Monday, June 17, 2013

So Sad!

So, I have been working on organizing my pictures, making more space on my computer and transferring pictures from my phone to computer. For some reason my phone and computer pictures were synced and I did not know this. I noticed that all of my blog pictures were on my phone gallery so I deleted them. Stupid, stupid! It took all of my pictures of almost six years off of my blog. I technically still HAVE all of the pictures on my hard drive, but it is so disheartening losing them off of my blog. There is no way I am going to go through every post to figure out what picture goes there. Let this be a lesson to everyone! Don't delete galleries off of your phone unless you are SURE you won't lose your blog! 
Feeling sick!


Emily Foley said...

I'm so sorry! I'll do some research, there has to be a way to figure it out!

Boquinha said...

Oh wow. That SUCKS. I hope you can figure it out!