Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Reunion with the Bensons

Gotta love Chad. He seemed to be perfectly fine in this position because this is where I kept finding him througout the day. We were in Milo at my Uncle Lloyds house. A few of the uncles made pancakes, bacon and eggs. I, to this day, still HATE eggs anywhere near my pancakes. I tried to eat them together again, just to see if my tastebuds had changed (Cause it looks so good to me), but they have not, I still detest that particular flavor. We had a great time with the family...there are going to be 102 members of the Fern and Lynn Benson Family in the beginning of 2009. My cousin Travis and his awesome wife Kristin are having Twins! And my cousin Kyle(Travis's older brother) and his wife Amy are having another baby. They already have 4 girls (I think) so let's hope for a boy!
Some of my cousins kids and my sisters. I will be honest!! I only know a couple of their names. Emma is in the very front and Anna is in the back left. Anna was wearing her swim diaper and what my sister didnt know is that they leak. So, I pick Anna up and she is all wet, Julie at first said it was a melted Otter Pop, but I soon learned the truth! She said it was sanitary!
Julie and her adorable daughter, Anna. Kids don't get cuter than her. :)
Isnt a very clear picture, but this is Anna and her Cousin Emma. Emma is my cousin Jennifers.
I was helping Anna take a picture of me. She did a pretty good job.
How sweet....
My adorable cousin Hayden (the Big boy) was holding his nephew Hunter. Hunter was a tired little lamb and felt that the most comfortable position to sleep would be sitting up, legs sprawled, and head burrowed in his uncle's chest. Yup, that is the way to do it!
Me and the sis at the natural hot spring pool at Heise Hot Springs. We had a great time although the waterslide wasnt the greatest. It kind of hurt my bum on the slide down and it wasnt very fast.

Chad wasnt very happy about all of the rules. You were no aloud to do backflips off of the diving board (and if any have read the post from the Fifth of July and saw Chad's launch picture, he thinks that those are back flips). You are not aloud to bounce more than once on the diving board. So, he slowly walked to the edge of the board and stood at the end of it for a minute. Then, with absolutely no emotion at all, he stepped off of the board and gracefully landed in the water. He swam over to us very glumily. We asked him why he didnt do his dive and he said that you can't do backflips off of the diving board. One more funny story. So we kept telling Chad to do his dive...and after walking back and forth by the line, he finally got back to the board. Now, keep in mind, all of the lifeguards were whistle happy AND it was a crazy busy day. Half the time you didnt have a clue who they were blowing their whistles at. So, Chad is standing on the edge of the board prepping himself for the "dive" and just as he launches, the whistle blows and he loses all concentration. He kicks his legs really fast in the air and falls in the water. We were dying. We had to reasure him that the whistle was not meant for him! I love Chady Cakes.

Steve is too cool for school with the shades on.
Cute little Anna. She was too scared to actually get into the water. So, she just played on the edge.
After the swim. We had a blast. And PS, Scott got a haircut. I think that it looks GREAT! After the swim we headed to my Uncles play up at the school. He did a great job and looked and sounded just like my grandpa! Special times.
Chad had stayed up until 5:40AM playing video games at my cousins house. So he was tuckered out after the swim and my Uncle's play. He didnt even budge when I took the picture. Ususally he will jump up really fast when you distract him in his slumber.


julz said...

Seriously?? Don't you have to have written permission to put such a nasty picture of me on the world wide web www... What a fun weekend, and ask mom (ha ha) urine is sterile.

Trav and Kris said...

That was the best weekend! Loved every minute! The pool was really fun! And Chad was so stinkin' funny on that diving board! I'm pretty sure we had the best cheer pit ever! I loved screaming for Kevin...he did some pretty fun tricks! Glad we got to see y'all there! Sorry again about the road trip car pool. We gotta do that some day!

Boquinha said...

I totally agree with you about the eggs and pancakes. I guess you never liked the McDonald's breakfast egg sandwich that was made with pancake buns dipped in syrup. Yuck. Fun pictures! Okay, how many kids in your family and where do you fall in?

Jenny said...

So fun!! We just had our family get together. But dumb me forgot my camera. There are not nearly as many of us.

I'm really happy for Travis. She looks so cute and how fun... twins!

Also, I LOVE your swimsuit!Someday I need to get some cute clothes like you!!

Are you in Florida yet?

Lindsay said...

Stacy, there are 6 kids in my family. There are 4 boys and 2 girls. Only 3 of my brothers were able to make it. The one is getting his PHD in music up in Oregon (he is there with his wife and 4 kids). I am the oldest girl and the 4th. So, my mom "taught" me the way to wear make-up, which I still am teased about today! :)

Jenny, we move on Thursday! Im so excited.

Kevin and Jen said...

The reunion was awesome! And I love the pics! My camera broke just before we came. I was bummed. It was great to see you guys. Good luck in Florida and let us know if you need help with the move.

Emily said...

YOU'RE STILL BLOGGING! Yeah! Now I wont miss you as much! Kath and I were waiting for you to tell us it was time to take a snack break... and it never came... :( Sad. Everyone has been coming in saying how they will miss you. Especially Pete Ortiz. It was really cute! Love and miss ya girl!