Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ada Turns Three

The night before Ada's birthday, I hung up some streamers and balloons. We laughed when we saw how pathetic the decorations looked. It was kind of like a , "Waaw, waaw" feeling (I am not sure how to spell "waaw, waaw" Just think Debbie Downer).
 We have been prepping Ada for weeks that when she turns 3, she has to get rid of her binky. There would be days that she would cry when we asked her if she was excited to turn 3, and she would say, "I don't wanna turn three because I want my binky!" Most days she would just get big eyes and talk about how the binky fairy would bring her a present. No judging. 
So, birthday morning, I go into Ada's room and tell her it is her birthday. She jumps up so fast, starts taking her clothes off saying how she can't have a party in her PJ's, then hands her binky right over. She said, "Mom, I am three now, I don't need this anymore." I was shocked. But wasn't convinced. The day before I had decided that I wasn't going to rush the whole binky thing. Ada takes great naps, only had the bink when she is sleeping, so no big deal, no rush but we ended up throwing it away together later that morning.
I felt really bad because right away she asked where her friends were. We had to cancel the little joyschool bday I was planning because Ivy had a crazy contagious rash (Dang Hand, Foot and Mouth). I explained that we couldn't have friends over because Ivy was sick. After seeing her balloons and streamers hanging up, though, she got over it really fast.
 Everything was "Birthday" yesterday. Special
"Birthday" breakfast, "Birthday" balloons, "Birthday" lunch, etc. In fact, she started calling the balloons her birthday. She woulds say, "Don't pop my birthdays!"
I took Ada to get some donuts and the sweet Donut Spot lady gave her a bag of donut holes too (Not that we needed any extra sugar).
Ivy LOVED the balloons. I loved watching her attack them.

 I took Ada to Toys R Us to pick out a special toy to replace her binky. She had a cute stuffed pig and little Rapunzel Doll when she saw Dora. This wasn't as cuddly as the pig, but she was happy. She was so dang cute at the store. She would pick something up and say, "Oh, this one is perfect," or "That is for boys."
 We drove up to Scott's work so we could go out to lunch. He brought one of the presents with him so he could give it to her at his office. 
Funny story When Scott got into the city, as he stepped off the train and the door shut, he realized he didn't have the present in his hand (Good thing the gift was wrapped in Princess wrapping. They could have stopped the train because of a mysterious package). So he chased the train at a full sprint about 4 or 5 blocks to the next stop and was able to jump in the last car (in his work clothes, mind you). He made his way to the front of the car and at the next stop,  switched cars again to get closer to the driver. The driver actually got out of the train and found Scott and gave him his package. She must have seen him chasing down the train. 
Dedication folks, dedication.
 We brought cupcakes to Scott's work and Ada asked a few people if they wanted one. Both of the ladies said, "No thank you." Come one people, when a three year old offers you a cupcake...take it then throw it away if you don't want to eat it. 
 Just like her mommy
 I made a home made cake (which was not that tasty). Ada was lucky enough to spend her special day with both sets of grandparents. She was so excited that she was talking a mile a minute the whole night. I had to tell her multiple times to use her inside voice.
 Scott's grin looks slightly evil, but Ada sure looks adorable.

I can't express how much we adore Ada. As hard as she can be some days, she is so much fun and is so dang funny. I still am shocked at some of the things that come out of her mouth sometimes. 
On the way home from lunch with Scott the realization was setting in for Ada that her binky was gone. She told me that she didn't want to be three anymore. I explained that there was nothing she could do, that she was three now and her binky was gone. She got really sad. When I got her into bed, within a few minutes, she was crying for something. I am sure I went in her room at least 4 times within 10 minutes. I finally told her I would not be coming back in. So, the next hour and a half she cried. But some of the things coming out of her mouth were hillarious. At one point she started singing a song from one of her favorite movies, Peter Pan. "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly. Oh no, I can't fly without my binky (This is all while crying)."
Something else she said while sobbing was, "I'm a little bit sad, Happy Birthday!" And one other thing was, "Oh no, this is not really good." I am not going to lie, it kind of broke my heart. I was so sad for her. I feel like I took away the most important thing to her right now. 
I feel like she is growing up so fast and I really want things to slow down. Seriously, she changed so much in one day. Just today after telling her she could not watch Peter Pan she told me that I needed to be nice to her. That made me laugh!
Ada has so much fun energy and even though we have a really hard keeping up with her, I hope she never slows down. She loves her friends and family and gets so excited when people come over to see her. She is in love with her little sister and loves that Ivy worships the ground that she walks on. She gives Ivy lot's of hugs and kisses. She loves to give her Grandma Lovell a hard time and rub off any hug or kiss that she gives to her. Hehe...little stinker.
Ada is really starting to like girly things. On the way to lunch yesterday, she kept saying that she didn't want the "Him Song." I could not figure out what she meant, but realized it was a guy singing and she wanted to hear a girl sing. Every time a song came on that had a guy singing she told me to find a "Her" song. She loves pink and reminds me that everyday. Lately she has been big into saying things like, "I don't like boys." Where did that come from? 
Okay so one funny story before signing off. So, my sister taught her son the correct name for the male anatomy so when he and Ada have taken baths together (they are 3), he talks about his "ahem." Ada calls it his "Henis" I promise..this is funny. Innapropriate...maybe, funny, heck yes. So the missionaries came over for dinner the other night. Ada LOVES the missionaries. She was talking up a storm and all of the sudden I hear her bring up her cousin Lukey and how he has a "Henis" I didn't catch on for a second, but I did just as I was bringing food to the table and spit flew out of my mouth (Into the food) when I started laughing. The missionaries caught on fast and chuckled, but it was way awkward. I told Ada not to talk about Lukey anymore. THe next morning, she was kind of in a daze while singing a made up song that went like this, "My dad has a dad has a ....." She snapped out of it when I cracked up laughing. I tell you, she is a really funny girl. 
Love her and can't believe she is 3. I feel like 3 is a big leap from 2. Such a blessing in our lives. We love you Ada Badayda! Happy Birthday


Tiffany Feger said...

silly little ada. and ivy looks a lot like ada! cute girls!

Amy Lovell said...

Aw, I love that little girl, she's so stinking cute, and funny to boot. I can't wait to see what three does to her! :)

Callie said...

Oh how I love Ada! She is so much like Eden! We miss you so much!

JazznJenna said...

Such a cute post! I loved the story of Scott chasing down the train to get his gift back : ). You know, Tate had his 3rd birthday cake in the exact same place as Ada at that table. Aw! Ada is great, and I love seeing all of the love that you have for her, even though she is so busy and hard to keep up with. You are the perfect mom for her!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday to ADA! Lets party next?!

Vivian said...

So much fun to see her excitment about her big day. Glad we could be there to experience it in person.

Lovell Family said...

Funny! Ada is hilarious. I remember weaning my kids off the boob and thinking I had ruined their life...they were all addicted to it! But with in a week, they forgot all about it....I think it will be easier than you think....looking back.
Happy Birthday Ada!!!

Emily Foley said...

She is so sweet. I wish I knew her in person, but I love the details and stories you share here. She's a terrific kid. Happy Birthday Ada!

Also, the binky guilt will go away. She'll forget about it before you know it. But the sobbing/singing had me laughing out loud.

Kristin said...

Haha! So cute! Gotta love 3!!!

jenny said...

Oh I totally love Ada!!! She is so cool. I'm so glad you guys are "close" and our girls can grow up together. What a blessing! I love watching them play. Happy Birthday Ada!!!!!

Boquinha said...

Happy belated birthday, Ada! She is such a character. She gives our kids a run for their money when you all visit! Love it!