Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Day

Presidents Day we headed up to the mountains with Scott's brother Doug and his family. The original plan was to go to a "membership only" place that Doug's inlaws were members, but there was one big problem. Not enough snow. It is really sad driving through the mountains right now. Last year, Scott and I took Ada just barely past where we were yesterday and there was so much snow. We are going to be having a really dry summer. Pray for rain everyone. Tangent, sorry. Okay, so we decided to head north a bit longer to a sledding park, and luckily, there was enough snow to sled. Ada was so funny the night before. She told me how she was going to do the best trick ever, that she was going to ride down the hill standing up. 
I just smiled and said, "Wow!" That is crazy. 
The girls were very excited to see their cousins. They love Maggie so much and she and Ada play so well together. I just know Ivy wishes that she was their age
 All ready to go
 So funny story. I took the girls on the first ride and they loved it. Ada was super confident and wanted to go down all be herself. Doug walked the girls up to the hill. He tried to convince Ada that she would do better riding on her stomach, but she insisted on riding on her bum. Well, she spun the whole way down. I was taking pictures and thought that I was hearing screams of joy. I quickly realized they were screams of terror. By the time she reached the bottom, she was backwards and sobbing. Needless to say, she was upset for some time after and refused going down the hill with anyone. I got super frustrated with her because all I could think about was how excited Ada had been and how much money we had just spent. She snapped out of it after awhile, but never did go down by herself for the rest of the day.

 This was the picture that I was talking about. There is Ada at the bottom left, backwards and crying. Maggie is probably wondering what the big deal is
 All of the kids and their sunglasses. I was adamant that our kids wore theirs. Back in college, I went snowboarding all day one time and didn't wear sunglasses. It had been a sunny day and I burned my eyeballs so badly that they swelled up and were bright red. Very intense pain. So, I made sure to not let that happen to the girls. 
 Taking a family ride down the hill. I love my little family
 Mountain man

 Riding penguin style
 Ada still being mopey

 I finally figured out how to pick up speed. Everyone leans back. We got racing pretty fast so I had to use my feet to slow us down. Snow shot all over Ivy and she got upset that snow got in her eyes and down her shirt. The next time we went down she made sure to cover her face.

 Our girls LOVE boys. I don't know if I should be worried about that. Ivy was teasing Patrick by calling him Andrew. She was mesmerized by his snowball and his spitting capabilities
Ignore my annoying voice, but here is a video of the penguin 

Thanks Doug and Jenny for letting us invite ourselves to your family snow day. We had a blast!


Cynthia Lovell said...

Thank You!!! That was really FUN!!! ha ha ha ha Gave us a good laugh too about Ada!!! ha ha ha I guess I must have been pretty warm. Did Scott ever wear a jacket??? You can make these posts anytime!21

Jenna Lovell said...

That was really fun to read! I'm glad the girls were both able to have fun in the end. I felt bad for Ada, but it made me think of all the times my kids insist on doing stuff that I know isn't smart...and I'm so torn between saying "I told you so" and being heartbroken for them, ha ha :). We can't make their choices for them, can we? It's one of the hard parts of being a parent!

I love that your girls love boys. Watch out! I bet that will only get tougher (for you) with time, ha ha!
Good luck! :)

Hugs for all of you :).

Emily Foley said...

So funM everyone looks so cute. Also, you have way better snow gear than I've ever had for my kids and I live in way colder places! Funny.

Also, fire season has already started here. It's been the driest winter ever.