Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ivy's Blessing Day

So, I need to figure out how to work the new Blogger site. Not tonight, though, not tonight. I have been
meaning to post about Ivy's baby blessing for a few days now, but things have been busy.
We were so grateful for our family members that came out to Sacramento to support Ivy on her big day. Scott did a great job and there was very little crying from Ivy. I guess my father-in-law was the "Keep the Binky in the mouth person" during the blessing. I was able to listen to most of the blessing. Ada was climbing all over the bench, trying to get her cousins attention, etc. It wasn't until my SIL Jenny, grabbed Ada and pulled her over the bench to sit with her that I was able to pay attention. Thanks Jenny.

 Baby Ryan is seriously awesome. Love that kid. Doesn't he have the best rosy cheeks? This baby is all smiles...unless of course you make him cry (one time it happened)
 My sis and Brian lovin Baby Ivy
 Some of the gang. Ada and Maggie are close age and friendship. These girls are a little sneaky too. At one point during the day, Ada's older cousin came up to us (Me, Scott and Doug) asking if it was okay to play out in the front. I told them that only if adults were there. Scott asked if there were any kids out there and she said that Maggie and Ada are across the street. Doug and Scott jump up and sure enough, there were the little girls, talking to the neighbors looking at their new baby. Awhile after that incident, Ada told me she was going outside. Before I could grab her, she was sprinting down the driveway, barefoot, and was soon into the street, running full speed. I was yelling  her to stop while chasing after her in my high heeled boots. I have to admit, I laughed while running after her because I was picturing how funny I probably looked yelling at my 2 year old daughter to come back while trying to catch her.
 Ivy and Daddy
 Spending time in the kitchen
 I had to post this picture because it is so classic. Chad is famous at making Congo Bars (pure deliciousness) and my mom is famous for spooning out some dough before he puts it in the oven. I didn't mean to get her in the picture, but after I saw this, I couldn't resist. Love you Mom!!
 Grandpa Foley, Aunt Jenny, Cousins Ryan and Patrick.
 Cousin Andrew loves babies. I have a picture of Andrew holding Ada at about the same age.
 Shortly after the blessing. I had to get Ivy out of the dress before she slipped out of my arms.
 Ivy just before taking off to the church. She really is the sweetest baby. She smiles and coos all of the time and is just an all around good baby. The only real complaint I have about her is she throws up a lot. Projectile vomit. I would be concerned if she wasn't gaining weight, but as you can see, she has some good chubs on her.
My sister was kind enough to take some notes during the blessing because she probably knew I was going to be distracted a little with Ada.

Here are some of the notes she took:
That Ivy was blessed to be born in this time with the Gospel on the earth
Her blessed her to stay close to the Savior and blessed her to be close to the spirit while facing all of her challenges
He blessed her to be a good example to her family and friends and to do what's right in the face of temptation
When the time is right, Scott blessed Ivy to choose a worthy man to take to the temple and marry for time and all eternity.

It was a really special day for our family. Thanks again for those that came out to support us! We love you


Amy Lovell said...

I'm so sad we couldn't be there for her blessing but it sounds like everything went perfectly! You sure have some cute little girls on your hands.

Boquinha said...

Yikes on the girls crossing the street!! Partners in crime, those two (sounds like it anyway). Cute, cute baby -- Ivy is a doll.

Vivian said...

Ivy really is a sweet, peaceful little girl. I'm so glad I could be there for the day.
And in the interest of full disclosure, they live at the end of a cul de sac. So it is never to be taken lightly that the girls 'crossed the street' but it's not like it was Panorama Dr. Good thing you are a runner, Lindsay. I have a feeling you will be doing a lot of chasing after our Ada girl.

jenny said...

It was a wonderful day!! We really did have a great time. Ads and Maggie are too cute to stay mad at right? Hehe

jenny said...

Whoa sorry that should say ADA!!! I am NOT going to call her Ads hahaha!

Emily Foley said...

Oh I'm so sad we couldn't be there. It looks like a really great day, and I love that Maggie and Ada are such good friends. Sounds like a really sweet blessing, too.

JazznJenna said...

I'm glad you had a nice blessing day with lots of family there. And thanks from Jenny from me too for helping you get to listen to the blessing! Reminds me of the time Jeff and I somehow both had to give talks on the day Audrey was getting blessed...made it really hard for me to concentrate on the blessing. It was fun seeing all of your pictures. Ivy is so beautiful in her blessing dress! Love ya!

James & Kathy said...

So beautiful! I love Ivy!

Jason said...

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