Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things You May Wanna Know About Me!

My sister-in-law Stacey (whom I still have not actually met in person) wrote 101 things that you might not know about her, and she tagged all of her sister-in-laws to do the same (and her husband Mark, whom I still haven't met either, tagged all of his brothers). So, since I am home for the 4th of July, I have some time before I go swimming...So, here goes. This will be fun!

1. I had a kissing cousin when I was five. We used to kiss in our basement when everyone was upstairs.
2. With that, my first "REAL" kiss (come on, 5 years old doesn't count) was when I was a Sophomore in college.
3. I HATED kissing for the first little bit because I was so scared of messing up.
4. I used to have a VERY bad temper when Iwas little and my mom made me take Vitamin B pills to help calm me down.
5. I was SUPER shy as a little girl and was scared of everything. If my mom was coming home later than what she told me, I would keep looking out the window and would cry until she got home safely. I was ALWAYS certain that she had been kidnapped or in a car accident.
6. I had buck teeth before my older brother told me that I would be really pretty once I got my teeth fixed. I begged my mom for braces for a long time. I thought having straight teeth would solve all of my problems...
7. When I was in AAU basketball, I never played on Sunday's and when we were in Washington for one of our tournaments, I was secretly glad that I didn't have to play during one of the Sunday games because I was really intimidated playing with girls that were better than me (including the one's on my team).
8. I used to reapply lipstick after every meal because I did not feel pretty without it.
9. I used to look Gothic because I wore really dark lipstick and a ton of foundation that made me look pasty white. I was told by one of the meanest girls in school that she was afraid of me and thought I would kick her --- is she messed with me.
10. I hated my freckles as a little girl. I would pray to Heavenly Father every night that he would let me be beautiful and take my freckles away (I guess not ALL prayers are answered...I still have freckles, but don't hate them anymore...:) )
11. I also hated my freckles as a teenager. In high school, I bought all different types of creams that made freckles "disappear." I lost a lot of money my senior year.
12. Sometimes I struggle when people tell me that I am pretty because I get scared they will see me too closely and all of my "flaws" and change their minds.
13. The first time I EVER really questioned the truthfulness of the gospel, I was 21 years old. It scared me so badly because I didn't know anything else, but the gospel. No worries, though, it is a HUGE part of me and me life, and I don't have those fears anymore.
14. Sometimes I fear intimacy (not in a sexual way). I fear getting too close to people sometimes so I pull away from family and friends. Something that I am working with.
15. When I broke off my engagement when I was 20, I struggled with anxiety and some depression for years (I still have to work on things even now. But overall doing great).
16. I LOVE reading the people magazines, and OK (all trash) in the line at grocery store. Sometimes, I even purposefully go to really long lines, so I can read them.
17. I have a really hard time focusing on anything for too long. Maybe I have a form of ADD?
*At work especially. I think that I would do better working my own hours and being able to work on things when I can actually focus.
18. I LOVE food. Especially junk food. At church, usually on fast Sunday's, I will start thinking of what I want to eat when I get home and then I can't think of anything else. It is a bad habit, I know.
19. I LOVE taking Sunday naps. I sometimes force myself to be tired so I can take a little nap!! :) BUT, if I sleep too long, then I am groggy for the rest of the day. So, I try to limit the time that I sleep.
20. I feel guilty about things very easily and feel very inadequate a lot of times
21. I need constant reassurance from others, especially my husband.
22. I got a 19 on the ACT (haha, and that was the second time that I took it. I am not much the test taker, I think it goes back to the ADD thing). That one was hard to admit, especially after marrying into a family of geniuses!!
23. I didn't go to college because I strongly believed in getting a college education. It was more because of how much fun I knew that Iwould have!! I couldn't wait to find some tall guys to date.( I now wish I would have taken my studies more seriously. If I could go to school all over again, it would be a totally different experience).
24. I used to NEVER wear high heels, I always wore ugly flats cause I didn't want to tower over everyone. I have since changed my ways and LOVE a good high heel.
25. I am very competitive. If someone jumps off of a cliff (of course into water), I will most likely do the same, just so I won't be showed up.
26. I used to put on makeup before my basketball games!
27. I had my mission papers filled out twice...and never went.
28. I love making people laugh. But feel really stupid when I fail miserably.
29. I love it went Scott laughs uncontrollably, it is addicting
30. I was a huge homebody in high school. I was perfectly contempt hanging out with my parents on a Friday night then going out with friends.
31. I got caught cheating on a French test my freshman year in high school. I was trying to be "Sly." I would lean back pretending that I was stretching and would ask the girl behind me the answer. She also got into trouble. Needless to say, I never did that again.
32. If someone asks me what is wrong and I say, "I'm tired," I am usually upset about something.
33. I knew I was going to marry Scott when he cried with me for the first time (I know, it's silly. Long story though)
34. I struggle with negative thinking sometime and am going to master that bad habit and not let negative thinking become me.
35. There is a girl in my spinning class that always starts laughing during the hardest part of the work out. Not only is her laugh unbearably annoying, it drives me crazy that she has enough energy to produce any type of sound while I am dying.
36. My favorite part of the day is Dusk. The colors are always so beautiful
37. Sometimes I am almost brought to tears when I notice the beauty around me (meaning nature).
38. I have abnormally big hands and feet. They really stood out when I was a little girl. I used to try and hide them.
39. I used to perm my hair. It is now naturally curly
40. I love popping zits (not only mine). Ok, please don't think less of me.
41. I love laughin so hard that it hurts. I always feel so good afterwards.
42. I hate proofreading things...In fact, I hate it so bad that sometimes I miss mistakes at work. Bad habit
43. Being a mom terrifies me, but yet, I can't wait to have kids. Is that possible?
44 My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind
45 I love being the center of attention
46. I am a people pleaser
