.

Sometimes I wish that I was busier at work so I would not feel guilty posting a blog and getting paid for it!


Anonymous said...

sometimes I get so excited about living next to my sister, I forget neither one of our husbands have jobs

Dad said...

Sometimes I wished I felt more guilty at work for reading blogs and posting my comments.

Loved the pictures and the thoughts

Love Dad-in-law

emily said...

hilarious! one of my favorite blog posts ever.

emily said...

oh yeah. remember how much zack loved me at your going away party? that was awesome.

brettandfrancia2cultures said...

Sometimes I wish too have much money to TRAVEL!!! Sometimes I wish we could live in my motherland, sometimes I wish I could be with my family forever and ever...sometimes
what a good post made me think and felt oh no I miss my mom!!

Lovell Family said...

Awesome!...just for the's Zach :)

Boquinha said...

Great post! And two thoughts:


I could probably fit in that desk. :P

Boquinha said...

Emily, it says "Sometimes" not "Something." :P ;)

J Fo said...

Awesome! I might steal this idea for my blog. ;)

I think that Scott's left eye (the one on the right of the picture) is totally lighter!

That weekend I told Greg to back off so many times! He kept ssaying, "So what are you guys? Friends of boyfriend/girlfriend?" and "So is this just a fling, or is it serious?" I was DYING!!! I'm glad that his 'gentle' nudges and 'subtle' hints were just what you needed!

Jaren said...

You guys are so cool! I miss you much. So I don't know if Scott knows this or not, but Oji is the fastest driver of all time. I know for a fact that he ponders ways to do the routes faster in his spare time.

In other news, Kristin is pregnant. Whoa crazy! I know. She's due for the 15th of May, but I'm sure that date will change as it has changed 3 times since she found out she was pregnant. So that's our biggest news.

Also I wish I were as smart as the Scott-meister because I am in Physics 105 and it is quite the trash-kicker, e.g. it is kicking my trash. But I'm a better man for it. And my last thought is that we should fly Scott in for Mail Force One basketball games. That's all.

Cynthia said...

Sometimes I MISS my kids so much and dream about all of you living in our little court! Life would be perfect!!! (for me anyway, ha ha) Even just CA or Northern CA!
Great Blog!

Cynthia said...

As far as the eyes, unless my color is off, the left eye looks very brown to me and the right looks greenish hazel, but then of course, I may be seeing things. If I remember correctly, my son John has the same configuration, kind of cool!!!

The Ostler Family said...

I like that post. It make me miss not having kids. Josh and I got to do some dang fun stuff so enjoy it (I wouldn't trade my kids for anything!!) I also wish that i could live closer to my sisters, that would be so nice. As for posting at work, enjoy!!

Chelsy said...

Wait, according to Emily you had a going away party?! When was this? Was it during the time that you cancelled your LAST LUNCH with Kim and I? Just curious! And I'm telling Kim! :o)

jenny said...

That was so fun to read Lindsay! I fear when I cut my hair I'll be saying the same thing. Scott's eyes are different colors. Absolutely. I notice eyes- just ask Doug :)

Anonymous said...

What a FUN post, Linds! I'm in LOVE with your hair. I think it looks so good and makes you look more mature... not that you aren't, Gary! Happy Birthday, girl. Thinking of ya!

Jen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!!! It makes me miss all the fun days without kids but so excited to do some of these things WITH them. Also brings back memories of summer days in that pool of yours. I remember something you said when I asked if you wanted to hang out one day. You said,"Well it's my brother John's soccer game and I really want him to know I support him and go." That has stayed with me and from that point I wanted to love and be better friends with my brothers =). Happy memory.