Sunday, October 26, 2008

Temple Trips

Scott and I have been trying to go to the temple once a month since we have been married. Since it takes us almost two hours and we leave early in the morning, our tradition (I don't know if we can call it a tradition yet) is to stop at a fairly decent doughnut shop on the way. For anyone that REALLY knows me, knows that I love doughnuts...they are a huge weakness of mine. SO it should not shock anyone that on our last trip, I tried to pick out three for both of us. Scott reminded me that whenever I do that type of thing I regret it later. So, instead of getting three each, we got two each then one extra to split. I am glad that we did that, I think I would have been sick had I gone with my original plan!

It's hard to stay clean while eating this powdered delight!

I did not get the powdered sugar on my face on purpose...honest. That is what I look like after biting into heavan!


emily said...

good for you guys! that's a long drive for a temple trip these days, it seems like most people have a temple closer than that. or maybe i've just lived in utah for too long. do you guys have dunkin donuts there? those are my favorite.

Filetti Family said...

One of these times we need to meet up and either go togther or get a bite to eat afterwards. Sorry we just missed you last time. It was good to see you though even though it was short and sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

What's with the face sister? and yeah, props to you guys and your great habits!

honus and Cameron said...