Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Stuff

 I love pictures but I don't take them enough. I make mental pictures every time my girls do something extra cute or funny. I have been making more of an effort to have the camera close by so I can snap a photo when necessary.
Ivy, sweet, sweet Ivy. This little baby is so happy and has cut her first teeth. Thank goodness there has been no biting. Yet. We started her on solids. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but she has decided that she LOVES food. Just like her Mama. She whimpers when I put her in her chair because she knows food is right around the corner and just can't wait. It kind of grosses me out feeding her rice cereal mixed with breast milk and some fruit or veggie puree. By the end of the bowl, it is half digested by her saliva, making it a slimy mess. Scott gets nauseous.
 Love that grin

 Ada has a really hard time taking turns and sharing. For example, She insists that she has to say prayer for EVERY meal. And if we say it is someone else's turn, she throws a huge fit. So we decided for Family Home Evening, we would walk down to the park and teach her how to take turns going down the slide and anything we could think of. Thankfully, there was a little play piano thingy that we could practice taking turns with. We all took turns playing the piano (Except Ivy, of course). I am not sure how much our lesson really sunk in, because she still is adamant about saying all the prayers. Pictured above is sweet little Ivy staying nice and warm in her stroller

 Under the slide taking turns playing the piano
 This picture is classic. I love it for so many reasons. There was no posing in this picture. Ada asked her Uncle Chad for a show before bed and this is what we saw when we checked on them. She is in complete heaven and Chad, I am sure, purposefully fell asleep so he would not have to suffer through another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba
 Ada loves having Ivy join her in her crib after naps and they can stay in there for awhile as long as there are toys. Love these girls! I hope they will be best friends like my sister and I are.
We are at it again. Ada is in underwear. Yup, she has decided that she wants to be a big girl. I don't even want to comment how potty training is going. I feel like when I say it is going well, accidents happen. So let's just say, it's coming along.
I love her little cheek hanging out.
I have to document this because I know I will forget. Ada will kill me for this years down the road. So, we have been teaching her how to wipe after she goes potty. I prefer doing it for her so everything is cleaned properly, but, she has to learn. So one day, I handed her the toilet paper and as she was wiping her bum, she stuck it between her cheeks and came back empty handed. She was squeezing her bum cheeks together to hold the TP in place. She was laughing so hard when she discovered her new trick. I was dying. She continues to do that after every time now. Ugh!
Ada is proving to be very hard sometimes. She has a good set of lungs and really knows how to use them. She is smart, really smart and catches on to things faster than I can keep track of. When she does things that I do not like, I will tell her that I am not very happy with her. So yesterday after I had to threaten to leave her at the library (she wasn't coming), on our way to the car she said, "Mom, I am not very happy with you!"
It was pretty funny.
Anyway, that is pretty much this post. Just Stuff. Things are going well and we are happy.


Emily Foley said...

Potty training. Ugh. I hate it! I'm still wiping Noah...yeah, he's 5 1/2 and goes to kindergarten in less than 6 months. yikes.

Your girls sure are cute! I love them! Thanks for the update.

Lovell Family said...

LOve your posts, because they mimic my time with Saige. Yes, has to say every if she doesn't. Lately, when she's crying cause she doesn't get what she wants she'll say, "mommy, I'm so sad..." trying to get me to feel bad for her!

BTW...something in breast milk disolves the rice cereal. I looked it up when I had was so crazy to me that it would start out thick, and then be totally liquidy....that doesn't happen with formula...

Unknown said...

that was a fun glimpse into your current happenings. thanks for all the cute pictures and stories. Ivy is a doll, and Ada is so unique and wonderful. You're such a good mom, trying to teach your young one to learn how to take turns! I remember thinking once that I should let my child get away with stuff because he was too young to understand, but another mom was smarter than me and reminded me that he was not too young to start learning. So, way to be a good teaching mom!

Unknown said...

that last comment was from me, by the way (Jenna).

Cynthia Lovell said...

Love the post!!! Those pictures of Ivy are Darling! I love the one in the swing. We really ENJOY having this time with your Cute little family!!!