47. I ran track for three years in High School. My favorite event was the triple jump. I went the the "Meet of Champions" twice.
48. I have only eaten three donuts and some chocolate milk today and it is two
49. I played the piano for almost 6 years but gave it up in high school for sports. And now I can't play worth anything
50. I find great joy in passing other runners while I am running...I will even pick up the pace for a little bit just to be able to pass them, and will keep the speed until I know I am well ahead.
51. I used to have an LA Gear jacket in Junior HS and one kid called me LA Queer.
52. Another kid called me BIG HEAD from 5th grade to 7th grade. He stopped for good when I kicked him really hard one day.
53. If someone is making really nasty noises when they are eating, I sometimes have to excuse myself to the other room until they are done (drives me nuts! And no, Scott does not eat loudly and gross, so I never have to do that). I used to have a roommate that I had to do that with, but she would follow me into the other room....AAHHH (and for all of those roommies that I am still in contact with you, none of you were that person.)
54. When I get nervous, or teach, or stressed, I sweat! I have to be careful with what clothes I wear when I teach or have a presentation. I dont want any tacos showing.
55. I used to be terrified of mirrors. Reason being...I would wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and think that Bloody Mary was going to come out of the mirror and get me. I would have to turn my back to it, but then was freaked out that she would come up behind me. I know...crazy little kid
56. I have never had any fear asking my parents about sex (not that I talk to them about it now, but when I was younger)
57. I would love to be a teacher, but don't want to have to go to school to get my credentials.
58. I love being lazy every once and awhile, but often feel guilty afterwards cause I feel like I wasted time.
59. I failed my first drivers test....really badly.
60. I had told everyone about taking the test so when I got to b-ball practice, I told everyone that I had failed. So the next time, I didn't tell a soul (just in case I failed again). I told my best friend that I had a dentist appointment and I made my dad practice with me for about two hours before the test. I passed the second time.
61. My mom never bought fruit snacks, so whenever I got the chance to eat some...I loved it! Well, I babysat for a little boy one day and ate about a box and a half of fruit snacks. Needless to say, I was never asked to babysit again.
62. I love my hair, but hate doing it (Im not conceited...promise)
63. I HATE cats. I will NEVER own one.
64. Im working on this one...but I still have a problem with silence.
65. When I was little, my grandma forced me to eat all of my cooked carrots (Hated them with a passion) and I hate them to this day.
66. I voted for the first time this year.
67. I tried out for student council my freshman year of high school. I had found out one of the questions that had been asked to one girl and her answer (it was a really good answer). Well, when I was asked that very same question ( Now, realize, I was very nervous. This was my very first interview and it is in front of like 15 older HS students), I gave the very same answer as the girl! I knew I had blown it.
68. I got in my very first fight (one of two) when I was in second grade. The girl was being mean to the kid that I had a crush on. Before I knew it, we were in the sand and she was trying to bury my face in it. I flipped her over and started pulling her hair. None of the kids were trying to stop the fight. Finally a parent ran from across the park and pulled me off of her. Being the nice person I am, I apologized right away...
69. About apologizing...I used to get into fights with my sister and right after hitting her, I would say, "Oh, Im sorry Im sorry." I could NEVER figure out why she would still be mad. I had apologized!
70. I grabbed Scott's hand before he grabbed mine. I felt SO stupid after he dropped me off that night because he still hadn't kissed me and and didn't after that. So, I went inside dying, thinking that he thought I was really forward.
71. I used to love eating just Miracle Whip Sandwiches. Yup, for those of you whose mouths dropped open, it is true. Just Miracle Whip and Bread.
72. I just learned that I have been saying Miracle Whip TOTALLY wrong. I have been saying Mericle Whip instead of Miracle. Scott was so kind to point that out.
73. Scott and I were able to tell my grandpa about our engagement the day before he passed away. He was a sealer and I had wanted so long for him to seal me and my husband, but got sick with cancer and died shortly after. The spirit was SO strong when we told him. He was still coherent and even teared up. It was a very special and important moment for me.
74. A nickname I was given in High School was Olive Oil...HATED it
75. Along with Sticks, stilts and skits
76. I played point guard one game my Junior Year in b-ball
77. I used to have a VERY bad mouth. It was even so bad that I would pray that I could control my language.
78. My most favorite movie is Gone With the Wind
79. I was voted person with the best hair my senior year
80. I was in diving for two summers but was never flexible enough to touch my toes during the tuck dive, so I had to just touch my knees.
81. I used to think that I sounded like Ariel from Little Mermaid, when I sang.
82. My sister, Julie is my hero! For many reasons.
83. I love, "So You Think You Can Dance." If that was the only show ever on, I would be totally ok with that.
84. My wedding day was the most beautiful day ever!
85. I wish that I was more passionate about things
86. If I fell asleep without saying my prayers, I would wake up in the middle of the night and say them.
87. I am obsessed about having a made bed. I will be running late for work and if my bed has not been made, I will make it before I leave.
88. I will compulsively check my zipper to make sure that I zipped it, even though I know that I already did.
89. Sometimes I stress starting a new project because I have a fear that it will not be up to par.
90. I sometimes fall asleep in the temple....Eeeeks, trying not to do that.
91. I worked in the temple as an ordinance worker for a year.
92. I have danced alone in my room to relieve stress!
93. I have a love/hate relationship with exercising. I hate doing it while I am in the motion, but love how I feel afterwards.
94. My family has helped me overcome so much!
95. I love to paint little ceramic houses during the Christmas holiday and put them on display.
96. I used to be mean to people (in elementary school and Jr High) not as "cool" as me because I didn't have a very high self esteem
97. I think that my younger brother John, is one of the funniest people. He makes me laugh.
98. I don't think that I could have found someone who supports me more than Scott supports me.
99. The Atonement is real and I have felt the healing powers from it work for me.
100. I have a secret obsession of looking at blogs...
101. Thanks Stacy for giving us this assignment. This was fun!

