Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Handy Man

Something I did not know about Scott before we got married is that he likes to put stuff together (as long as he has the directions). After a couple of weeks of being married, we finally found our table and chaird and he was sooo excited to get it all assembled. I did help just a little, but he wanted to do most of it by himself. He also picked out, bought and put together our desk. I had to help hold some pieces together while he hammered, and he even let me hammer a couple of times!! The last pictures are from babysitting. Scott's brother and sister-in-law asked us to babysit so we had them bring thier kids to Sandy. To keep them entertained, Scott helped Isaac build the train set. It was cute to see him with Isaac.


The Ostler Family said...

I am stalking you from Julies blog. I loved your wedding pics I saw on her blog. (Especially the cape, that is the ONLY reason I wanted to get married in the winter!) Also, I like the one in the hall with everyone and their kids. I am impressed that you all fit in the shot! Hurray for the Lovell house.
Annie ;>

Lindsay said...

Haha...thanks! I have looked at your blog many times too! How are you? How is your little son?

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting that you have a blog! Way to go scott on being the handy man! What a talent!

Monica said...

Yeah for Lindsay and her blog! I am so excited to be in touch with you again. I told Julie that you looked SO PRETTY in your wedding dress!!!

Are you just in Sandy???

Email me at monicamary@mstarmetrto.net!!!


Lovell Family said...

Scott, let me just remind you that I had to show you how to put that train track together!

Alright, really I just wanted to leave you guys a comment.

Lisa Kendrick said...

I sat at the table Scott built and it was very well put together. Looked like a pro had done it!