Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a couple of different events this Halloween Season. The Saturday before Halloween, we had a ward Chili cook off and trunk-or-or-treating for the kids. Ivy kept her dress on for about five minutes and Ada couldn't wait to start collecting. While outside going from car to car, Ada would say, "Trick-or-treat, thank you!" She is so animated. Ivy was more interested in eating the first piece of candy, which was slowing us down, but once she realized how it all works, she caught the hang of things and joined in. 
 Halloween night, one of my besties threw a big block Halloween party, bounce house and all. It was so fun for everyone. Ada was especially excited for the bounce house and talked about it the whole drive to their house. Ivy had no fear with that thing. At one point I look inside to see her jumping around with a group of big kids. 
 I brought some face paint with me and all of the kids wanted their faces painted. You may notice Ada's butterfly on her face and think, "Wow, Lindsay really can draw." Sorry folks, stencils. And that isn't dirt on Ada's face, it is glitter. I am jealous of those long lashes. I put a touch of mascara on her to see what I could create. 
 Ivy fought me on this costume too. Once she realized how cold it was outside, she stopped ripping it off and embraced her inner butterfly.
 Watch out for this girl, she is trouble! Don't let those big eyes fool you. She always has a trick up her sleeve.
 I wanted to join in the festivities too, so I did a little dress up. Maybe next year, I will pull out my old She-Ra costume. 

 After about five houses, Ivy asked me to hold her and said she wanted to go, "Nigh Nigh." I asked her if she wanted more candy which made her perk right up. 
 What I loved about the bounce house is that it was in the front yard and I think some random kids started jumping in it. Ha.
Thanks Jenny for putting this together (and her neighbor and my new friend, Nicole). 


Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVED IT!!! That looks so FUN!!! Great Idea Jenny!! We MISS those little girls!!! (Actually we MISS ALL of our Grandchildren!!!) Love your comments, it's so fun to read!!!

Emily Foley said...

Your girls look so pretty! Love their (and your) costumes!

Lovell Family said...

Cute girls!! I feel bad, I didn't even take pictures this year!