Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunday Outings

 I love that the weather has been so nice lately (Oh wait, the weather has been pretty awesome this whole winter. Suckers!). Anyway, since church gets out at noon now, we have the afternoon to go on little outings (Which we have only done once, but hope to make a habit of it). We headed to the temple a couple Sundays back and enjoyed watching Ada get so excited about the wild turkeys and Canadian Geese everywhere (not gonna lie, I was pretty excited myself). Lately, when driving in the car, Ada complains about the sun being too bright. She will yell at the sun to leave her alone. On this particular day, she agreed to borrow my sunglasses. That seemed to stop the whining.
 Sorry Ivy, we love you and will make sure you make it into our next family picture.
 There's our little Ivy Girl
 "I'm just walking," as Ada would say if we want her to hold our hand and she doesn't want to.

I love the temple!


JazznJenna said...

Love that cute little gray dress Ada has on. Those are some cute family photos, and Ivy just keeps getting cuter every day!

Vivian said...

Love Ada with the upsidedown sunglasses. Makes her look "cute as a bug."

Steve said...

So fun to see our little girls get so big!! I often have to give up my sunglasses to relieve Saige's whining about the sun being "too bright!" -lisa

Dr. Mark said...

I remember the "I can do it myself" stage. The funny thing is, Kate is almost 12 and she holds my hand and climbs on my lap every chance she gets. Great pictures of everyone.

Emily Foley said...

My kids always complain about the sun so I get them their own sunglasses...but they still won't wear them! Punks.

I don't think I've seen that temple before, pretty.