Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach with Family and Friends

So Scott finished the Bar a week ago. It was a three day, intense test, that he even may have fallen asleep for a few seconds/minutes during day two! Anyway, to celebrate we have been on some fun adventures. We started off our celebration by driving to an awesome beach (just North of Half Moon Bay) and meeting up with my sis and her fam and our good friend Jenny and her fam. We had a blast! Ada especially loved being there, she just can't get enough of the outdoors. The day was a little chilly, but that is to be expected in Nor Cal beaches. I thought that day was perfect. Oh and just a side note...Ada's hair was done before getting to the beach, but she destroyed it. Sigh...

My sis and her adorably Lukey. Can't get enough of these two
Can't go to the beach and not play a rousing game of football. Well, I guess I can, and my sis and Jenny. But the guys enjoyed a little game. I don't think I have seen Scott run as fast as he did when he was chasing after a ball headed towards the freezing water.

We bought Ada this little bunny chair for our camping trip (post to come soon). She loved it and had a great time sitting in it (for only short spurts, of course). Isn't she an adorable little ragmuffin? Love her beach hair.

All of the kids (minus Jenny's baby) loving posing for the picture. I told them to yell "Cookies" so I could get genuine smiles. They had fun with it and continued saying "Cookies" throughout the day. On a side note, whenever I take Ada's picture, she will say "CHEESE" followed by "CUTE" before I have even snapped the photo. I am pretty sure she got it from me because when I take her picture I always say, "Cute," afterwards.

I know the picture is fuzzy, but I just love the expression on these girl's faces. We were going to a cave to explore and they held hands the whole way. One girl would start running then whip Ada along with them. She loved it.

Gorgeous beach.

The cave wasn't much of a cave, but it was still really pretty

Baby girl #2 is growing quite nicely

Our growing family

Wiped out after a fun day at the beach. He played a little too hard...oh and he was sunburned. Yup, overcast days can still cause burns.

After our fun day at the beach, we headed over to Juls and Brians for a bbq. The kids had a blast and I especially enjoyed watching Ada sneak bites of food off of some of the other kids plates.

What an awesome day we had. Thanks Juls and Brian for inviting us up and thanks Jen and Pete for coming.

And thanks Scott for studying so dang hard for the Bar. We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments.


the emily said...

Scott shaved! Maybe i already knew that. Congratulations on finishing the bar, that is so huge.

Ada is so CUTE! I just want to squeeze her. Also, I really need a beach.

Amy Lovell said...

Love Ada's beach hair! And congrats to Scott for being done with that brutal test, yuck!

julz said...

Let's do it again this week:) That was so fun, and every kid is a ragmuffin at the beach so lay off ada! Thanks for coming!

J Fo said...

Looks so fun! I love how Scott and Ada's beach hair is the same. ;)

You probably make one of the cutest pregnant ladies EVER!

Tiffany said...

look at your cute tummy! still probably pre-pregnancy pants though huh. so long sleeves at the beach? i'm sorry. but the beach looks so pretty!

Cynthia Lovell said...

I LOVE your posts!!! You have such a fun way of describing things! Cute pictures!!! See you in 11.