Now, I tag EVERYONE that looks at this blog to do this assignment (except for those that have already done it). I hope that it all makes sense cause I am not going to read through it again, if you notice, one of the statements said that I hate proofreading. So, if the numbering is off or anything...oh well! :)


Boquinha said...

Awesome! I love it, Lindsay! It's so fun to get to know you better!! And omigosh, you're Monica Gellar!! I think "competitive" might describe everyone in the family--brothers, SILs, kids, etc.

I love reading the ones of you and Scott, too. :)

I officially think I must be THE most unathletic SIL in the family by far. Someone correct me if I'm wrong! :P

Trav and Kris said...

Wow Lindz...what an entertaining read! How long did that take you? I loved the miracle whip sandwich...I used to eat, mayo, peanut butter and bananas on toasted good!

JonandLo said...

That's why you were such a had the ugly duckling syndrom...thought you were ugly growing up, didn't get a complex and became a beautiful woman. I'm sure Scott appreciates how humble you are about yourself =) Thanks for the fun read! And I may ship some of my clothes to you sooner than I am feeling like a fatty!

emily said...

check out #78 and #44. you must REALLY like that movie! heh heh heh. I loved reading this...but miracle whip? seriously? i thought isaac's mustard sandwiches were gross, but you just topped the list! hilarious!

Lindsay said...

I told you, I don't proof read. Hahah. Whoops.

Savage fam said...

How fun! That brought back so many memories for me! You are my favorite sister ever, ok, and I guess my only sister. I love love love your quirks, and even more I love your willingness to share them with the world wide web! Next time we need to arrange our trips home during our husbands finals so we can totally veg togther guilt free! Oh, and stay away from mom's black heads... poor thing feels like a pin cushion! Love ya!

J Fo said...

That was great! I used to get called Olive Oil, too! I hated it! I have memories of bursting through the door sobbing after school. I also got "Jolly Green Giant a lot. I'm not sure which was worse!

Boquinha said...

So interesting to hear how the other half lives. I used to get called "short stuff" and "half pint" and "shrimp" and stuff like that. Consequently, I've always had a complex about being short. So it's interesting to me to hear about you guys wanting to feel petite. I guess I take that for granted. But I'm self conscious about it because people often say I look 12!!

Dr. Mark said...

Thanks for doing the list, Lindsay. It was nice to learn more about you. I noticed the movie repeats, too. I just figured you tried to sneak one by us so you'd only need to list 100. ;)

brettandfrancia2cultures said...


Lisa K said...

Linds, you crack me up. Now if you ever tell me you're tired, I'm going to hound you until you tell me what's really wrong! =)

emily said...

Was you're first cry together during our ride back from California? If so, I totally called your wedding.

emily said...

That previous comment was actually done by your brother-in-law Dave not Emily.

Becky & Weston said...


Jenny said...

Linds!! I was dying laughing when I read this post! I had a comment about amost every one of those! It made me want to call you right now. Gee whiz I love you!!

Shannon said...

Holy Moly! That is an awesome list!! I am now realizing how alike you and I are. I like to pop other people's zits too...scary...I know. :)