Friday, February 15, 2008

Open House

I still do not have picture posting perfected! I will start to post something and want a picture in a particular spot...but then I can't type where I want to. All of us girls...and thier kids. This is the game hallway. All little kids that go to the Lovell house know that there are a stash of fun games in the cupboards. SO needless to say, that hall gets pretty trashed when kids come to visit.

The picture on the left is with Scott's brother Doug and his sister-in-law Jenny. They have two adorable sons that are awesome in sports! The picture on the right is with Scott's twin (the the left of him) and his best friends growing up. They all drove over an hour to come and see him. I thought that was pretty cool. Of course, all they seemed to really talk about was sports...But, thats ok!!

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Lindsay said...

When I first posted the pictures...they were left and right! This is annoying. I cant post the pictures the way I want to!!